Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Follow Your Purpose

I took me a while to come to terms with the fraud that my ex employees did to my company. Its strange that money makes people do wierd things. Stealing money, stealing data is something that can be stolen and they did. But what they could not steal is my good will, what they definately could not touch is my talent and my purpose. My ex employees mistook that I run a "business" of training, what I do in that guise is that I follow my purpose.
My ex employees found that training is a very profitable business and that they thought they could start their own venture by stealing from me, and the consequences four months later are hilarious....
I feel that only those people who have no confidence in their ability and greatness to create and flourish would stoop to stealing. There is enough affluence on this planet for everyone. I feel that every business has the potential to being profitable, if you put your heart and soul in it. Only a purpose is nurtured to that extent of putting one's heart and soul. By doing a business for the sake of money is a waste of time. But doing business for a bigger purpose of helping make people's life easier (no matter what business you do), is that right foundation for that establishment.
By doing something because someone else is shining in it, is deviating from one's own calling. Do what resonates with YOUR heart, for in following that you will create an empire that no one can touch, you will earn that which can never be stolen.... For good will, respect, admiration, knowledge and passion are sourced in one's soul, which in its very virtue is eternal. Business will be gone after you do, but its what you created as an impact on making people's lives better, will stay on for the duration of the universe.

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s.uma said...

U r special, am carried away by your soul reaching blogs because u sincerely put down what u feel is right.No body can steal the self mastery u have acquired through your hard work... my wishes and blessings to u ma.