Friday, June 1, 2007

You Can Choose

If we are made up of a thousand others, is that true for all the negative people we meet too ? was the question I left you with !
Here is how I see it. For one to say that I am made up of a 1000 others and to give them credit and place in his success, is called "Gratitude" and defines a person who is "humble". For one to say that I am made of a 1000 others and to give them credit for his failure and misfortune, is called "Blame" and defines a person who is a "victim".
We will always be susceptible to the influence of everyone we meet. Who we give the power to influence us, lies with us. You can choose to allow yourself to be influenced or not influenced.
I know so many people who are so easily influenced by negativity. And then there are others who just dont seem affected by all the chaos around them.
And I also see people surrounded by goodness, and question it. And others who just accept and take it all in.
So the final take is yours.
You will meet a million people in your life. Some carry a negative vibe and some a vibe of such positive power that it can transform your life. Who you let in, is in your hands.
So we are made up of a 1000 others. Which 1000 you choose to influence you, is in your hands :O)


Priya Kumar said...

If you are the first one to post a comment today, find yourself the winner of one of my Favourite DVD's !
It's a Sunday today.
And if you have put in the committment to read my blog, you have strengthened my committment to write the blog.
Thank you :O)

Anuj :) said...

Hi Ma'am,
That is soo true. Its 'me' who needs to decide what is good for me, and what is'nt. :)
I would like to Thank You Ma'am, for having a very very positive influence in my life!! I mean it.
Thank You :)

Vishal said...

I LOVE the Gratitude vs Blame concept. Very true.
(Any second prizes ;))

Ankita said...

This one hits home for me!
I guess one learns just as much from people who lift you up as that from those who try and put you down. By transforming our experiences into opportunities for learning we become who we are...made of these thousand others.
Thanks for this awesome insight!

Priya Kumar said...

Thanks for your responses.
Its fun communicating with you guys !

jack said...

Great read for a sunday, you are wise, thank you.

nupur said...

It is so true and is one of the best article. Gratitude Vs Blame is really an amazing concept
Thanks so much.