Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Even A Crow Knows The Secret Of Life

Some years ago,
In the many years that I had known him...
I asked a wise man just one question...
To unlock for me the mystery of life.

And he looked at me and smiled
And i asked
"Am I not allowed this particular question ?
Is this a mystery of life forever hidden to us ?
must we live in this world, yet blind ?"

And his answer was,"Not all!"
"All living creatures ask and are entitled to this answer...
and all seek the light of knowledge."

"So, do one thing," he said
"You see that crow sitting on that fence ?
Go quickly, before he flies away
and ask him this question"

And I laughed and said,
"So this is truly not a question that i am allowed to ask !"

And he said again, "Not at all !"
" Of-course you can ask...
but you think that just because you can get an answer from me,,,,
a man who wears the robes of the wandering mendicant ..
that it will carry more weight,,,
and my experience will somehow enlighten your own mind ?"

"It is the other way around...
it does not matter who speaks a truth
what matters is who is listening

the day you are ready to hear and understand
and accept the full meaning of your own question,,,
even a lowly crow will give you the answer
to the ultimate mystery of life !"

Ponder that .... :O)


Suresh said...

Hi Priya...very true, like zen parables...where master could be a gardnerer...:) Have a nice time ahead! Cheers!

Vishal said...

Excellent true indeed , we all speak truth sometime or other, what matter's is who is listening to it.

God Bless You Always.

s.uma said...

hi priya, so when v really seek, the answers reach us from everywhere...the fraction demands and the totality supplies!