Sunday, June 27, 2010

Emotional Atyachar

Emotional Atyachar

Underneath most professional disasters I can see unresolved personal emotional distress. As much as we have agreed on the professionalism at work we must not forget that we after all are emotional beings. And the word motion (action) is contained in the work Emotion (feeling). Which simply means that we will behave in accordance to how we feel.
When employees don’t ‘feel’ emotionally positive then don’t deliver expected results. People who are suffering from emotional distress are likely to make errors, be forgetful, be irritable, indifferent and would even break down if you confronted them. On many occasions that people fail to deliver results not because of a lack of ability, but because of a lack of ‘emotional control’. It is very important not to make your emotional mess a professional atyachar at work. Emotional stability is an art and a discipline that can be followed. Here are some things for your to remember next time you bring your emotional baggage to work.
1. Know your role well. I once asked one of my employees why he looked so ‘down’ he said that he was having problems managing time with his children at home and his wife was accusing him of being a bad father. Well, we all fall trap to accusations as a result of other people’s bad moods at home. That does not mean we bring the bad father or the bad husband to work. We need the good employee at work. Know your role and be that role. At work be a good employee and at home attempt at being a good father. When you bring a bad father at work, you create a bad employee too.
2. Know your purpose well. I was once visiting a colleague at work and he looked really ‘low’ and he was not the same ‘cheerful’ person I knew. When I asked him if everything was ok, he said that he was really shattered because he was having financial problems at home and I almost yelled out to him, “I’m having financial problems too, and that’s why I come to work!” I guess what people don’t understand is that when they bring their personal worries to work, then will create worries in their career too. You come to work to create better possibilities of a better life. When you mess up your work space with your emotional hang ups you certainly lower your chances of prosperity.
3. Know your commitment well. When you signed the dotted line and came into the organization you committed to deliver results in exchange for the salary you get. When you come in sulking like a school boy you will create professional blunders. I once had an employee who hung out more in the corridors smoking away his worries. Instead of putting his head to his work and creating the results he was getting paid for he was burning his heart outside over his girlfriend who was marrying an old rich man. His emotional indulgence during work hours did not bring his girlfriend back but sure turned his career in. Your company and your colleagues do not deserve your bad mood and subsequent negligence. Just like you did not bring a foul temperament to the interview you must keep it away every day of your work life.

If you have a problem solve it at the place where it exists. You can’t solve problems with your wife while you are at work. While at work, put the personal problems at hold and solve them after work hours. Similarly when at home put your professional problems at hold and solve them at working hours. When you carry foul moods to places where they don’t belong you will not only lose your stand on the problem you were in but you will also create a new problem in the area you neglected as a result. Most people cave themselves in because have mixed up their emotional baggage so much that everything personal has become professional and everything professional has become personal. Such people become a professional liability and personal failures. Keep your professional space clear of emotional clutter, that by far is the fastest route to success and prosperity and a clearer and happier state of being.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Home Coming

Its been really really long since I blogged. Everyone has been literally on my case since a few months and every time someone says, "Why havent you posted a new blog?" My usual defensive reply is "yes yes I will!". And since I never did, I became more and more defensive when anyone brought it up.

See I started the blog because I liked writing my thoughts and sharing it with the world. That was the start of my journey towards passion and love. And somewhere along the line my passion crossed the line and moved towards commitment which I think I was not ready for. And so many times I have seen talent wither away because people were not able to make the transition from passion to committed contribution. A master is a master because he is committed to contribution... and then there are people like me, who want to remain in the realm of love at my our convenience.
But..... I have figured that when I write somehow learn my own lessons. My second book is evidence of that. And so I am pushing my love for writing to committed contribution !
Thank you everyone for irritating the living daylights out of me.
I will grow more and I owe that to your persuasion.