Friday, June 29, 2007

Choose Your Consequence

"Be a Keeper of Consequence" my grandfather always used to say. And i never understood what he meant until a few years ago.
I meet so many successful people from diverse industries and i always ask them, what is it that sets them apart from the rest of their counterparts. And there is one answer that always strikes out. "I choose my consequence and then plan my action." This sentence has more wisdom than any self help book you would read.
Simply put, if you can choose the consequence or the outcome that you desire today, and then plan your day accordingly, and stick to that plan, you will see that success will rise to meet you."

Here is the formula in three simple steps:
Step 1: Decide your outcome/consequence
Step 2: Plan your action accordingly
Step 3: Execute

A lot of people create the action but they dont stick to the plan. They get DISTRACTED or SWAYED easily into other things. And as a result they get a different consequence at the end of the day, and that consequence is usually, pending work, half done projects, a feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration. Can you now imagine what the next day is going to look like ?

"Be a Keeper of Cosequence" my grand father always used to say. And I owe my success to him.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mind Your Own Business

I got a lot of feedback on my blog last two days and I can see that "Mind Your Own Business" is quite a misunderstood concept. People have different meanings attached to it. Some feel that mind your own business means, being indifferent, others feel it is being insensitive.
Mind your business is infact one of the shortest ways to rising to success. To mind your own business means to stay focussed on your work and only on those things that will contribute towards making your work better.
Mind your own business means not being distracted with issues or things that will take your focus away from your duty and your work.
And lastly mind your own business means to define what is expected of you at work and then to over deliver :O)
All successful people mind their own business, and all people with mediocre thinking mind other people's business. They have enough time to keep an eye on what is going on in other people's lives and work and pay no or little attention to what they are supposed to do.
Minding your own business is the only route to deliver excellence and the shortest route to success.
So get to work and mind your own business :O)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Are Corporate Politiks ruining your career ?

Yesterdays blog created quite a stir with people. And I can also see that some sensitive cords were touched. Have you ever heard of the phrase that we only see what we want to see and that we hear only that which we want to hear ? It's really amazingly true. The emails and the comments that I got prove just that.
I wrote, stay away from politics and mind your own business. I did not say "Dont communicate with your colleagues or dont be nice to them." Trust me negative people are very easy to spot. You just stay away from their negativity and back biting agenda. Be careful when you deal with them. Refuse to comment on negative statements. Refuse to acknowledge when someone wants to tell you "What he or she said about you !" Like Buddha said, if you do not acknowledge a gift, it doesnt belong to you. So acknowledge only that which you do want.
Mind you own business means, do what you are supposed to do. Being nice to colleagues and maintaining a friendly and empowered environment is also a part of your job. Dont worry about what others are doing or not doing, you do your work and deliver excellence.
Like I said earlier, people who part take in politics dont last. It will be a matter of time they will self destruct.
So at work, maintain harmony, maintain fun and maintain a friendly environment. You be it first, and you will influence others.
Have fun :O)

Corporate Politiks

"There are a lot of politics going on in my office," a friend said to me expressing her frustration. I usually dont pry into people's problems, it serves no good. But this one got me interested, for the use of the word "politics". "What do you mean by politics at office ?" I asked. "The usual," she answered, "Back biting, bad vibes and all."
Imagine what kind of negativity we associate the word politics with ? No wonder all politics is about back biting and bad vibes. And just like in real time politics, the country suffers as a result, so does an organisation.
The question is are you caught up in corporate politics ? If so, it is only a matter of time that you lose your job ! Check the political scenario. How often do the parties change as a results of the politics. So is your fate if you are a "party" to the politics.
The best solution that i could ever give my friend was an advice for any "party" political or corporate, "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS". Mind your business also means, stay focussed on your work, thats what you are getting paid for. If you give your focus to the politics, that becomes real for you. If you dont pay attention to something, it will fade away from your awareness.
Always remember one rule that will take you up to success, "If you dont have any thing good to say, shut up. Like the law says; You have the right to remain silent, whatever you say will be used against you."
And the best part is you can choose, whether to be a part of the politics or not. The choice is made by where you lay your attention and focus. No one can drag you into something against your will.
So next time my friend says, "Im stuck in corporate politics." My answer is, "You must have voted in favour of it."

