Saturday, September 22, 2007

Follow Your Heart

I often sit down and wonder, on what really is the purpose of one's life ? What purpose could i possibly have come to fulfill on this planet earth ? And I feel that the real glory of being alive, is to follow your heart.
The heart is the only organ of the body, that when it stops, it brings an end to all other organs, including the body itself. So our heart keeps us alive, and in my perspective our heart also directs our life. Following your heart to me means doing what one feels is the right thing to do. Often times we suppress what we feel is the right thing to do just out of the sheer fear of being judged.
Often people ask me how i made it so far, so young. And I guess I have only followed my heart in all that I do, and in all that I dont do :O) It's a choice that I have made, and not that has been made for me.
I feel that true success lies in living your life your way, on your own terms, following your own heart, not someone else's. Those who spend their lives chasing other people's dreams, following someone else's heart, are the one's who land up with their own messed up.
In my company, we have like minded people. Everyone works because THEY WANT to, and not because they have to, and thats I guess is the biggest reason of our success.
Follow your heart, and you will see that world will open its arms to you :O)
Love always, Priya

I never knew

I dont know many things in life, but one thing I never knew was my place in this universe. I never knew that I WAS IMPORTANT. I never knew that everything that I thought, said and did was IMPORTANT and that it had an impact on the world around me.
For instance, this blog started as a hobby. I write a lot and my dear friend insisted that I publish my writing on the blog. I did. It was fun..... BUT I DIDNT KNOW that people would bump into my blog and read it, be moved by it, comment on it, communicate with me. I am shocked that my blog has been visited over 3000 times.
I am shocked that if i cheat and post an old blog again, it would be reported :O)
I am amazed on how a hobby has now become a responsibility. And what I can say is that I now know something that have denied for many lifetimes, that I am important. And that realisation brings a responsibility and I am willing to take it on gracefully.
Thank you for you encouragement, appreciation and your support. I am gonna be more committed to writing, than I was.
In service, always, Priya

The Power of One

I remember watching the movie Dumb and Dumber. And i loved the character Jim Carrey played in the movie. It was this particular scene where the lady he was in love with, tells him that she is engaged. Jim Carrey, asks her "What are my chances ?" And she looks at him and says, "One in a million !" And Jim Carrey jumped with joy. A lot of people thought that it was really dumb. But i think it was really smart.
People think that quantity is greater than quality, but the exact opposite is what is true.
One is enough all by itself.
I was in Goa once and i was devasted to witness a bus run over a dog's leg. He was howling in pain and was bleeding profusely. It would not survive if he didnt get help. I immediately began to call Animal shelters and vets in Goa. My first call met with an answer, "Sorry we are closed today." Second call, "Your place is too far from where we are." Third call same answer, fourth call same answer. I made 12 phone calls and no one was willing to help. It was the thirteenth call that i was able to get some help.
The dog had one out of thirteen chances of surviving that day, and the fact that "one" was there, he still lives.
Never under estimate what "ONE" can do. The world has benefited from "ONE" Jesus, "ONE" Budhha, "ONE" Mahatma Gandhi and so many "ONE" people.
So Jim Carrey's character knew that as long as he had one chance, out of how many was irrelevant, he still had hope !!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Make Someone's day

I always have this dream. A dream that the world would be a beautiful place, where everyone would be happy and in love. Where there are smiles and celebration and peace in peoples hearts. Where hands strecth out to help and fold up in gratitude. Where eye's lift up in hope and sparkle in achievement. Where when people talk, flowers bloom. What a wonderful world that would be !
And when I wake up, I ask myself, how can I contribute today. I have found great sense of achievement and joy in "Making Someone's Day ! Everyday !" Its so simple to do it. A smile, a compliment, an unexpected gift, a hand written letter, a wink, a pat on the back, a word of encouragement, a hug, a helping hand, a kiss, anything that is backed by the intention of love and gratitude, qualifies. No act of kindness or encouragement is too small, infact it goes a long.
I will never forget the comment my fifth grade teacher wrote on my report card, "Very Bright Child". I remember it 22 years later too. I remember losing a race and my mother gave me a hug and said, "You looked so pretty when you were running, your hair bounced like a doll". Losing the race suddenly didnt matter, my mothers words lifted my spirit.
I encourage you today to make some ones day. It costs nothing.
If you have a vision of a better world : Here is your chance to contribute. Love to you,

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Feel Good

I often bump into people who seem to be leading a mechanical life. No enthusiasm, no celebration, no thrill or adventure at work or even generally in life.
I love my work but still it seems like a drag, is what most people complain. Life has become a routine and everyday is no different than any other day.

If this is your life, then you must read on. A mechanical life will only lead to mediocre results. To deliver excellence you need to feel good“thrill up” you life, on a daily basis.

If you want to leave the mark of excellence on your day everyday, you must do everything you can, to keep your mind in a peak emotional state. If you feel good, it will show up in your work and your performance. And if you feel terrible, depressed or bored or unmotivated, it will show up as sloppy performance.

Feeling good about yourself, you work, you family or life in general is an ideal state of living. It is after all the characteristic of an emotionally balanced mind and the mark of a creative genius.

Here is your tip number one to hosting a healthy mind that will be evidenced in your overall wellbeing, professionally and personally. Remember this and remember this steadfast, THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN FEELING GOOD. There cannot be a greater prayer than feeling good. I do not say this in a conscientious way, but as a direction towards a creating a healthy mind.

You must know this, our mind can only entertain one feeling at a time. It can host many thoughts, but only one primary feeling.
For example, you cannot feel love and feel hate at the same time. It’s either / or, but not both. You can have a thousand different thoughts of love zooming in your thoughts at the same time but the core feeling is one.

The trick therefore is to feel good. Because good feelings are a result of good thoughts, just as bad feelings are a result of bad thoughts.

Now here is where the magic comes in, if you trick your mind into feeling good for at least 68 seconds, you will start an atomic explosion of good thoughts. And soon your body will react to the vibration of your thoughts by releasing endorphins, which are happy hormones, and soon you will feel the spurge of energy, enthusiasm and power. These endorphins have a “high” effect as in artificial drugs, nicotine and alcohol, and the bonus is, unlike the drugs, they provide resistance towards anti bodies and toxins.

The laughter club is one such feel good community. I always recommend people to have deliberate feel good sessions whether at work or at home. It can be something as simple as writing out an appreciation note, maintaining a gratitude journal, watching funny movies, listening to a beautiful piece of music, reading a joke book, or just saying a prayer.

Let your achievement of today be – I felt good today. And watch the magic of well being flow through you.
Blessings, Priya