Friday, June 29, 2007

Choose Your Consequence

"Be a Keeper of Consequence" my grandfather always used to say. And i never understood what he meant until a few years ago.
I meet so many successful people from diverse industries and i always ask them, what is it that sets them apart from the rest of their counterparts. And there is one answer that always strikes out. "I choose my consequence and then plan my action." This sentence has more wisdom than any self help book you would read.
Simply put, if you can choose the consequence or the outcome that you desire today, and then plan your day accordingly, and stick to that plan, you will see that success will rise to meet you."

Here is the formula in three simple steps:
Step 1: Decide your outcome/consequence
Step 2: Plan your action accordingly
Step 3: Execute

A lot of people create the action but they dont stick to the plan. They get DISTRACTED or SWAYED easily into other things. And as a result they get a different consequence at the end of the day, and that consequence is usually, pending work, half done projects, a feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration. Can you now imagine what the next day is going to look like ?

"Be a Keeper of Cosequence" my grand father always used to say. And I owe my success to him.


Nupur said...

I thinks its the best way to climb the ladder of success

Ankita said...

There's never a substitute to FOCUS!

Rob said...
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Cookie said...

i guess if we understand this basic rule of life we'll realize we are after all the controllers of our own lives :)

Anuj :) said...

This is so true. If i stick to my consequence, I will reach my goal. :) Thank You Thank You Thank You - Cant thank you enough for having the bestEST blog on the net :)

Amrita said...

So true, Once the destination is known clearly, the journey becomes easy to work on.

Suraj said...

Simple, straight & so effective!!! thanks i will follow 3 steps you have mentioned :o)

jayu said...

So simple formulas to success, i think every individual on planet earth must read your blog and apply it to his/ her life.
Thank you so much :o)