Monday, June 11, 2007

Power Album

Did you know that music affects our emotions ? Out of all the senses that we have, the sense of hearing or auditory sense is highly susceptible to external influence. So many times i see people emotionally upset, and the culprit is the sense of sound. "Its not what he said, Priya, it's how he said it, that hurt me !" my friend complained, truly hurt by her colleague. Is that not true in so many cases ? Its not what was said, its how it was said that evokes an emotion.
So if sound must influence me, i must USE sound to influence me to a position of power. That would be a smart thing to do right ?
Here is what i suggest: Make a power album. This album would contain 18 songs that uplift you, that compel you to tap your feet, or make you spin, or hum, or cheer you up or fill you up with electricity and excitement. And make sure that you play this album for yourself every single day.
I have my power album loaded in my car, and i have it in my car since two years. Each time i get into my car, i come alive with energy, enthusiasm and a zest that peps me up for the day. "I love to drive" I tell people and it shocks them. "How can someone love to drive in Bombay ?" is a curious question I always get back. What I actually mean is, that sitting in my car and listening to my music is what puts me in a peak state and I love it.
I have noticed that whenever I drive, I arrive cheerful wherever I go, whether it is going to work or coming back home, Im inspired and energized.
What a gift to yourself that would make ! To consciously set yourself up for a good day.
Go ahead, make your power album, and hey... do comment on what your power songs are. It would be lovely to have some more in my collection ;o)


Suraj said...

Very Good Morning Priya :O) I do have some songs which i love the most. I will copy it & give it to you in mp3 format. Thanks once again for starting my day with so much of energy & enthusiasm. Have a energetic day with lot of GREAT things happening :-)

Priya Kumar said...

Hey do let me know the list of your songs.
Some of my power songs are:
1. simply the best
2. World Hold On
3. Hungry Eyes
4. You're the voice
5. Sunscreen song
6. Win
7. Wonderful world
8. Life is Life
9. I want to break free
10.Hotel California
11. Here I am
12. Show me heaven
13. Take a chance on me :O)

Ankita said...

heyy! dis is sooo true..I too have a few cds that contain my Power songs..the one that leads my list is "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. another favourite is 'I want to break free' by Queen..well my list can go on and on..since i rely a lot on music to lift my mood up!

nupur said...

I love music..Its what keeps me uplifted and alive every day. A few of my power songs are as follows:
1] What a feeling
2] Simply the best
3] Stand up for the champions
4] Sunscreen song
5] Zindagi rocks
6] Im alive

These are just a few power songs.

Amrita said...

Hey Priya,

Thats so true!
Few of my favourite songs are
1. Cup of Life
2. Simply The Best
3. Its my life
4. Lets get loud
5. I want to get free

There's more to the list, but these are ones that totally pep me up.


Anuj :) said...

This is so true. Even I have a few cd's which lift my mood up.
But I am more of a Bollywood guy. Hehe. So here are a few songs:
1. Sunscreen Song
2. Dont Worry, Be Happy
3. Woh Lamhe
4. Pal
5. Yaaron, dosti..
I can listen to these songs, at any time of the day!!or night!! hehe :)
Thank You for the super cool blog :)

Vishal said...

Very very nice. i'll make my power CD today.
Some of my power songs are:
1.stand up for the champions is mine
3.lets get it started hold on
6.let the music play
7.say na say na

and sooo many more..
will compile them all today!

Jitu said...

thats very true.
i am a kind of person who is greatly affected by words.if some one says any thing bad to me i feel very bad and get depressed and some one says some thing good to me i feel very good and energetic.
but i am crazy for music, i love to listen to music.
so many times i was feeling depressed and i heard some good songs and felt much better.

jayu said...

Great, so many tools, now it's the time to use them. I was thinking about the songs that i like which will put me to a peak state but was quite difficult, it took me long to think of the songs mentioned below. I will put them in my cell so that i can access them any moment, Thank You for the blog

Songs i Love:

Preety Woman
Maahi Ve
Life is Life
Cup of Life
And many of the Bhangada songs

Priya Kumar said...

Hey this is sooo cool. Now i have so many more songs to add to my collection :O)
Im gonna have a collection of my power albums :O)

Cookie said...

Hey, Coach, thanks once again, for puttin thoughts into words
We all know of our power songs I guess but never practically use them.
Will update you with my power album very soon!

jack said...

I wake up with music and go to sleep with it, Nietzsche said" without music life would be a mistake,i would only believe in a god that would know how to dance "
he is very right i think. my favorite power cd now is, a australian band named "all india radio" :) how everything is connected!! they have some video's on also daniel lanois "maker " is another great song to start the day with, at nights i listen to ambient music, like brian eno and harold budd, mozart.

sona said...

Hi,I am sweet 61 (reverse of 16). although I am young at heart but i cherish old songs(sad or happy does not matter) as long as i can understand the meaning & it should have meaning & not nonsense as most the songs are today. I stay tuned to worldspace once I m alone& I dont feel lonely at all.

Krishan K Bhati said...

Simply Great. No it not the idea of power album, no doubt it is great but there is something more great. The correlation, the correlation between two different activities. One which is compulsive to be done say in this case it is driving and the second you love to do but can’t do due to certain constrain, say in this case it is the love to music but the constrain is time. But if we may be able to correlate two different activities with different dimensions, we may explore a new world full of unbelievable possible.

Krishan K Bhati said...
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