Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Are Corporate Politiks ruining your career ?

Yesterdays blog created quite a stir with people. And I can also see that some sensitive cords were touched. Have you ever heard of the phrase that we only see what we want to see and that we hear only that which we want to hear ? It's really amazingly true. The emails and the comments that I got prove just that.
I wrote, stay away from politics and mind your own business. I did not say "Dont communicate with your colleagues or dont be nice to them." Trust me negative people are very easy to spot. You just stay away from their negativity and back biting agenda. Be careful when you deal with them. Refuse to comment on negative statements. Refuse to acknowledge when someone wants to tell you "What he or she said about you !" Like Buddha said, if you do not acknowledge a gift, it doesnt belong to you. So acknowledge only that which you do want.
Mind you own business means, do what you are supposed to do. Being nice to colleagues and maintaining a friendly and empowered environment is also a part of your job. Dont worry about what others are doing or not doing, you do your work and deliver excellence.
Like I said earlier, people who part take in politics dont last. It will be a matter of time they will self destruct.
So at work, maintain harmony, maintain fun and maintain a friendly environment. You be it first, and you will influence others.
Have fun :O)


Priya Kumar said...

Thanks Rob for your acknowledgement. And i am glad that you follow goodness.
God Bless

Ankita said...

Thank you for the words of wisdom!!

nupur said...

I guess thats way to go about it.
I acknowledge your feedback.
Thank You

Amrita said...

Yes Priya! I agree with you when you say be nice, empower and mind your business.

Thanks for this wonderful insight!!!

Suraj said...

Hey that was cool. Thanks priya :o)

jayu said...

i am sure when a person follows all the principles taught by u, his/her life will be GREAT, Thank you so much for the contribution towards making this world to be a better place to live in.

ashok said...

So simple but g8 formula to stay away from office politics!!! Jus stay away from it……..

sona said...

Why did not u write this blog 40 years back, i would have saved so many awkward situations.
Anyways, will follow in future (I dont know how many days are left)