Friday, October 17, 2008

Mouth Shut

Mouth Shut
Silence is sometimes golden especially if opening your mouth can cost you your job and good will. People will talk and that is something you have no control over, and their talk can sometimes get you in trouble if you choose to talk on. If you violate the golden rule of silence in the following areas, the adverse consequences of your speech will cause your career and reputation much damage. Below are some situations where your silence will keep your reputation and stakes guarded.
1. Love life: Colleagues sometimes love to talk about their love life by taking you in confidence. It’s more of a declaration of their importance than the necessity to share. Make sure you don’t discuss that personal information at all with other colleagues.
2. Squabbles at home: Colleagues will sometimes discuss their squabbles at home with you. In your discussing that with others will invalidate your trustworthiness and respect. Sometimes people just want to talk their problems out. Keep it only till you.
3. Sneering about their colleagues: In talking their problems out, people may often complain about other colleagues to you. Don’t make the mistake of taking action on it, and definitely don’t make the mistake of spreading the word around. Let them sort out their differences, keep yourself out.
4. Gossip on colleagues especially the boss: Whenever some gossip reaches you about colleagues or your boss make sure you keep your lips tightly sealed. The minute you leak it out, you will also be rounded up in the process of losing good will.
5. Their dirty past: Sometimes colleagues in moments of weakness or intense emotions may let you in on their dark secrets. Forget you ever heard it. If your mouth is not shut on it, you will create an enemy out of your colleague.
6. Your opinion about other colleagues: When asked about your opinion in a negative context about a colleague, never talk negative. The idea is to rope you in on the mudslinging gang. If you have nothing good to say, it’s best to say nothing at all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dont be Jealous... Be Inspired

Don’t Be Jealous - Be Inspired
When we see people do things we cannot do, or have things we don't have, it might be tempting to be a little jealous. But, jealousy doesn't lead to anything except resentment, and that isn't going to help you. Instead of being jealous of others, focus on being inspired. Let the success of others move you forward towards your own success. After all, people who are doing things you want to do or have things you want are examples of what is possible for you. Next time you find yourself turning green over the success of someone else, here is what you need to consider.
1. After all, if one person can do it, it can be done. Those people ahead of you are setting a great example of what is possible. Be thankful to them because they provide examples and paths to follow. Use other people’s success to build your own confidence and power.
2. When one succeeds, it doesn't mean you have to do exactly what they do, but it gives you clues as to what works. You can still do success your own way, but it sure is great to have examples to reference. Other people’s reference will give you company in bridging your own challenges.
3. Use the examples of successful people as guides to help you achieve what you want. Learn from their success and most importantly learn from their journey and plan yours in accordance. When doing your study make sure you focus on their journey in detail. Just vying for their success may not help much but their journey towards that success will inspire you to walk on strong.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Follow Your Purpose

I took me a while to come to terms with the fraud that my ex employees did to my company. Its strange that money makes people do wierd things. Stealing money, stealing data is something that can be stolen and they did. But what they could not steal is my good will, what they definately could not touch is my talent and my purpose. My ex employees mistook that I run a "business" of training, what I do in that guise is that I follow my purpose.
My ex employees found that training is a very profitable business and that they thought they could start their own venture by stealing from me, and the consequences four months later are hilarious....
I feel that only those people who have no confidence in their ability and greatness to create and flourish would stoop to stealing. There is enough affluence on this planet for everyone. I feel that every business has the potential to being profitable, if you put your heart and soul in it. Only a purpose is nurtured to that extent of putting one's heart and soul. By doing a business for the sake of money is a waste of time. But doing business for a bigger purpose of helping make people's life easier (no matter what business you do), is that right foundation for that establishment.
By doing something because someone else is shining in it, is deviating from one's own calling. Do what resonates with YOUR heart, for in following that you will create an empire that no one can touch, you will earn that which can never be stolen.... For good will, respect, admiration, knowledge and passion are sourced in one's soul, which in its very virtue is eternal. Business will be gone after you do, but its what you created as an impact on making people's lives better, will stay on for the duration of the universe.