Monday, June 25, 2007

Make a Wish

Have you ever wished at a "Wishing Well". I have and its an amazing feeling to do so. Imagine you toss in a coin and make a wish, and it comes true. Who ever cooked up this concept, sure had his wish come true, of making a lot of money :O) Thats what my father would say :O)
Here is my offer to you... I do firewalks. And it is believed that firewalks were done to communicate with the ether ( the world of all possibilities ) and all wishes that were prayed upon at the fire would come true. I have personally experienced this principle at work and its fascinating. So here is my offer.... Make a wish. Your hearts deepest desire. Something you must be or do or have in this lifetime, without which your soul would refuse to leave planet earth. That something that you would not settle without. Make a wish, without any limitation or barriers. Free your mind and ask. And i will offer that prayer, your wish, to the fire on your behalf on my firewalk this evening.
It's truly magical. Or best still, I may even send you an invitation to walk the fire holding your wish in your heart yourself :O)in my next firewalk

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pain Avoidance

Why do most people avoid pain ? The first reason for any kind of "mis-deed" is ignorance or lack of proper knowledge. We were never given lessons on our own minds and our own behaviours. Its a pity that in 21 years of education, that which mattered most was neglected - YOU.
Anyhow, we were taught that pain is bad and must be avoided. We were taught that pain is an emotional issue and a learnt pattern of fuss usually follows it.
The purpose of pain is to bring into attention healing.
People avoid pain, because when they are in pain, they feel "out of control". Suddenly, they feel powerless to even perform their daily functions.
For example, I had a severe tooth ache a few days ago. And every one knows that dental problems lead to mental problems :O) I suddenly felt that I could no longer think, the pain was so severe. The first thing that ran in my head was, "How will I handle all the important meetings that are lined up ?" Suddenly I felt out of control and reached out for the pain killer.
Killing the pain is no solution. Understanding whats wrong ? why is it wrong ? how can I avoid this in the future ? are the key questions.
Understanding and Knowledge heals. Pain is the absence of correct knowledge.
Pain is the start point of healing. Allow it. And healing takes time. Allow it.
I went to the dentist, like I normally would, when my tooth hurts. He looked into my mouth and diagnosed that my wisdom truth was the culprit and gave me some anti biotics and pain killers. I would have walked out with the "healing medicines" but the key ingredient that heals the pain is understanding and knowledge. I stopped and asked the dentist, "I dont understand. My wisdom tooth has been there since long, so what is causing this pain ?" "There could be many factors," he said,"Aggressive brushing of your teeth, something that you ate that disturbed your gums and caused an infection. Many reasons. The infection must subside before I decide whether your wisdom tooth stays or not."
On my way back home I realised that sometimes I do brush my teeth aggressively, and the 6 month old tooth brush is no good. I now felt in control. All I had to do was be careful and I could avoid the same pain in the future.
Getting back in control was mentally healing. Being a victim is the attitude of "running away" and "avoidance". Most of us are taught to be victims, and victims dont take responsibility, even for their own pain.
Whenever you are in pain, take responsibility, get in control of your own situation. Understand how YOU caused it, and you will be able to take pain so gracefully.
My wisdom (tooth) is intact and I find myself brushing my teeth with heightened awareness. And all is well.
This is physical pain. But emotional pain, is a lot more challenging to handle. Broke up with a boyfriend ? Had a financial loss ? Couldnt meet your targets ? How does one handle emotional pain ?
Your comments before my opinion ? Thats the game.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Pain:Pay Attention Inwards-Now

