Monday, October 22, 2007

Idiots Guide to Weight Control

With the festive season drawing close and party invitations pouring in, looking one’s best has become a pre occupation for the young professional rather than achieving the year end targets. I love how people make such a big fuss about their weight, gain and loss both. I believe that the solution to any problem lies with the creator of the problem! In other words, if it is you who created the problem, then it must be you who has the solution.

A lot of people are obsessed about their bodies being out of shape. More people and more people are driving themselves crazy with their weight problem.
So how does one keep one’s weight in control? The answer is so simple some of you may not even try it. To be in control you need to know your strategy of creation. If you ask yourself the question, “How did I gain so much weight?” you will magically find the solution to weight control in your answer.

The general strategy for weight gain is:
1. Eat too much
2. Eat fatty stuff: Sweets, fried foods, carbohydrates etc.
3. Eat the fatty stuff at frequent intervals
4. Don’t exercise

How do you turn that around and get your weight in control and body in shape? Reverse your strategy of weight gain by applying the MAD formula: Modify/ Add / Delete. According to the MAD formula, some eating habits need to be modified; some new habits need to be added while some need to be deleted.

1. Eat too much: Modify - Eat moderately. If you can’t even control what and how much you eat, how do you expect to be in control of your life? Get in control; start with eating two bites less. Drink water
before you eat, that may curb your insatiable appetite a bit.

2. Eat Fatty Stuff: Delete / Add – Delete the sweets, fat and salt in your food. Add the proteins and fiber. Substitute the fried and sweet food with protein rich food, fruits, vegetables and water.

3. Eat at frequent intervals: Modify - Eat at regular intervals (4 meals). Sometimes thirst is guised as hunger. When hungry; drink water. If you are still hungry then eat a light snack but make it non fatty. Fruits or nuts make a very healthy light snack.

4. Exercise – Modify - Modify your lifestyle. Take the staircase instead of the elevator. Catch the bus from the next stop. Run for the train
and walk frequently to the bathroom with all the water you have been drinking to deal with your hunger pangs.

An idiot’s guide to weight loss is about taking responsibility for your own attitude and actions. The fat has been accumulating on the responsibility muscle, work it out. No one can force you to eat. No one is feeding you. It’s you who pays for the large pack of French fries. It’s your hand that moves between your mouth and the plate of pizza with the extra cheese topping. It’s easy to shed those extra pounds and the solution is MAD simple.