Friday, November 16, 2007

Keeping the future safe

I have been invited to do thousands of seminars in my career, and everytime I felt that my job as a speaker, was to set things right: whatever those things may be, whether it was attitude, perspective or belief, I am paid to deliver and ignite a change, a new found confidence, self belief and passion. And I have always felt honoured and humbled to be in this position.

For 34 years, I have looked around the world and I always felt that the world had suddenly taken a nightmare pill and was headed for disaster. What I didnt see was a movement that is slowly envelopping our planet into goodness, into all that is right and all that is worthy of life. It's a movement I had the honour of being a part of, the movement is AIESEC. The conference that I did in Belgium, the NTMS 2007 on 11th November was like one I had never done before. It was a group of "young delegates" "interns" and "alumni" of this revolutionary phenomenon AIESEC. Headed under the able guidance of Andries and Vishal, the Belgium chapter invited me to do a firewalk session to motivate and inspire their 250 participants. I dont know how much the participants learnt from my 4 hour session, but I sure learnt a lot from the three days that I spent with the AIESECKERS.

Passion: I saw passion on a level that I have never witnessed before. The entire conference was planned and executed to success by STUDENTS. The delivery was flawless. Perfection and Excellence was their trade mark in all the sessions that were conducted. Love: The delegates freely sang songs of gratitude, of appreciation, of honour for their team mates. Four days, 250 young and aggressive delegates, and not a single sour or immature moment. There was heartfelt sincerety and for the lack of a better word, love between the people.

Celebration: Every day seemed a celebration, and the occassion being LIFE. The special reason being LIFE. The achievement being LIFE. The people began and ended every session with a celebration. The energy and the spirit was unbelievable. Knowledge: The 250 young and aggressive bunch of students came seeking knowledge above and beyond their University curriculum. There were sessions on personal development and practical issues concerning careers and people management. I admired the spirit of hunger and thirst to learn and to grow.

Fun: Every day was filled with over 8 hours of knowledgable sessions and at the end of the day, there were fun filled parties. I was amazed to see an intelligent balance between serious work and even more serious fun.

Responsibility: Though the fun marked the perfect way to end a meaningful day, it was also defined by responsibility. I saw the sense of responsibility through the fatigue, responsibility despite the late nights in parties, responsibility for the early morning sessions, the perfect execution, the strong sense of purpose and direction. I have never come across a group of youngsters who displayed a greater sense of responsibility and still maintaining the innocence and mischief of their age.

Purpose: Every AIESECER that i saw was defined by a strong sense of purpose and saw themselves worthy of investing time in building their future at their own cost. This was not a free seminar and every young delegate had paid to learn and grow. I have never been more impressed.

Tolerance: 250 people from over a dozen different countries. There was a mixture of cultures, races, religions, nationalities, but what brought them all together was a sense of tolerance and warmth towards each other. AIESEC believes in NO DISCRIMINATION. They give unity a whole new meaning. They are holding the world together with their love and their spirit.

Respect: There is respect for everyone. No matter who you are, what your opinion is, what your likes or dislikes are, I saw respect. For youngsters to ACT respectful, is a prayer answered, and AIESECERS are truly an answer to every peace lovers prayer. I am so inspired that being a part of the AIESEC conference has ignited in me the belief that our world, our future is in safe hands. To have an able and stable generation, a strong willed and responsible youth is a sure shot bet to a better world.

Firewalk Video Link:

Monday, October 22, 2007

Idiots Guide to Weight Control

With the festive season drawing close and party invitations pouring in, looking one’s best has become a pre occupation for the young professional rather than achieving the year end targets. I love how people make such a big fuss about their weight, gain and loss both. I believe that the solution to any problem lies with the creator of the problem! In other words, if it is you who created the problem, then it must be you who has the solution.

A lot of people are obsessed about their bodies being out of shape. More people and more people are driving themselves crazy with their weight problem.
So how does one keep one’s weight in control? The answer is so simple some of you may not even try it. To be in control you need to know your strategy of creation. If you ask yourself the question, “How did I gain so much weight?” you will magically find the solution to weight control in your answer.

The general strategy for weight gain is:
1. Eat too much
2. Eat fatty stuff: Sweets, fried foods, carbohydrates etc.
3. Eat the fatty stuff at frequent intervals
4. Don’t exercise

How do you turn that around and get your weight in control and body in shape? Reverse your strategy of weight gain by applying the MAD formula: Modify/ Add / Delete. According to the MAD formula, some eating habits need to be modified; some new habits need to be added while some need to be deleted.

1. Eat too much: Modify - Eat moderately. If you can’t even control what and how much you eat, how do you expect to be in control of your life? Get in control; start with eating two bites less. Drink water
before you eat, that may curb your insatiable appetite a bit.

2. Eat Fatty Stuff: Delete / Add – Delete the sweets, fat and salt in your food. Add the proteins and fiber. Substitute the fried and sweet food with protein rich food, fruits, vegetables and water.

3. Eat at frequent intervals: Modify - Eat at regular intervals (4 meals). Sometimes thirst is guised as hunger. When hungry; drink water. If you are still hungry then eat a light snack but make it non fatty. Fruits or nuts make a very healthy light snack.

4. Exercise – Modify - Modify your lifestyle. Take the staircase instead of the elevator. Catch the bus from the next stop. Run for the train
and walk frequently to the bathroom with all the water you have been drinking to deal with your hunger pangs.

An idiot’s guide to weight loss is about taking responsibility for your own attitude and actions. The fat has been accumulating on the responsibility muscle, work it out. No one can force you to eat. No one is feeding you. It’s you who pays for the large pack of French fries. It’s your hand that moves between your mouth and the plate of pizza with the extra cheese topping. It’s easy to shed those extra pounds and the solution is MAD simple.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Follow Your Heart

I often sit down and wonder, on what really is the purpose of one's life ? What purpose could i possibly have come to fulfill on this planet earth ? And I feel that the real glory of being alive, is to follow your heart.
The heart is the only organ of the body, that when it stops, it brings an end to all other organs, including the body itself. So our heart keeps us alive, and in my perspective our heart also directs our life. Following your heart to me means doing what one feels is the right thing to do. Often times we suppress what we feel is the right thing to do just out of the sheer fear of being judged.
Often people ask me how i made it so far, so young. And I guess I have only followed my heart in all that I do, and in all that I dont do :O) It's a choice that I have made, and not that has been made for me.
I feel that true success lies in living your life your way, on your own terms, following your own heart, not someone else's. Those who spend their lives chasing other people's dreams, following someone else's heart, are the one's who land up with their own messed up.
In my company, we have like minded people. Everyone works because THEY WANT to, and not because they have to, and thats I guess is the biggest reason of our success.
Follow your heart, and you will see that world will open its arms to you :O)
Love always, Priya