Pain is one experience no one wants to have and most run away from. Psychologists have this whole theory of "Pain Avoidance" where a human being will do anything to avoid pain.
Its so interesting how human beings make an emotional issue of everything, including our own bodies and its functioning. Let me give you an example.
You are driving your car. And you are low on fuel. How would you know ? The fuel meter would flash, right ? Is that a good sign or a bad sign ? You would say "Ofcourse thats a good sign !" Now imagine this. What would happen if you had no fuel meter in your car ? It would be a disaster. You would not only put your life at risk but also the lives of others.
The human body is a vehicle too. And we also have a "wellness meter". The wellness meter works on the principle of pain. Pain tells us, something needs attention. Or some part of the body is hurt. Now imagine this; If there is no "pain" ever. Some of you might dance with joy to even imagine a life without pain, but hold on. Imagine you stub your toe so bad that you cracked a bone and it bled. How would you know if there was no pain ? So if there is no pain, you would not know you are hurt. Your toe would continue to bleed and soon septic would set in, and the infection would spread to your leg and finally your whole body...and you dont want me to continue to where this ends :O)
Because there is pain, you pay attention until it heals.
Pain is a process in the system. Its a design. Acknowledge it. To avoid pain, is to rip off the fuel meter of your car.
Next time you are in pain, stop and pay attention inwards ! Respect that your body supports you in keeping you alive.

If pain by design, serves us, then why do people avoid pain ? Why does everyone run away from pain ? Your comments are welcome before i publish my opinion :O)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Set A Good Example

Today is Set A Good Example Day !
What that means is that today you will make a decision and do things that will set a good example for others to follow. You see we all wish the world were a better place. And wishes remain wishes, until we do something about it.
We all wish that our city would be clean, but unconsciously we chuck the empty gum packet on the road. We wish that our colleagues were more supportive, but unconsciously we also dont support them. We wish our parents were more understanding, but somehow we never made the time to listen to them and understand their greater concerns. We wish that we would be richer, but we didnt understand that wealth and money are a state of mind and that when we change the way we think and work, we change our income.
Its only a matter of time that wishes will turn into complaints, if we keep doing the opposite of what needs to be done.
You need to ACT upon what your ideal world is. You need to act in the correct direction. So how does one know whether the action is in the right direction or not ? Its simple ! Ask yourself, "Would I want others to do this to me or my world ?" If the answer is "Yes !" DO IT. And if the answer is "No". Dont do it !
So next time, when you get up from the dinner table, ask yourself, "Would a compliment on how delicious the food is, make my day ?" If the answer is "Yes" go ahead and compliment your mom.
Live your life by this principle, and if even a handful of us, vow to set a good example for the rest of our lives, the world WILL BE a beautiful place. Thats my promise.
So, today until next Friday I am celebrating "Set a Good Example Week". There would be an amazing JackPot to win by the most inspiring "Set a Good Example" story that would be submitted by you guys.
Who knows, you may on radio with me, sharing your story :O)
So go ahead, and set a good example. Thats what TRUE leadership is about.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Give Youself Away ....

The highest point of contribution is in giving of yourself. Giving yourself away, for free, because that is something that will never leave you less, it will only leave you with more, more of YOU.
Imagine, if you are a singer, and you give yourself away, by singing for people, do you become less ? or do you become more ? More ofcourse.
Today is the day when you give yourself away, for free. Give praise, give kind words, give your talent, sing for someone, cook for some one, dance for someone, take someone out for a your favourite movie, treat someone in your favourite restaurant, give away your favourite shirt, or just simply offer someone your time. No action is too small and nothing given away is too big.
Know this, only the wealthy can give away, for you need to have before you give. Here is your chance to feel and know you are wealthy beyond measure, in all that counts !!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Will To Succeed

I was doing a personality development session at Indo American Society several years ago and I can never forget this 11 year old boy who attended my class.
Here is his story...
This 11 year old boy came to Indo American Society to attend the workshop, only there was a slight problem. The receptionist told him that the workshop was for children who were 13 years onwards, and since he was 11, he couldnt attend. The boy took the brochure and sat down on the sofa, he didnt go away. After 15 minutes he came back to the receptionist and said, "The brochure doesnt mention that only 13 years onwards are allowed." The receptionist was speechless. "Could you speak to the facilitator and check if I can attend, because I dont want to go back as I can see that there is no mention of the age in the brochure ?" The receptionist did not want to accpet defeat and said,"The session cannot be disturbed, maybe you can call tomorrow and I will let you know." "It's ok, I will wait until tea break." he persisted, "I can always catch up with the session".
At tea break, a very sheepish looking receptionist walks into my class and points at the boy, "Why cant an eleven year old attend your class ?" he asked me without an introduction. "Who said you cant ?" I asked amused at his confidence and style. He pointed at the receptionist and said, "She didnt let me in".
Ofcourse, the boy stayed in my class, and he was such a delight to have. His passion towards learning, his enthusiasm and his courage to question the system made him different from the rest."
I dont know what I taught him, but I sure learnt a lot from him. I always remember him whenever someone tells me, "You can't......" and instinctively my answer is "Says who ? Can I have a word with that person ?" And more often than not, there is no person behind the opinion, its just an assumption.
I remember him as an eleven year old boy who attended my class to teach me a valuable lesson of life.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

