Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lost and Found

Lost and Found,,,, is something only a person in love can understand. For to be in love, you have to lose all the "stuff" that you built around you which is "not love"... The stressful schedules, the tension at work, the tiff between colleagues and mates, the drain of the economy falling, the fake high of being rich, the lack of time for all that is important, the fatigue at the every sunset, the lonliness at every corner, and more....
When you are in love, you begin to get lost because somehow "all of that" does not matter anymore. And suddenly it dawns on you, "Jeez !! Im lost !. I have lost track of time, I have lost all worry, I have even lost my appetite," and for many they also lose the wrinkles on their face. Nothing about anything matters except that you know that all will be well.
And as you lose all of "that", you find, a smile you cannot erase off your face. Other people find the glow on your skin and the sparkle in your eyes.
Suddenly you find that time has moved into eternity and you are aware of every second that passes by.
You find that life is short and there is so much to give. Infact, you realise you HAVE so much to give. And more over, you WANT to give yourself away.
You find in you that innosence that connects you straight with the Lord because only a person in love is capable to heal, to bless and above all to evolve.
You find that life is beautiful and the moon is brighter now than ever before. You find new meanings, more beautiful meanings to life.
And as you lose all the earlier crap, you find YOURSELF, you find YOUR PURPOSE. And only a person in love, whether in love with himself, another or the universe has the sense and the ability to live his life for the greatest good for the greatest number of people.
May you lose yourself and find love...for that is the greatest state of being.
God Bless You.... may you find love.

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Vishal said...

Hey Priya, I am speechless again, I guess more I read of your thoughts, the more I shall go speechless. I am so in love with what you write.

God Bless you.