Sunday, November 16, 2008

Give Yourself Away... for FREE

Give yourself away for free :O)
Give praise, give ideas, give warmth, give kindness, give love, give your time, give a helping hand.
Giving does not make you less. Giving makes you more, for to give you need to have it first. In giving yourself away, you will discover more of you. You will discover emotions you never thought you would ever feel, compassion you never thought you were capable of, and love you never imagined could be so real and so pure.
When you intent to give of yourself, you cannot expect anything in return, because there are some things than can never be paid back, they can only be paid forward. The kindness you showed to someone else, would in turn light up thousands of lives just because one life was touched.
Spend yourself in love, spend yourself in service, spend yourself in compassion, and you will have lived a life well spent.

To make a difference, YOU are enough. Infact, you are enough all by yourself. Just reach out and give yourself away,,,for free,,,and you will be rich in all that counts.

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I think that is beeeeeaaaautifullllly said.
I strongly believe in what has been said. I follow it. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience. I love giving others my time. YET reading thsi inspires me to do more and more. I wish more amnd more joined in this business of giving.... and maybe u will look at changing tyhe word 'business' or understand the pleasure of giving.