How to get an Agreement

I was sitting with some friends at a social get together and there was one guy who was being Mr. Know It All. He seemed to have an answer for everything. And even if it seemed like he didnt know the answer, he would get into an argument and with a twist of words get away with it.
I found it rather annoying. How do you get a person who argues a lot, into agreement with you ? Thats an art and before you go out and try out the formula I am about to share with you, I suggest you practice :O)
Here is what you need to do, you need to get the person to agree with you six times, before you hit on the real agenda. For example, I wanted to get an agreement on "my" version of the theory of evolution. And I knew Mr. Know It All would butt in and argue on the subject, even if everyone else on the table agreed. So I asked him six questions to get his agreement.
1. "Would you agree that monkeys and apes evolved into human beings ?" "Yes," he said.
2. "Its the oldest theory of evolution, right ?" "Yes," he agreed matter of factly.
3. "This was almost several thousand years ago, maybe a million years ago, wasnt it ?" "Yes," he agreed.
4. "Did you say, you live in L.A ?" I asked totally out of context to the topic, "Yes," he said.
5. "Ah thats a five hour flight away from New York, right ?" "Yes", he said innocently, and unaware of my move.
6. "Oh Charles Darwin is the one who came up with this theory of evolution. Isnt it ?" I continued. "Yes," he agreed.

The answer to all the questions was a logical yes, and thats when I made the move for the kill, "Would you agree that the theory of evolution is incomplete and there are parts that dont make sense," "Yes," he said impulsively. Hurray, I had an agreement.
I then carried on discussing with my friends without him poking his argumentive nose.

This simple formula has many applications. You can get an agreement on professional and personal issues and avoid unnecessary arguments and resistance. All you need to do is get an agreement six times, any question is ok, as long the answer is "yes". I suggest you try it, and experience the magic.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Jackpot Day

Today is Jackpot Day !!Why ? Because I am not supposed to write a blog and you are not supposed to check it.
But as I had siad earlier, Success is a HABIT. And if you have developed some new habits over the past few weeks, you would have unconsciously hit on the blog today. And if you have, and you are the first one win a jackpot of Rs.1000/-Post your comment, and i will know.
Make success a habit.
Have an outstanding Sunday

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I want to be Number One

"I want to be the best Batsman in the world" this little fellow said to me, while I was conducting a session on personality development for teenagers years ago. I had given the class an exercise on "Who would you like to be 10 years from now ?" And what followed in that session was simply amazing. It was wonderful to know that dreams still live in people's hearts and they do aspire to greatness. Like this fellow who wanted to be the best batsman in the world.
Does he have the capability ? You would say "yes". Infact, not only him, but all of us have the capability to rise to greatness, to be number one in whatever field we choose to be. If this is true, then why dont we do it ?
You know why ?
Because being number one, takes focus, it takes commitment, it takes setting priorities and it takes the courage to be different.
So I told the young man. You will be granted your wish, but in the bargain:
1. You will have to wake up at 4am every morning and go for practice.
2. You will have to workout an hour every day.
3. You will have to eat healthy and no junk.
4. You will have to sleep early, so no late night television.
5. You may have to miss classes for practice and then work extra hard to make up for your grades.
6. You wont be able to hang out with your friends because you will be playing.
7. You may have to travel and stay away from home.
"Are you willing to do this process every day for the next ten years to be the best batsman in the world ?" and all I got was silence and then a faint reply, "I will think about it!"
Think about it ??? If you want to be the best, number one, there is a journey you must make. And it cannot be the same journey you are on today. Because the habits that you have, the things that you are currently doing are keeping you where you are.