I never knew

I dont know many things in life, but one thing I never knew was my place in this universe. I never knew that I WAS IMPORTANT. I never knew that everything that I thought, said and did was IMPORTANT and that it had an impact on the world around me.
For instance, this blog started as a hobby. I write a lot and my dear friend insisted that I publish my writing on the blog. I did. It was fun..... BUT I DIDNT KNOW that people would bump into my blog and read it, be moved by it, comment on it, communicate with me. I am shocked that my blog has been visited over 3000 times.
I am shocked that if i cheat and post an old blog again, it would be reported :O)
I am amazed on how a hobby has now become a responsibility. And what I can say is that I now know something that have denied for many lifetimes, that I am important. And that realisation brings a responsibility and I am willing to take it on gracefully.
Thank you for you encouragement, appreciation and your support. I am gonna be more committed to writing, than I was.
In service, always, Priya

The Power of One

I remember watching the movie Dumb and Dumber. And i loved the character Jim Carrey played in the movie. It was this particular scene where the lady he was in love with, tells him that she is engaged. Jim Carrey, asks her "What are my chances ?" And she looks at him and says, "One in a million !" And Jim Carrey jumped with joy. A lot of people thought that it was really dumb. But i think it was really smart.
People think that quantity is greater than quality, but the exact opposite is what is true.
One is enough all by itself.
I was in Goa once and i was devasted to witness a bus run over a dog's leg. He was howling in pain and was bleeding profusely. It would not survive if he didnt get help. I immediately began to call Animal shelters and vets in Goa. My first call met with an answer, "Sorry we are closed today." Second call, "Your place is too far from where we are." Third call same answer, fourth call same answer. I made 12 phone calls and no one was willing to help. It was the thirteenth call that i was able to get some help.
The dog had one out of thirteen chances of surviving that day, and the fact that "one" was there, he still lives.
Never under estimate what "ONE" can do. The world has benefited from "ONE" Jesus, "ONE" Budhha, "ONE" Mahatma Gandhi and so many "ONE" people.
So Jim Carrey's character knew that as long as he had one chance, out of how many was irrelevant, he still had hope !!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Make Someone's day

I always have this dream. A dream that the world would be a beautiful place, where everyone would be happy and in love. Where there are smiles and celebration and peace in peoples hearts. Where hands strecth out to help and fold up in gratitude. Where eye's lift up in hope and sparkle in achievement. Where when people talk, flowers bloom. What a wonderful world that would be !
And when I wake up, I ask myself, how can I contribute today. I have found great sense of achievement and joy in "Making Someone's Day ! Everyday !" Its so simple to do it. A smile, a compliment, an unexpected gift, a hand written letter, a wink, a pat on the back, a word of encouragement, a hug, a helping hand, a kiss, anything that is backed by the intention of love and gratitude, qualifies. No act of kindness or encouragement is too small, infact it goes a long.
I will never forget the comment my fifth grade teacher wrote on my report card, "Very Bright Child". I remember it 22 years later too. I remember losing a race and my mother gave me a hug and said, "You looked so pretty when you were running, your hair bounced like a doll". Losing the race suddenly didnt matter, my mothers words lifted my spirit.
I encourage you today to make some ones day. It costs nothing.
If you have a vision of a better world : Here is your chance to contribute. Love to you,

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Feel Good

I often bump into people who seem to be leading a mechanical life. No enthusiasm, no celebration, no thrill or adventure at work or even generally in life.
I love my work but still it seems like a drag, is what most people complain. Life has become a routine and everyday is no different than any other day.

If this is your life, then you must read on. A mechanical life will only lead to mediocre results. To deliver excellence you need to feel good“thrill up” you life, on a daily basis.

If you want to leave the mark of excellence on your day everyday, you must do everything you can, to keep your mind in a peak emotional state. If you feel good, it will show up in your work and your performance. And if you feel terrible, depressed or bored or unmotivated, it will show up as sloppy performance.

Feeling good about yourself, you work, you family or life in general is an ideal state of living. It is after all the characteristic of an emotionally balanced mind and the mark of a creative genius.

Here is your tip number one to hosting a healthy mind that will be evidenced in your overall wellbeing, professionally and personally. Remember this and remember this steadfast, THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN FEELING GOOD. There cannot be a greater prayer than feeling good. I do not say this in a conscientious way, but as a direction towards a creating a healthy mind.

You must know this, our mind can only entertain one feeling at a time. It can host many thoughts, but only one primary feeling.
For example, you cannot feel love and feel hate at the same time. It’s either / or, but not both. You can have a thousand different thoughts of love zooming in your thoughts at the same time but the core feeling is one.

The trick therefore is to feel good. Because good feelings are a result of good thoughts, just as bad feelings are a result of bad thoughts.

Now here is where the magic comes in, if you trick your mind into feeling good for at least 68 seconds, you will start an atomic explosion of good thoughts. And soon your body will react to the vibration of your thoughts by releasing endorphins, which are happy hormones, and soon you will feel the spurge of energy, enthusiasm and power. These endorphins have a “high” effect as in artificial drugs, nicotine and alcohol, and the bonus is, unlike the drugs, they provide resistance towards anti bodies and toxins.

The laughter club is one such feel good community. I always recommend people to have deliberate feel good sessions whether at work or at home. It can be something as simple as writing out an appreciation note, maintaining a gratitude journal, watching funny movies, listening to a beautiful piece of music, reading a joke book, or just saying a prayer.

Let your achievement of today be – I felt good today. And watch the magic of well being flow through you.
Blessings, Priya

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm Sorry !

I feel "I am Sorry" are the most powerful three words next to its immediate competitor "I love You". Only a person who has the courage to apologise has the courage to love. Saying I Love You is easy, and saying I am Sorry is one of the hardest things to do.
Saying I am sorry, means, I was wrong and i realise that i was wrong. That is true courage and humility.
Saying I am sorry, means, you were right and i was wrong. That requires power and strength of character.
Saying I am sorry, means, I am willing to change. That is an attitude of a success minded person.
Saying I am sorry, means, I have a conscience and i still listen to my inner guidance. This one attitude has the power to keep you connected to the Lord.
Saying I am sorry, means, I forgive myself, and i seek it from you too.

The word "I" is used as a term of EGO, but saying "I" AM SORRY is one of the most egoless statements ever formed with the letter I.

My grandfather once said to me, if you havent apologised atleast once in a day, it means that you have not been sensitive enough to notice where you need to change, where you need to get better, or where you need to love more.

