Monday, December 15, 2008

Drop The Oars

I went white water rafting a couple of months ago. And if you have been as crazy as I, you will know that the joy of white water rafting is amidst the rapids that threaten to throw us off, into the raging river.
Imagine how boring it would be to get into a raft and just sail through with no excitement, no fear, no thrill and above all no challenge. Life is such. Lived to the fullest when we are thrown into rapids and like rafting, even if you fall you wont drown. The key is in trusting the system. And as long as there are people emerging rejuvenated at the finish line, all is well for you.

And the most profound part of white river rafting is that you are "expected" to go with the flow, downstream. And yet, many an ambitious fool want to row upstream. The result: So much toil and yet they get no where. And if you are those kind, who must fight against what you know best, and row upstream, you will find yourself all worked up, and with nothing to show. The raft just doesnt move. Now is the time to drop the oars. Just drop the oars. Quit the struggle, leave the fight, and surrender to the river. And when you do that, the flow turns your raft and gets you moving in the right direction. Fear not my friend, life and magic is all downstream.

Many a times I find myself moving upstream, unknowingly. But the minute I catch myself on the symptoms of unhappiness, frustration, fatigue and anger, I drop the oars. I let go of expectations and focus my attention on what makes me happy, and guess, every time I have done that, every single time I have done that, my raft turned naturally downstream.... where my true purpose, true joy and true salvation lies.

So next time you find yourself moving upstream, know that the answer lies in dropping the oars.

God Bless you, always.


Vishal said...

Patience is Virtue, so true.

God Bless You.


Supriya said...

Great Post !!!