To be number one, is a test of "will" power.
Its not "can" you be number one ? Every one "can", but they "dont" ! The real question is "will" you ?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Make Someone's Day

I always have this dream. A dream that the world would be a beautiful place, where everyone would be happy and in love. Where there are smiles and celebration and peace in peoples hearts. Where hands strecth out to help and fold up in gratitude. Where eye's lift up in hope and sparkle in achievement. Where when people talk, flowers bloom. What a wonderful world that would be !
And when I wake up, I ask myself, how can I contribute today. I have found great sense of achievement and joy in "Making Someone's Day ! Everyday !" Its so simple to do it. A smile, a compliment, an unexpected gift, a hand written letter, a wink, a pat on the back, a word of encouragement, a hug, a helping hand, a kiss, anything that is backed by the intention of love and gratitude, qualifies. No act of kindness or encouragement is too small, infact it goes a long.
I will never forget the comment my fifth grade teacher wrote on my report card, "Very Bright Child". I remember it 22 years later too. I remember losing a race and my mother gave me a hug and said, "You looked so pretty when you were running, your hair bounced like a doll". Losing the race suddenly didnt matter, my mothers words lifted my spirit.
I encourage you today to make some ones day. It costs nothing.
If you have a vision of a better world : Here is your chance to contribute. Love to you,

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Make Success a Habit

So many times i have found myself surrounded with people who just dont understand that success is within their reach. It is so easy to be successful. That you will be surprised to know that failing is difficult. But people have developed the habit of doing those things that get them to fail or to make mistakes or just to be negligent. Its a habit, like any other. And its difficult to break, like any other habit.
Success is not built on tips, or more knowledge. You need to be in the habit of doing the things that make you successful. This sometimes is a long and painful process. And sometimes you may need help. A coach or a mentor is ideal who is willing to take responsibility in kicking your butt and making sure you form habits of success.
Will power or burning desire to succeed sometimes takes over the role of a coach. If you have found that in yourself, use it.
The bottom line is, time and hard work being equal, Anil Ambani has different habits than yours. And that is the difference between excellence and mediocrity. That is also the difference between success and failure.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Power Album

Did you know that music affects our emotions ? Out of all the senses that we have, the sense of hearing or auditory sense is highly susceptible to external influence. So many times i see people emotionally upset, and the culprit is the sense of sound. "Its not what he said, Priya, it's how he said it, that hurt me !" my friend complained, truly hurt by her colleague. Is that not true in so many cases ? Its not what was said, its how it was said that evokes an emotion.
So if sound must influence me, i must USE sound to influence me to a position of power. That would be a smart thing to do right ?
Here is what i suggest: Make a power album. This album would contain 18 songs that uplift you, that compel you to tap your feet, or make you spin, or hum, or cheer you up or fill you up with electricity and excitement. And make sure that you play this album for yourself every single day.
I have my power album loaded in my car, and i have it in my car since two years. Each time i get into my car, i come alive with energy, enthusiasm and a zest that peps me up for the day. "I love to drive" I tell people and it shocks them. "How can someone love to drive in Bombay ?" is a curious question I always get back. What I actually mean is, that sitting in my car and listening to my music is what puts me in a peak state and I love it.
I have noticed that whenever I drive, I arrive cheerful wherever I go, whether it is going to work or coming back home, Im inspired and energized.
What a gift to yourself that would make ! To consciously set yourself up for a good day.
Go ahead, make your power album, and hey... do comment on what your power songs are. It would be lovely to have some more in my collection ;o)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Visualisation - Jim Carrey