I am sorry, i took so long to post this blog ! I know you all have been waiting :O)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lounge Up Your Home

I love hotel lounges, the ambience is great and it always puts me in a relaxed and creative mood. I would often catch myself visiting five star lounges under the pretext of writing my book. And one day, my mother asked me after taking a look at the massive coffee and sandwich bills, “What is it about the hotel lounge that invites you?” “The ambience mom, the subtle instrumental music, the flowers, the lighting and the service,” I said. Three days later when I came back home from work, I saw the centre table clear of all the clutter, and in the centre lay a vase with beautiful red daisies, Enya played subtly in the back ground, and puffed up cushions lay on the couch. “Let me know when you want some coffee and sandwich,” smiled my mother. That day, I sat home and wrote another fascinating chapter of my book, and I must add, I felt creative and relaxed.It’s so easy to create a change and make a difference in your home. What a gift and joy that would be if you could find creativity and relaxation at home. It is appalling how young professionals seek that comfort anywhere but home. It is evident with the busy lounges and coffee bars that offer just that right ambience to set you in the mood to unwind. You can unwind at home. That’s what a home is supposed to do right? And it’s cheaper.

Here are simple tips that can make all the difference and you would love coming home, just like I do.

1. Add some flowers, and make them colourful. Even a small vase with a solitary rose makes a life of a difference.
2. A scented candle goes all the way in creating the mood. The sight of the flickering flame, as in meditation is a great de-stressor.
3. And some nice instrumental music in the back ground sets the evening up. The sound of the waves and piano are known to have an unwinding effect on the human body.
4. If you can influence the lighting to be dim yellow instead of the energy saving tube lights, you will save much more in coffee shop and lounge bills.

Just these simple elements have such multi fold effects. It encourages family bonding, by reducing the television time. The soft music, and the soft ambience that the candle creates allows for conversations that are so missing in homes today.

So get going, pick a handful of flowers a couple of candles and dish up the music cd, dim down the lights and set up the evening.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Dog My Teacher

For that matter, all animals and living beings can be our teachers. What is needed is the humility of a learner. A learner is an earner. All that we learn is evidenced in our attitude which in turn shows up in our personal and professional life. Having an attitude of a learner has contributed greatly to my success. One of the most profound learnings that soared me to success came from my dog.
I have observed that my dog has welcomed me with the same unfailing enthusiasm and excitement for the past 9 years, unfailingly and uncompromisingly. She is always happy to see me, even if I am out for 10 minutes. Now some of us have no reaction when our loved ones come home, others are even worse, they read out their list of complaints on the first sight of a new entrant at home. Imagine how it would be, if tonight you gave a warm welcome to everyone who returned home, Betty Style. Betty is my dog by the way. Imagine when your loved one enters the house, whether it is your son, wife, husband, you actually get up from your chair, walk enthusiastically to him or her and giving a warm hug say, “I’m so happy to see you.” Just this one attitude can go such a long way in personal success.
Another lesson my dog taught me is that when she needs to be loved, she comes and loves. No one can ignore a dog that wants to be petted. She has the knack of lovingly coming and sitting at my feet and rolling over. As if by default, my hand stretches out and strokes her. The lesson is simple, when you need to be loved, go over and love. Its so easy, walk over and give your spouse a hug or a back rub, give your son or daughter a kiss and a pat and watch the love return by default. I have never noticed a dog lying on its back in another room waiting for someone to come and notice and give it a belly rub. I have noted this trait in humans though.
My dog has taught me spiritual lessons such as not making an illness an emotional issue. When my dog is ill, she is quieter and allows the healing. And humans create the greatest rucass and emotional turmoil over an illness. I have found my headaches disappear faster when I was quieter and emotionally neutral. So many lessons and one great teacher – MY Kuttuswamy.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Power of One

I remember watching the movie Dumb and Dumber. And i loved the character Jim Carrey played in the movie. It was this particular scene where the lady he was in love with, tells him that she is engaged. Jim Carrey, asks her "What are my chances ?" And she looks at him and says, "One in a million !" And Jim Carrey jumped with joy. A lot of people thought that it was really dumb. But i think it was really smart.
People think that quantity is greater than quality, but the exact opposite is what is true.
One is enough all by itself.
I was in Goa once and i was devasted to witness a bus run over a dog's leg. He was howling in pain and was bleeding profusely. It would not survive if he didnt get help. I immediately began to call Animal shelters and vets in Goa. My first call met with an answer, "Sorry we are closed today." Second call, "Your place is too far from where we are." Third call same answer, fourth call same answer. I made 12 phone calls and no one was willing to help. It was the thirteenth call that i was able to get some help.
The dog had one out of thirteen chances of surviving that day, and the fact that "one" was there, he still lives.
Never under estimate what "ONE" can do. The world has benefited from "ONE" Jesus, "ONE" Budhha, "ONE" Mahatma Gandhi and so many "ONE" people.
So Jim Carrey's character knew that as long as he had one chance, out of how many was irrelevant, he still had hope !!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Traffic as Stress Buster

Stress is a result of a cluttered mind and traffic is just an excuse. We all know that traffic exists and the infrastructure department is not under our control. Accept it.
We live in the rush age, where no one has time, even to scratch their head. So keep your time in traffic as your time. Use it to serve you instead of stressing you.
Imagine, if you could get 4 hours everyday to spend with yourself! That would be a dream wouldn’t it? Well, it’s time to make it true with these simple tips.
Anticipate the time you will spend bumper to bumper. Make a list of all the things that you wanted to do but couldn’t make time for. Now since I drive 2 hours to work, dancing and exercising obviously didn’t qualify. Chatting with mom daily for 15 minutes surely did. I always wanted to take singing lessons and doing a karaoke with radio definitely added to the fun and enthusiasm. I get to do some planning for the day in the car and even get time to jot down some notes during the long signals. I love meeting new people, so I usually slow down at pool a taxi stand and I have added seven new friends to my list by just offering a ride. I even do my deep breathing exercises from Hajji Ali to Peddar Road daily and that keeps my mind fresh and ticking. Believe me; my greatest creative ideas come at the free stretch on the Western Express Highway against the skyline on the Santacruz flyover.

Now, if I use my habitual lateness to blame the stress on the traffic, I am setting myself on a path to stress in every area of my life. Stress when practiced daily, becomes a habit and soon becomes our personality.
Traffic related stress is as illogical as planning a wedding of your car. You WILL meet traffic, use your time in traffic to your liking, traffic time can become rejuvenation. Traffic is and can be a blessing, which would allow you to evaluate your life differently. Your time is all you own, so how to spend it must be your choice. Don’t allow your attitude of blame to eat it up.
Time is life and both are moving on a countdown. Let traffic give you the opportunity to recharge, re evaluate, rethink and relive.

