Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dont be Jealous... Be Inspired

Don’t Be Jealous - Be Inspired
When we see people do things we cannot do, or have things we don't have, it might be tempting to be a little jealous. But, jealousy doesn't lead to anything except resentment, and that isn't going to help you. Instead of being jealous of others, focus on being inspired. Let the success of others move you forward towards your own success. After all, people who are doing things you want to do or have things you want are examples of what is possible for you. Next time you find yourself turning green over the success of someone else, here is what you need to consider.
1. After all, if one person can do it, it can be done. Those people ahead of you are setting a great example of what is possible. Be thankful to them because they provide examples and paths to follow. Use other people’s success to build your own confidence and power.
2. When one succeeds, it doesn't mean you have to do exactly what they do, but it gives you clues as to what works. You can still do success your own way, but it sure is great to have examples to reference. Other people’s reference will give you company in bridging your own challenges.
3. Use the examples of successful people as guides to help you achieve what you want. Learn from their success and most importantly learn from their journey and plan yours in accordance. When doing your study make sure you focus on their journey in detail. Just vying for their success may not help much but their journey towards that success will inspire you to walk on strong.

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