I have done many workshops on Visualisation. Its a process that i absolutely believe in. For those of you who are not aware, let me introduce it to you. Visualisation is a process in which you "Imagine a result you want to create, as if it were real and has already happened !"
Jim Carrey took this process to another level. He was on Oprah once and said that he wanted to make a million dollar cheque. At that time when he set this goal he was hardly making 20,000$ a year. So he wrote himself a million dollar cheque and he kept it in his wallet. He would see the cheque every single day and visualised "owning" the money. It was 2 years later that he signed the movie Dumb and Dumber and got paid a million dollar cheque. Jim Carrey even showed the tattered cheque that he had kept with him for 2 years.
Sometimes reality is far from our ideal world, and sometimes it may take 2 years for things to fall into place. But the process of visualisation keeps our focus on track, it helps in keeping disappointment, dejection and depression at bay. A person who is a believer, is always an achiever. Even if it takes 2 years to shape up.
"It's not about the million dollars," Jim Carrey said in conclusion, "Its who i became as a result of my pursuit that counts, a bigger and better person."

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Jack Pot Day

Jack Pot Day is a day when you win something that is dear to me.
"Why do you write the blog," my niece asked me. "Because it makes me feel good", i said. And that got me thinking. And the truth is i feel good about writing the blog, because you are at the other end reading it.
And because you are reading it, i feel great that my thoughts were worth your time.
So indirectly, you contribute towards making me feel good about myself and my work.
To show my appreciation towards you, i would like to give you a special gift.
How would i know you read my blog today and you are on Jack Pot Day, simply leave me a comment and you will recieve a special something from me :O)
I love Jack Pot Days too :O) Because i love to give !

Friday, June 8, 2007

Share Your Success

I have been writing this blog for several weeks now, and it has become a daily habit for me. I know that this habit is going to go a long way in leading towards my ultimate goal of being the finest coach in India, in the area of personal and spiritual development.
I am just wondering whether my initiative has contributed in your life in anyway ?
Have you had any wins / successes as a result of reading my blog ? If yes, then please do share it.
It would be a joy to know your success story.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Success is Built On Success

If you want to know the route to success. Know that success is only built on success. Success is never built on failure.
Imagine this. You are lined up for 5 meetings in a day. You are all fired up and in great spirits as you reach your first appointment. The man makes you wait for 45 minutes, and then when he does eventually meet you, turns down your product as crap. How fired up are you for the next meeting ? Research has shown that the dive in enthusiasm and energy is almost 60% immediately after the first rejection. Understand this, that success is not built on rejection, success is only built on success.
In my research i have seen that successful people have set themselves up for success and unsuccessful people have set themselves up for failure. Its a trap we lay for ourselves.
Here is the trick. When you wake up in the morning, you have to beat yourself and declare yourself a success. For example, when i go to the gym, and i know i can run for 30 minutes. I set myself up to run for 33 minutes. The extra 3 minutes are killing but i feel triumphant after that. Thats success, and now i am in a spirit of heightened energy. You can even do small things such as waking up five minutes early, or cooking breakfast. The point is to do anything which will truly make you feel that you "achieved something" or "you did something worthy" or "you contributed". Come to think of it. Thats true success :O)
Should you find yourself rejected or down in the middle of the day. Play a small game and win. I would challenge myself to arm wrestle with someone skinnier than me and win :O) I would play a 2 minute "let's see who blinks first" game and win ! Its amazing, how winning even a small game on the mobile phone can put one back into the spirit of success.So go ahead and be a winner, today and everyday.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

When you find yourself in a mess:Clean Up

I have a friend, who lost her job. And it devasted her. And you know how it goes, sometimes we get hit from all sides. Her boyfriend dumped her at the same time. "My life is a mess," she said to me. And i am sure some of you can identify with that feeling.
So how does one get out of the mess, it's so simple, i bet you wont even try :O) : The answer is CLEAN UP YOUR MESS. "What do you mean by clean up your mess ?" she asked me. And i told her to start cleaning up whatever mess that she sees around her. I personally supervised her clean up her room, her cupboard, her bathroom, her kitchen and her house. At the end of the day, she was in great spirits. "Totally healed," she said.
You see, whatever happens in our emotional world, affects our physical bodies and our physical environment. And the reverse is also true. Whatever happens in our physical environment affects our physical bodies and our emotional state. So if the emotional state is a mess, eventually the body will sicken and the environment will also mess up. By cleaning up the environment, we are indirectly cleaning up our emotions.
According to DHE (Design Human Engineering), our emotions affect our physiology and vice versa. So whenever you find yourself in an emotional dump, start cleaning up. You will be amazed at the healing it causes. And once you are in a stable emotional state, you will look at issues with a different, more objective perspective and any situation becomes "solvable".
So next time when you find yourself low, in a mess, heart broken, sad, depressed, you know what to do :O) !! Clean Up

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Whats your logo ?