Monday, August 6, 2007

If God had a Voice Mail

(I loved this one, and wanted to share it on my blog)

We have all learned to live with "voice mail" as a necessary part of modern life.
But have you wondered, what if God decided to install voicemail ?"

Imagine praying and hearing this:

Hi! Thank you for calling GOD.
Please select one of the following options:
Press 1 for Requests
Press 2 for Thanksgiving
Press 3 for Complaints
Press 4 for All Other Inquiries.
Else wait for our Customer Support Executive.

What if God used the familiar excuse...
"I'm sorry, all of our angels are busy helping other sinners right now. However, your prayer is
important to us and will be answered in the order it as received, so please stay on the line."

Can you imagine getting these kinds of responses as you call God in Prayer:
If you would like to speak to Ganeshji, Press 1.
For Lord Hanuman, Press 2.
For Lord Krishna, Sorry He is on Annual Leave!
For a directory of other God's & Angels, Press 3.
If you would like to hear Narad singing a Bhajan while you are holding, please press 4.
To find out if a loved one has been assigned to Heaven, Press 5,
Enter his or her PAN number, then press the 0 key.
If you get a negative response, try area code 420 for (Hell).
Our computers show that you have already prayed once today.
Please hang up and try again tomorrow.
This office is closed for the weekend to observe a religious holiday.
Please pray again Monday after 9:30 AM. If you need emergency assistance
when this office is closed, contact your local Priest at your neighbourhood Temple.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Grandfather's Legacy

“We live in a dual reality,” my grandfather, used to say, “a world of opposites, but if you are clever and look carefully, there exists no contrast.” His words have remained in my personality and attitude. I owe my success for the legacy of wisdom he left for me. To share his wisdom with you is one of my greatest joys:
“Be always, strong enough to face the world everyday. But.. Be weak enough to know that you cannot do everything.
Be generous enough to those who need your help. But.. Be frugal enough with what you need yourself.
Be smart enough that you may not know everything. But… be trusting enough to know that you need not know everything.
Be wise enough to know that you cannot know everything. But.. Be foolish enough to believe that miracles do happen.
Be willing enough to share your joys with one and all. But.. Be willing just as much to receive the sorrows of every other.
Be willing enough to lead when you see a path others have missed. But.. Be equally willing to lead even when you are in the midst of uncertainty yourself.
Be willing enough to be the first to congratulate an opponent who succeeds. But.. Be unwilling enough to criticize another who fails.
Be sure of returning love and care when you find it. But…Be especially sure to love more those who do not love you, for they will change, slowly….even as you will.
Above all, be the best you can be. For this is the purpose of your being.
For it is HIS will.”

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Try an Experiment

It was way back in school that we did the interesting experiments in chemistry and some of us did our best to avoid even those. But what a process that is. Put a few things together and then watch what happens. Study the outcome and write out your consequence thesis.
That lesson in chemistry can be a life changing process. Imagine if everyday I were putting things together, living my life as a process and day as an experiment and then being observant of the result. Actually noting the consequence and writing down my thesis or analysis of it. What an adventure life would be if I were to live it in the light of awareness. Everyday is an experiment anyways, we don’t know how things and circumstances will unfold and many of us live daily in ignorance. The spirit of “experiment” adds awareness and adventure, the two most potent elements of shaping up a quality life.
Simple experiments like taking a different route to office, and then analysing which route is quicker or happier, had added to my drive being more aware, than a monotonous routine. I once tried a drastic experiment; I disconnected the cable for a week to see the impact in our family. And what an impact it had, we didn’t get it back for almost 2 months. I must say 2 days were full of arguments and after that e repaired our family bond, went out for dinners, visiting relatives, or just walking.
I am going to go a step further and urge you to try experiments in love, experiments in appreciation, in gratitude and kindness, and you will be amazed at how the consequence and results of it will show up in your life daily.
Be a student of consequences, if you want a peek at your future, don’t go to an astrologer, just put together what you have been doing and thinking in the past few years and you will be able to see the result of all of that manifest in your current reality and specks of that welling up in your future.

Try an experiment today; design the life of your dreams. Try an experiment and observe the result of it unfold in your life. Let the chemistry continue.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Secret Of Himesh Reshammiya's Success

When people talk about the mass popularity of the singer icon Himesh Reshamimiya, they attribute it to his nasal singing, that when you probe a little further in to how his career took a magical turn to success, nothing can be far from the truth.
Himesh is a live example of the word “opportunist”. He was showcased in the show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.”as a mentor and Guru to the fascinating voice of Vineet. In moments of intense emotions, appreciation, encouragement, motivation and upliftment Himesh not only dished out the star in Vineet, but also won the hearts of millions who watched the show. Himesh through his presence really added all the emotional bonding that there was needed to form a connection with the audience. So at the end of the show two names gained mass popularity, the master and the student. From there on the world was waiting with open arms. Himesh wasted no time in launching his album and announcing his movie, and made all possible public appearances. He had already built a home in people’s hearts and they followed wherever he went.
A lot of stars are launched, but they do not capitalise on their popularity after the show so we have seen people become popular and the disappear.
When you are riding high, that is not the time to bask in glory, but to tighten your seat belts, play your cards right and work harder, like Hamish is doing. Hamish is a true example of not taking success for granted but working harder in the face of success.
And of course the cap brings in the additional charm and the nasal pitch makes the difference.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where's Your Team

When I talk about team work, people often expect to hear about team work in context of work or sport. Companies call me to do team building workshops for their employees, the objective being greater co-operation and respect at work to meet common targets. Sportsmen and sports organisations call me to do team building workshops towards the objective of uniting people to work in sync towards a common goal. And I believe that there is more to team work than just that. In fact team work is an attitude and way of life.
Your team was formed from the day you were born. In fact, from that day on everyone you meet or come in communication with, is a “your” team player in this game called life.

When you take the taxi to work, the taxi driver is a team player with you. When he does his work well and with dedication, you reach your workplace in time, safely. Your waiter at the restaurant is a team player with you for the duration of your lunch or dinner. Everyone you meet, in whatever context there may be, is a team player with you.

For them to make your interaction enjoyable and productive, all team dynamics of excellence apply. You need to treat all your team players with respect, acknowledgement, encouragement and support. It could be in small gestures such as a smile of acknowledgement, a polite tone in speaking, a verbal appreciation or even support in some cases.

