Friday, October 17, 2008

Mouth Shut

Mouth Shut
Silence is sometimes golden especially if opening your mouth can cost you your job and good will. People will talk and that is something you have no control over, and their talk can sometimes get you in trouble if you choose to talk on. If you violate the golden rule of silence in the following areas, the adverse consequences of your speech will cause your career and reputation much damage. Below are some situations where your silence will keep your reputation and stakes guarded.
1. Love life: Colleagues sometimes love to talk about their love life by taking you in confidence. It’s more of a declaration of their importance than the necessity to share. Make sure you don’t discuss that personal information at all with other colleagues.
2. Squabbles at home: Colleagues will sometimes discuss their squabbles at home with you. In your discussing that with others will invalidate your trustworthiness and respect. Sometimes people just want to talk their problems out. Keep it only till you.
3. Sneering about their colleagues: In talking their problems out, people may often complain about other colleagues to you. Don’t make the mistake of taking action on it, and definitely don’t make the mistake of spreading the word around. Let them sort out their differences, keep yourself out.
4. Gossip on colleagues especially the boss: Whenever some gossip reaches you about colleagues or your boss make sure you keep your lips tightly sealed. The minute you leak it out, you will also be rounded up in the process of losing good will.
5. Their dirty past: Sometimes colleagues in moments of weakness or intense emotions may let you in on their dark secrets. Forget you ever heard it. If your mouth is not shut on it, you will create an enemy out of your colleague.
6. Your opinion about other colleagues: When asked about your opinion in a negative context about a colleague, never talk negative. The idea is to rope you in on the mudslinging gang. If you have nothing good to say, it’s best to say nothing at all.

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s.uma said...

Being silent is an art or rather to say keeping shut at the right time should be practiced. Maturity and experience of reflecting put us in the right track...rightly said priya