Saturday, December 13, 2008

I looked inside a dream today
in it i found another....
I looked inside a man today
in him, i found my brother.

If you look carefully into your dreams, in it there is home to many more dreams of a beautiful life for yourself and others. Its a dream within another dream. The thread that holds all these dreams together, is the thread of happiness. If its a dream, then it must be an attempt towards happiness and joy. Whether that joy is in driving your new sports car, connecting with your soul mate, cracking that business deal or helping a stray injured cat, each one of us have a different path towards happiness.

An ignited individual lives his life in accordance with his happiness and his every act is an act of joy and divinity. And those who still havent figures their heart out, no matter what they do, happiness still seems a corner afar.

And no matter how far you have come in your journey in the pursuit of your dreams, if you look carefully into another human being, no matter how afar their goal and your standard they may seem, you can see in them a glimpse of your own spirit. For you too, started your journey at the same point. If you could make it so far, so can he, and by all means he can.

No one is less or more, as much as no one is evil or divine. The contrast is within us all. The saint has all potential of evil and a sinner has full potential of sainthood. Its the choices we make that brings us to who we become. At any point you can choose to be on any side of the contrast.

If you are a dreamer, then you are walking the path of happiness already and if you can be compassionate towards your fellow beings than you have touched upon the spark of divinity.

God Bless you, always.

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sneha said...

i really loved this article..i think its so true...we Pisceans are god gifted anyway with the art of being a dreamer by nature of the highest degree...
God Bless