I have had the privilege of meeting some great people from different industries. One thing that I have noted in common about them is that they are great team players, on and off work. I have seen them acknowledge the chef for his food at the restaurant. I have seen them speak to the book seller on the street with respect. I have even seen them direct traffic in a jam situation. Because a team player is a team player wherever he goes. It’s not a role; it’s a state of being.

I see great teams at play when a person offers his seat to an aged person in a bus. I see outstanding teamwork when a person acknowledges the work of a newspaper delivery boy. I see leadership in the person who initiates a conversation in an elevator with a complete stranger.

Your family is your greatest team. To keep your family involved in your mission, gathering their support, earning their respect, and also to encourage their active inputs, sets you up for excitement and love. Your family is the goal keeper, the score keeper of your success, real success. To ensure that success you have to make sure that your family is working towards a common goal.

If you see the entire world as your team mates, and treat them like players of a winning team, your professional success is an effortless achievement.

Treat every moment as a game and every next player as your team mate and watch the excitement take over your life.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Needed Leaders of Courage

Our country needs to see more leadership, more heads rising, more people stepping forward taking creative initiatives. We need more communities in leadership. We need young blood stepping forward to contribute. We are on a mission, a hunt for the leaders our country needs. I can see that millions of potential leaders exist, and are in waiting to stir up a cause. Here is your chance, to emerge, to claim your position, to make a difference that you have always dreamed of creating. If your personality fits the bill and if you have a mission up your sleeve, do something about it now.
India needs urgently, young, dynamic and enthusiastic leaders. You must have an incredibly positive outlook towards life and must be a believer in all that is good. You must have a vision for your life and also for your country. You must have clear intentions and sincerity at heart. You must have a burning dedication to serve and the courage to lead from the front, and by example. You must be passionate about building a better tomorrow by making concrete contributions today. You must be willing to embrace change and evolve through an attitude of learning and humility. You must be an ambassador of love and peace in thought word and action. If you are a person who has respect for all and would not hold judgement or resentment towards all that is not good, and have enough love in your heart to make the shift from what is not wanted to what is most desired, find a way to express it. In small ways, in big ways but express it.
Ours is a mission to lead our people, our country towards the glorified future it so well deserves. Our country stands for peace, for non violence and prosperity and spirituality. It is now time for us to do our country proud. It is now time for leadership.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Always stand tall

Heena Said:"I fear losing hope or more precisely being negative at one point of time in my life because i have often stood bold and positive in every crisis and many times journey of postivilty was really tough but i dont want to change my outlook come what may."

I think what you do is a very courageous stand: Not giving in to negativity and standing tall. I know it takes a lot of inner strength to support you in your position in times of crisis and negativity.

This fear of losing hope comes out of suppressed emotions. Maybe at the time you composed yourself or forced yourself to be positive and strong was also the time you failed to release your own emotions of anger or disagreement. So you are afraid that one day you may explode because all the feelings have collected and piled up.

A good exercise to release any negative emotion that you may be suffering is to maintain a gratitude journal daily
A gratitude journal is a journal or a diary where you write atleaset 5 things you are grateful for before you sleep. Its an amazing way to end your day, with REAL TIME positivity. So in this exercise you not only have to look at the positive side of things and people but also be genuinely grateful for that. Gratitude is the enemy of negativity. They cannot exist together.

When you do this exercise on a daily basis you will feel a sense of relief and as light as a feather and you will never have this gnawing feeling of losing hope of standing tall, in the honor that you are holding with your amazing attitude.
God Bless You always.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just @sk Priya: Create a stable source of income

Suraj Said: know i am very good at selling & negotiating, also i am aware that i can conduct a training (Which i have done in past) but i limit myself to selling. I hope now i am bit clear. Please advice.

I will explain this with a personal example. My core business is training and I am very good at it. I have been running my company and my business since the last 11 years. I am also a very creative person and I love to pursue so many areas that interest me. What i have come to understand is that to be rich ( that is why we all work in the first place ) there has to be focus on the area of work, and once money is not the issue, one can pursue other areas that fancy us.
So after moving my business to a level of stability I have now ventured into writing. This blog is such an outcome, my newspaper articles and my online features are my writing assignments. They dont put money in my bank right now, and i can afford to write for free because I have a stable source of income.
If i did not have a stable source of income and i would have started writing along with my work, then i would remain to struggle in both due to lack of focus on either.

If you are good at selling and negotiating, strengthen that skill. Sell your way to success and riches, and once you have done that, train other people to do too :O) That would be a trainer and teacher by example, and that is the fastest way to success.
May Success Be Yours.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Just @sk Priya: Rejected ????

Anuj Said: I am so positive and always know I'll do what I want to do in life. But recently, what I thought, I dint get and I was rejected for something at work. My morale went really low. Although I am looking at it positively and trying to think all the good things it could do, something inside me is making me feel a little less confident. I am starting to doubt things now.. I know this is not right but somehow something inside me has changed.
How do I get rid of this small negative thinking?

Rejection is one of the biggest moral stealers for many people. And it doesnt have to be that way. We must know that everyone is not the same and everyone does not have the same preferences. I love red and that may be a color you despise. And purple may be for you, but i cant stand purple. Does that mean i wont like you ? Or you wont like me ? Imagine if i were to base my judgement about people on the grounds of similar liking, i would be leading a lonely life.
There are many people who do not believe in trainings and feel that attending workshops are a waste of time, and i am ok with that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And they have a right to not like me, my work or my preference.
Now are you one of those, who has harshly judged or rejected another in a similar way that you feel ? By giving a harsh comment about the way people behave or look or even a contrary opinion on someone's work, we act in the same way.
I remember my friend was upset because his boss critised his work and called it "ridiculous stuff" and just a day earlier my friend was critising a movie "Jhoom Barabar Jhoom" and called it "ridiculous stuff". My question is why was it ok for him to critice other people's work and not accept it with grace when it comes back to him ? Why the hard feelings ? He sure felt nothing while saying the unkind words.

And i guess critique is so crucial for one's improvement. If no one is pushing me, how do i get better ? I dont get better when people appreciate, I feel good when appreciate. I look for improvement when people criticise.
I always ask for critique and feedback. I would love to see the loose spots that miss my eye.
Rejection is a good thing. It means being tolerant and being humble enough to seeing anothers point of view and acknowledging it with grace.
Rejection can be a good feedback mechanism. Use it to excel. Use it to reflect and re-think and re-act.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Are You Stuck ?

