Thursday, December 25, 2008

Drum Beats ??

Success is the prime focus for most people. Whoever you meet, wants to be successful, rich, famous, powerful, magical :O) and these are great desires to have. After all, they encourage one towards greatness. In being successful one has to stretch himself beyond what he currently is and that is "human evolution" in action.

What you must definitely know is that success is a BYPRODUCT of other virtues, habits, beliefs and attitudes. Success is an INDIRECT achievement. It is achieved AS A RESULT OF other factors. One factor that I want to talk about is the company that you keep. Someone very wisely said, "Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are and will be". Our company defines us, and the best part is that we CHOOSE who we spend our time with.

If you want to get on the fast track of success, no matter what meaning success has for you, with IMMEDIATE effect, get the negative people out of your company. Negativity is an amazing phenomena, its like that slow poison that will take over your whole system without your consent or knowing and eventually kill you; maybe not literally but surely in all ways that matters.
No matter how positive, vibrant or pan determined you are... negativity and negative people will eventually catch up on you and destroy your spirit.

What is negativity after all ? Negativity is not a physical thing. Its not an object. Its energy, its a vibe that disturbs you, that creates an effect of discomfort within you, and trust me, to break that energy flow is quite a task. It eats up many a good individual. Consider the example of a guitar. Take a guitar and frantically beat a drum in close proximity of it, without touching the guitar. And guess what ? within seconds, the strings of the guitar will begin to resonate and vibrate in the same frequency. Human beings are quite like that. When you have a negative person in your vicinity, you will eventually begin to vibrate in reaction to them. There is no escape.

See these are universal laws. Whether you and I like them or not, they exist. Make an effort to surround yourself with people who beam with positive energy and Lo ! you will find yourself inspired and charged to carry you through your endeavor of success.

And success becomes easier and fun when you spend your energy in moving beyond other hurdles than spending your energy aimlessly dealing with negative people. Its a waste of energy. You had rather use that force of energy in more productive and meaningful avenues.

Wishing you blessed company always.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Even A Crow Knows The Secret Of Life

Some years ago,
In the many years that I had known him...
I asked a wise man just one question...
To unlock for me the mystery of life.

And he looked at me and smiled
And i asked
"Am I not allowed this particular question ?
Is this a mystery of life forever hidden to us ?
must we live in this world, yet blind ?"

And his answer was,"Not all!"
"All living creatures ask and are entitled to this answer...
and all seek the light of knowledge."

"So, do one thing," he said
"You see that crow sitting on that fence ?
Go quickly, before he flies away
and ask him this question"

And I laughed and said,
"So this is truly not a question that i am allowed to ask !"

And he said again, "Not at all !"
" Of-course you can ask...
but you think that just because you can get an answer from me,,,,
a man who wears the robes of the wandering mendicant ..
that it will carry more weight,,,
and my experience will somehow enlighten your own mind ?"

"It is the other way around...
it does not matter who speaks a truth
what matters is who is listening

the day you are ready to hear and understand
and accept the full meaning of your own question,,,
even a lowly crow will give you the answer
to the ultimate mystery of life !"

Ponder that .... :O)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I talk a lot about white water rafting in my workshops. Well, its an amazing sport to indulge in and to learn life lessons from.

You when you start upon a quest, whether it is to move your career to the next level, meet and marry the man of your dreams or to attain whatever your heart has taken a fancy of, there is one thing which is inevitable and that is : IT TAKES TIME. There is no fast track really, because the learning, the growing, the loving and the living lies in the journey, not in the destination.

You know when we went white water rafting, we drove up 5 km only to come down the river which covered a 20km distance. That 20 km distance was fully loaded with the calms, the rapids, the life threatening boulders and the falls. Now imagine when we went to the start point and put our raft in, and then because we were impatient to get to the finish point, put the raft back in our car and drove to the finish point in 15 minutes, and said, "Wow, we are there already". What would that experience be worth ? Nothing at all. Though we are there at the finish line, but the journey meant nothing. There was no adventure, there was no thrill, no fun, no falling, no excitement at all. So even though we were standing at the end point with our flag, what was missing was the purpose. The fulfilling of the purpose is in the journey.

Life is in the current. Don't mess it up with your impatience. All things worthwhile take time. Enjoy the ride.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Drop The Oars

I went white water rafting a couple of months ago. And if you have been as crazy as I, you will know that the joy of white water rafting is amidst the rapids that threaten to throw us off, into the raging river.
Imagine how boring it would be to get into a raft and just sail through with no excitement, no fear, no thrill and above all no challenge. Life is such. Lived to the fullest when we are thrown into rapids and like rafting, even if you fall you wont drown. The key is in trusting the system. And as long as there are people emerging rejuvenated at the finish line, all is well for you.

And the most profound part of white river rafting is that you are "expected" to go with the flow, downstream. And yet, many an ambitious fool want to row upstream. The result: So much toil and yet they get no where. And if you are those kind, who must fight against what you know best, and row upstream, you will find yourself all worked up, and with nothing to show. The raft just doesnt move. Now is the time to drop the oars. Just drop the oars. Quit the struggle, leave the fight, and surrender to the river. And when you do that, the flow turns your raft and gets you moving in the right direction. Fear not my friend, life and magic is all downstream.

Many a times I find myself moving upstream, unknowingly. But the minute I catch myself on the symptoms of unhappiness, frustration, fatigue and anger, I drop the oars. I let go of expectations and focus my attention on what makes me happy, and guess, every time I have done that, every single time I have done that, my raft turned naturally downstream.... where my true purpose, true joy and true salvation lies.

So next time you find yourself moving upstream, know that the answer lies in dropping the oars.

God Bless you, always.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I looked inside a dream today
in it i found another....
I looked inside a man today
in him, i found my brother.

If you look carefully into your dreams, in it there is home to many more dreams of a beautiful life for yourself and others. Its a dream within another dream. The thread that holds all these dreams together, is the thread of happiness. If its a dream, then it must be an attempt towards happiness and joy. Whether that joy is in driving your new sports car, connecting with your soul mate, cracking that business deal or helping a stray injured cat, each one of us have a different path towards happiness.

An ignited individual lives his life in accordance with his happiness and his every act is an act of joy and divinity. And those who still havent figures their heart out, no matter what they do, happiness still seems a corner afar.

And no matter how far you have come in your journey in the pursuit of your dreams, if you look carefully into another human being, no matter how afar their goal and your standard they may seem, you can see in them a glimpse of your own spirit. For you too, started your journey at the same point. If you could make it so far, so can he, and by all means he can.

No one is less or more, as much as no one is evil or divine. The contrast is within us all. The saint has all potential of evil and a sinner has full potential of sainthood. Its the choices we make that brings us to who we become. At any point you can choose to be on any side of the contrast.

If you are a dreamer, then you are walking the path of happiness already and if you can be compassionate towards your fellow beings than you have touched upon the spark of divinity.

God Bless you, always.