Wednesday, June 6, 2007

When you find yourself in a mess:Clean Up

I have a friend, who lost her job. And it devasted her. And you know how it goes, sometimes we get hit from all sides. Her boyfriend dumped her at the same time. "My life is a mess," she said to me. And i am sure some of you can identify with that feeling.
So how does one get out of the mess, it's so simple, i bet you wont even try :O) : The answer is CLEAN UP YOUR MESS. "What do you mean by clean up your mess ?" she asked me. And i told her to start cleaning up whatever mess that she sees around her. I personally supervised her clean up her room, her cupboard, her bathroom, her kitchen and her house. At the end of the day, she was in great spirits. "Totally healed," she said.
You see, whatever happens in our emotional world, affects our physical bodies and our physical environment. And the reverse is also true. Whatever happens in our physical environment affects our physical bodies and our emotional state. So if the emotional state is a mess, eventually the body will sicken and the environment will also mess up. By cleaning up the environment, we are indirectly cleaning up our emotions.
According to DHE (Design Human Engineering), our emotions affect our physiology and vice versa. So whenever you find yourself in an emotional dump, start cleaning up. You will be amazed at the healing it causes. And once you are in a stable emotional state, you will look at issues with a different, more objective perspective and any situation becomes "solvable".
So next time when you find yourself low, in a mess, heart broken, sad, depressed, you know what to do :O) !! Clean Up


Anuj :) said...

That is sooo cool. I shall definitely keep it my mind and put it to use, once i am in a mess.
This blog teaches me soo much!! I am loving it!! :) Thank you for the coool post. :)

Anuj :) said...
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Suraj said...

Good Morning priya. I will surely try that & i am sure it will be of great help. Thanks :-)

nupur said...

hmmmm...interesting thought..i will definitely give it a shot.

Ankita said...

This is a good time to read this blog..I think I am in the same process..and there definitely will be light at the end of the tunnel! :-))

Amrita said...

That is so cool !!!
I love your nuggets of wisdom!!!
Thanks for sharing it!!!
A personal Thanks to you :-)
(you know why!!!)

Jitu said...

this is right news on right time i a days i am so depress and i am thinking so negative.but now i try this and and i will getout from negative things. thank you

Vishal said...

Brilliant. i really love this theory.
I remember you sharing this with us once.I tried it. it totally works!
Thank you for all the learning!

Priya Kumar said...

I know it absolutely does work. And sometimes we are confused, not so much in a mess but confused. Try cleaning up and watch the clarity unfold !! Good Luck

jayu said...

I truly believe in this concept, i was simply cleaning up my house yesterday and i felt so good, i am sure that it works when one is not feeling good.
Thank you for all the information, it really adds value :o)