We all want to do so many things. Upgrade our lifetstyle, earn more money, start a profitable business venture, find our soul mate, travel around the world and so many more things.
And sometimes looking at our current situation is very disheartening. It makes the future look kind of impossible and we keep stressing ourselves with the unshakeable statement: "I dont know what to do !"
Others appreciate your talent and even give you ideas but somehow you feel stuck with : "I dont know what to do !" "I dont know where to start !" "I dont know how to start !"
If you host such feelings, then i understand you, because i found myself in the same stuck place and trust me, i didnt move for years, until i asked someone for a fresh perspective on my issues.
You know sometimes we are so stuck in our own world that even though the solutions exist, either we cant see them, or we cant make sense out of them. At this point it takes someone out of your stuck world to see your problem and point out the solution to you. And its perfectly ok to ask for help. It doesnt make you small, it only makes you bigger.
I have had the fortunate priviledge of having so many people helping me to the position i have reached today. It wasnt a lonely ride, i had much company and help. As a paying forward to all those people who found the time and heart to encourage, guide and help me, I am offering my time to you.
If you have any area of your life that you are stuck in, write in, comment in or email me on I may not give you a solution, but i sure can give you a different perspective.
Committed to your success,

Just @sk Priya

"Whats The Single Most Important Question You Have About Enhancing Your Career, Dealing With People Effectively, Upgrading Your Lifestyle, Nurturing Relationships, Making Work Fun or Increasing Your Chances Of Making it Big ?"

Directions: Just comment or write to me on with your question and I will make sure that I send in a personalised response to you.
Stan ASKed: I am doing a job in a multi national company and I want to add another source of income, How do i do that without doing injustice to my job ?

Barkha ASKed: I am expected to stay long hours in office. I am stressed and cranky. I can see I have lost all enthusiasm and creativity. I don't even like myself anymore.

Ali ASKed: I have no friends at work ! Does that really matter ?

Suraj ASKed: I have not done my MBA nor any post graduation. I am wondering if I will ever get the opportunity to rise to the level that my MBA friends are at !

Natasha ASKed: I do translations for a channel and I work from home. It is very convenient but somehow I don't feel the satisfaction. How can I change that ?

Lisa ASKed: My salary is way too low in comparison with my lifestyle. I have no savings at the end of the month. How do I match my income and my standard of living ? How do i upgrade my pay packet ?

Be as specific as possible - There are no stupid questions.

Looking forward to adding value to your life !

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day 7: Whats your vehicle

We all have set our dreams in place. Whatever it is that you want, I am sure that you are pretty clear about it now.
I want to own a Red BMW convertible. Thats the final destination, but there has to be a vehicle that will take me there.
The vehicle is a medium of income or opportunities that will transport you to your dreams. The vehicle can be your job, your business, your talent, your rich dad ;O) !
It is via your vehicle that you reach your dreams.
So when i become a celebrity trainer and one of the most sought after coaches ( by the end of 2007 ), when i become known as a super columnist and a best selling author, owning a red BMW convertible is a piece of cake. It's raising myself to that level of excellence that requires work ! Otherwise owning the car is effortless ! You get my point ? ;o)
Does your current vehicle have the potential to take you towards your dreams faster and easier ?
Identify what it is that you do, what is the potential of greatness in it and whether you are willing to explore it ?
I was doing a show with CNBC and the candidate who i was helping in a corporate makeover is an IT guy and can provide any level of IT solutions. I personally think that his line of business or vehicle has great potential for greatness. There are 19 year old millionaires in the IT field, the owner of Facebook is such an example. The real question is : Is he willing to explore the potential ? That will require a great deal of work and focus.
But before i talk about that, its identifying the possibilities and limitless potentials your vehicle holds. Only then you will be excited about acting on it.
So get to work with it, we have only 23 days left :O)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 6: Routine or Excitement

The 30 day countdown is a process where you will have to chuck your routine way of thinking and working and you will have to accept the new. After all for you to be a grand success, nothing outside of you will change, it is what is inside that will change.
The world doesnt need to change for you to be great, you need to. For that you need to change the way you look at the world, you will have to find new meanings for the same things and situations and most importantly you will have to try out new approaches and ways of doing things.
Here is your task for day 6: Do something different. Anything !! Anything at all.
It could be taking a new route to work. It could be writing with your left hand all day. It could be not spending a single rupee from your pocket. It could be skipping a meal. It just must be something you have never done before.
The idea is that you need to give yourself a "first time" experience at something, and notice how that makes you feel.
Research has shown that when people move out of their routine way of thinking and operating, they open doors to their creative genius. Genius after all is a mind that thinks out of the box, that dares to explore the new and that thrives in the thrill of adventure.
So go ahead and do something today that you have never done in your whole life !! Prepare your mind to embrace the new, your dreams sure will be a new experience and you better get used to that.
And do post your comment on it. I would love to be a part of your excitement.

Day 5: Mission Statement

I have seen a lot of corporates invest fortunes in building a mission statement for their organisation. A mission statement is special asssignment that a person or a group of persons takes up.
Everyone does work in their own respective fields. Working on an everyday routine or task is very different from working on a mission.
Making a mission statement is like setting your lifes purpose. This lifes purpose then becomes a driving force in your life.
For example, my work is delivering workshops to people in the areas of Firewalk Seminars, Team Building and Science of Achievement. My work is to conduct workshops. My Mission is to "Make People's Lives Better". The mission drives the direction of the work and adds value to my efforts. So i am not just doing workshops, i am also taking up the responsibility of making people's lives better.
If i had no mission, i would just go do my work and come back home. But having a mission brings me greater satisfaction and joy.

Whatever it is that you have chosen to achieve in the next 30 days, if you can do it with passion and are satisfied and joyous at the end of each day of work, it would certainly make your life and your sacrifice worth the effort.
So go ahead and lay the foundation of love and joy in your work.
Make a mission statement today.
And i would love to know from you what it is !!
God Bless

Day 4: What If ?

I hope that everyday you are listening to your power album
in the morning. I also hope that you have written down all
that you desire and you have also made your vision board.

Today your task is to write down what will happen
IF YOU DONT ACHIEVE your dream ? You need to know WHY it is
important for you to achieve it ? WHAT have you got to
Human beings are motivated by two emotions. Emotions of
Pleasure and emotions Pain. By instinct we move towards
pleasure and away from pain.

By doing the first three steps of listening to your power
songs, writing down your dreams and making your vision
board, you created some pleasurable outcomes. By
writing down what would happen if you dont succeed at
winning, you are reminding yourself of the pain of staying
where you are
. When the realisation sinks in of the price you
will pay in terms of a mediocre life if you dont achieve your dreams,
that itself will push you and drive you to deliver your best.

Infact, you should be so fed up of where you are that you
are willing to give more than your 100% to get where you
want to go.