I was visiting a friends company and i was quite impressed with what he had built. He gave me his business card and asked me quite proudly, "What do you think of the logo". I looked at the logo, it was a nice design, but i didnt quite understand it. And then he went on to give me a 10 minute explanation on what each line and curve meant and how it reflected the entire value and mission and vision of the company. Its amazing, how a logo represents what a company stands for.
"What is your logo ?" My trainer side welling up, i asked him. And he stood there staring at me, totally blank. "You have put so much mind into what your company stands for, the value, the mission, the vision. What about you ? Where's your logo ?"
I guess the same question applies to all of us. To everyone who is committed to their own success.
When i came home that day, i designed out a personal logo for myself, infact three. It represents who i am and what i stand for. And it was such a delight to draw that. It brought so much clarity into my own life and work is only an extention of that clarity. My room door has my logo, and i am putting the same in my business cards as well.
I urge you to do the same.
Take a few moments out today, and design your logo.
YOU will be the biggest and most magical brand in the world :O)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Check Mate : 2

I can see so many of you have replied. And I love the clarity and thought that you have put into actually designing your loved one. Its amazing to see, how we all want the ideal person in our lives. Some of you have described physical attributes in great detail and some of you have spent more thought on the attitude of the person. It's great effort, and some of you have even mentioned, that it is the first time that you put so much thought into attracting a life partner of your dreams. I am impressed.
So here is the Part 2. And its a secret that will blow your mind... To attract the person of your dreams, you have to become one yourself. We only attract in our likeness. So if you want a person who is emotionally stable and spiritually inclined, curious and energetic, youthful and ambitious, you have to become one yourself !! People such as your dream man and dream woman exist. They are there, looking for you. But you need to be worthy of that person too.
You need to be the persons dream man or woman too. Are you ?
The real work is within. The efforts you need to put in designing, is in your own attitude. When YOU become that dream person, in terms of attitude and character, TRUST me, you will attract one in your likeness. This is the only truth that is.
So read through what kind of dream man or woman you would like to attract in your life, and know that it will turn into a reality, when those qualities exist in you first.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Check Mate ?

This blog is dedicated to all the single people who are reading it. This blog is also especially dedicated to all the "not" single people who are reading it.
I am going to teach you how to attract the man or the woman of your dreams. Its amazing and it has always worked.... every single time.
If you are the kind of person who has never settled for less and who is unwilling to compromise, this is your chance. And even if you have a partner, it would be nice to have a perspective, should you find yourself single again :O)
The process is a two part process and you must do it in absolute honesty.
Part 1: Define clearly what kind of person you would want to spend the rest of your life with. Put intention and clear thought in this. Be very careful of what you want, because in Part 2, I will tell you how to attract this person.
I am so eager to hear your comments and response.
Finish Part 1 and read Part 2 tmw :O)

Friday, June 1, 2007

You Can Choose

If we are made up of a thousand others, is that true for all the negative people we meet too ? was the question I left you with !
Here is how I see it. For one to say that I am made up of a 1000 others and to give them credit and place in his success, is called "Gratitude" and defines a person who is "humble". For one to say that I am made of a 1000 others and to give them credit for his failure and misfortune, is called "Blame" and defines a person who is a "victim".
We will always be susceptible to the influence of everyone we meet. Who we give the power to influence us, lies with us. You can choose to allow yourself to be influenced or not influenced.
I know so many people who are so easily influenced by negativity. And then there are others who just dont seem affected by all the chaos around them.
And I also see people surrounded by goodness, and question it. And others who just accept and take it all in.
So the final take is yours.
You will meet a million people in your life. Some carry a negative vibe and some a vibe of such positive power that it can transform your life. Who you let in, is in your hands.
So we are made up of a 1000 others. Which 1000 you choose to influence you, is in your hands :O)