Lets harness this principle to create the life of our

God Bless

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 3: To The Life Of Your Dreams

The Vision Board
Several years ago, I made a vision board. This was when i had just started out with trainings. I had stuck on it my picture and words such as "Miss Popularity" "Youngest Millionaire" and several pictures of my dream car, travelling the world over, flying across countries, holidaying in exotic locations, my book being a best seller.... and so much more.
As i sit today and look at my vision board, years later, i have achieved almost everything that i stuck on it, with shocking ease.

Every great structure has a blue print, whether it is an architectural monument or the layout of an organisation or the design of a new car. They all have a blue print, or a sketch of how it would look when it manifests. No great empire or building was built with the picture in the mind. It was always drawn and sketched.

What i would like you to do today is to make a vision board. A vision board, simply put is a collage of pictures of your dreams.

Go ahead and buy a bunch of used magazines and as your browse through them you will find the exact pictures of all your hearts desire. Pick them out and stick them out on a nice poster paper. Once you have this collage ready, hang it on the wall of your room.
Visualisation is a powerful process. The process of laying your eyes on your dreams everyday, helps in creating certainty and belief in it. The more certain you are about your goal, the faster you would move towards it.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Day 2: To the Life of Your Dreams

The Warm Up: The power of warm up is never to be underestimated. Every morning, before you start off with whatever you do, you must listen to your power songs. Music influences our physiology. It affects our emotions and it also directs our actions. Music influences our thoughts and the images that we hold in our minds. So every morning for the next 30 days listen to your power songs. Your success will depend upon the extent that you are able to keep your thoughts and emotions in peak state.
Today having done that, whenever you find some quiet time, reflect upon this: "What do i want to achieve in the next 30 days ? What do i really want ?" And write this down. Just knowing it or reflecting upon it is not enough. Write it down. And when you write it down, write only the outcome as you see it in your mind. For example, if i want to own a red BMW Z4, I will write: "I am so happy that i finally own my dream car. When i drive it on the roads of Mumbai, i feel a joy in my heart that matches my achievement and i feel extremely proud....."
Just writing that i want a red bmw is not enough. It will remain a want forever. You need to take that want and create it as a reality in your mind. Take that car and drive it and write down exactly what you see, and how that makes you feel.
The more clear you get about it, the faster it will manifest in your life.
Your task for today:
1. Listen to your power songs
2. Write down what you want, as the final outcome of it happening.
Committed to your success,

Day 1: Restart

My humble apologies. I was in a roller coaster schedule and crazy days. Work is at it's peak and i found myself unable to operate my blog. I was shuttling between workshops, publishing assignments, airports, and editing my book to send it to the publisher. All is settled now. Phew.
I have some help now and we leap into the countdown towards creating the life of our dreams.
We start from tmw and i hope that you have been making the best of your power album. Lets warm up, trust me the next 30 days are going to take everything you have, to make your dreams a reality.
God Bless

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Countdown Begins: Day 1

Do you know that even the best sprint runner needs to warm up before the race ! A warm up is a small session of stretching and reaching out which flexes the muscles. It is very necessary for a runner or any sports person to do it before their race or event because other wise the muscles will spasm with the sudden speed when they run the race.
Similarly you need to warm up before you run the 30 day marathon towards the life of your dreams.
Your warm up is gentle preparation to put your mind and body to be receptive of peak performance and to deliver.
The warm up may take in a couple of days to make your mind and body flexible enough to accept and execute new principle so be patient with yourself.

Todays warm up exercise is to make a power album. This album is a list of songs that inspire and charge you up. They pump in you energy and get your mind ticking. These are songs or music that put you in a happy mood.

I know you have the collection scattered in your ipod and laptop or in half a dozen cds. Put it in one place; in one folder, one cd. So next when you do play it, all 12 or all 18 play without you having to add or forward or change the songs.
Get it ?

Music is the one of the most powerful tools for mental warm up and preparation. It is so powerful a tool that every army have their own war song to prepare them to win and to prepare them to die. A power song fills your mind and blocks out any other thought that may have engaged you. It leads you to new visualisation or thoughts.
When i listen to the song "You're the voice" no matter what my original mood was, once the song plays, i am in a different world. In 4 minutes i am in a bright mood and powerful state of mind. As the song plays i can actually visualise myself as an agent of change who is making a difference in world. I feel phenomenal !

Success is so simple, that some people feel that we must do complicated things to be successful. Just the opposite is true. You will be the beneficiary and evidence of it 30 days from now.

Please do write in your power songs ( every one could add and share a few ).
Success is ours !!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Beginning of a New Beginning

The day you make the decision to be the creator of your own life and your own future, you have joined the league of the 5% of the world's population. These are the people who create the future for the balance 95%.
These are also the people who take absolute responsibility for their actions. They are as willing to take the credit as they are to taking the blame. These are problem solvers, they find themselves to be a part of the solution and never the problem. They look for remedies not blame.
For you to be an achiever and winner by default, you have to develop the attributes that i mentioned above. Because when you "become" a success minded person, a person who is a cause of events to happen, you will have anything you desire and more.
Change is a painful process, so the next 30 days are not going to be easy but they sure will be fun. And your greatest reward will be not what you achieve as a result of this change, but who you become as an outcome of it.
May success be ours !
I eagerly await meeting you on this side of the world :O)

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Life of Your Dreams

This is the best time to ever be alive as compared to the entire history of mankind. We can have anything we want. Really anything.
We live in the era of possibilities. Today you can have all that you have ever dreamt of and more. And its not only fast its also easy. You dont have to slog for 10 years to see results of your efforts, you can see it in 10 months, 10 weeks and sometimes even 10 days.
The question is that do you know what you want ?
If the answer is yes, then the next question is, are you committed enough to learning and growing personally to be able to achieve that what you want ?

Desire and committement are two necessary elements for success. You must have the desire and also the commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Often it takes for you to learn, to grow and to develop the attitude of an achiever.

If you know what you want and are willing to settle for nothing less, then the next 30 days are just for you.
Everyday i will post a tip that comes from my course, The Science of Achievement, which will help you in reaching closer to your goals, at a pace so fast you will be amazed.

So log on everyday to the One Minute Coach and help yourself design and live the life of your dreams.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Choose Your Consequence

"Be a Keeper of Consequence" my grandfather always used to say. And i never understood what he meant until a few years ago.
I meet so many successful people from diverse industries and i always ask them, what is it that sets them apart from the rest of their counterparts. And there is one answer that always strikes out. "I choose my consequence and then plan my action." This sentence has more wisdom than any self help book you would read.
Simply put, if you can choose the consequence or the outcome that you desire today, and then plan your day accordingly, and stick to that plan, you will see that success will rise to meet you."

Here is the formula in three simple steps:
Step 1: Decide your outcome/consequence
Step 2: Plan your action accordingly
Step 3: Execute

A lot of people create the action but they dont stick to the plan. They get DISTRACTED or SWAYED easily into other things. And as a result they get a different consequence at the end of the day, and that consequence is usually, pending work, half done projects, a feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration. Can you now imagine what the next day is going to look like ?

"Be a Keeper of Cosequence" my grand father always used to say. And I owe my success to him.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mind Your Own Business

I got a lot of feedback on my blog last two days and I can see that "Mind Your Own Business" is quite a misunderstood concept. People have different meanings attached to it. Some feel that mind your own business means, being indifferent, others feel it is being insensitive.
Mind your business is infact one of the shortest ways to rising to success. To mind your own business means to stay focussed on your work and only on those things that will contribute towards making your work better.
Mind your own business means not being distracted with issues or things that will take your focus away from your duty and your work.
And lastly mind your own business means to define what is expected of you at work and then to over deliver :O)
All successful people mind their own business, and all people with mediocre thinking mind other people's business. They have enough time to keep an eye on what is going on in other people's lives and work and pay no or little attention to what they are supposed to do.
Minding your own business is the only route to deliver excellence and the shortest route to success.
So get to work and mind your own business :O)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Are Corporate Politiks ruining your career ?

Yesterdays blog created quite a stir with people. And I can also see that some sensitive cords were touched. Have you ever heard of the phrase that we only see what we want to see and that we hear only that which we want to hear ? It's really amazingly true. The emails and the comments that I got prove just that.
I wrote, stay away from politics and mind your own business. I did not say "Dont communicate with your colleagues or dont be nice to them." Trust me negative people are very easy to spot. You just stay away from their negativity and back biting agenda. Be careful when you deal with them. Refuse to comment on negative statements. Refuse to acknowledge when someone wants to tell you "What he or she said about you !" Like Buddha said, if you do not acknowledge a gift, it doesnt belong to you. So acknowledge only that which you do want.
Mind you own business means, do what you are supposed to do. Being nice to colleagues and maintaining a friendly and empowered environment is also a part of your job. Dont worry about what others are doing or not doing, you do your work and deliver excellence.
Like I said earlier, people who part take in politics dont last. It will be a matter of time they will self destruct.
So at work, maintain harmony, maintain fun and maintain a friendly environment. You be it first, and you will influence others.
Have fun :O)

Corporate Politiks

"There are a lot of politics going on in my office," a friend said to me expressing her frustration. I usually dont pry into people's problems, it serves no good. But this one got me interested, for the use of the word "politics". "What do you mean by politics at office ?" I asked. "The usual," she answered, "Back biting, bad vibes and all."
Imagine what kind of negativity we associate the word politics with ? No wonder all politics is about back biting and bad vibes. And just like in real time politics, the country suffers as a result, so does an organisation.
The question is are you caught up in corporate politics ? If so, it is only a matter of time that you lose your job ! Check the political scenario. How often do the parties change as a results of the politics. So is your fate if you are a "party" to the politics.
The best solution that i could ever give my friend was an advice for any "party" political or corporate, "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS". Mind your business also means, stay focussed on your work, thats what you are getting paid for. If you give your focus to the politics, that becomes real for you. If you dont pay attention to something, it will fade away from your awareness.
Always remember one rule that will take you up to success, "If you dont have any thing good to say, shut up. Like the law says; You have the right to remain silent, whatever you say will be used against you."
And the best part is you can choose, whether to be a part of the politics or not. The choice is made by where you lay your attention and focus. No one can drag you into something against your will.
So next time my friend says, "Im stuck in corporate politics." My answer is, "You must have voted in favour of it."

Monday, June 25, 2007

Make a Wish

Have you ever wished at a "Wishing Well". I have and its an amazing feeling to do so. Imagine you toss in a coin and make a wish, and it comes true. Who ever cooked up this concept, sure had his wish come true, of making a lot of money :O) Thats what my father would say :O)
Here is my offer to you... I do firewalks. And it is believed that firewalks were done to communicate with the ether ( the world of all possibilities ) and all wishes that were prayed upon at the fire would come true. I have personally experienced this principle at work and its fascinating. So here is my offer.... Make a wish. Your hearts deepest desire. Something you must be or do or have in this lifetime, without which your soul would refuse to leave planet earth. That something that you would not settle without. Make a wish, without any limitation or barriers. Free your mind and ask. And i will offer that prayer, your wish, to the fire on your behalf on my firewalk this evening.
It's truly magical. Or best still, I may even send you an invitation to walk the fire holding your wish in your heart yourself :O)in my next firewalk

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pain Avoidance

Why do most people avoid pain ? The first reason for any kind of "mis-deed" is ignorance or lack of proper knowledge. We were never given lessons on our own minds and our own behaviours. Its a pity that in 21 years of education, that which mattered most was neglected - YOU.
Anyhow, we were taught that pain is bad and must be avoided. We were taught that pain is an emotional issue and a learnt pattern of fuss usually follows it.
The purpose of pain is to bring into attention healing.
People avoid pain, because when they are in pain, they feel "out of control". Suddenly, they feel powerless to even perform their daily functions.
For example, I had a severe tooth ache a few days ago. And every one knows that dental problems lead to mental problems :O) I suddenly felt that I could no longer think, the pain was so severe. The first thing that ran in my head was, "How will I handle all the important meetings that are lined up ?" Suddenly I felt out of control and reached out for the pain killer.
Killing the pain is no solution. Understanding whats wrong ? why is it wrong ? how can I avoid this in the future ? are the key questions.
Understanding and Knowledge heals. Pain is the absence of correct knowledge.
Pain is the start point of healing. Allow it. And healing takes time. Allow it.
I went to the dentist, like I normally would, when my tooth hurts. He looked into my mouth and diagnosed that my wisdom truth was the culprit and gave me some anti biotics and pain killers. I would have walked out with the "healing medicines" but the key ingredient that heals the pain is understanding and knowledge. I stopped and asked the dentist, "I dont understand. My wisdom tooth has been there since long, so what is causing this pain ?" "There could be many factors," he said,"Aggressive brushing of your teeth, something that you ate that disturbed your gums and caused an infection. Many reasons. The infection must subside before I decide whether your wisdom tooth stays or not."
On my way back home I realised that sometimes I do brush my teeth aggressively, and the 6 month old tooth brush is no good. I now felt in control. All I had to do was be careful and I could avoid the same pain in the future.
Getting back in control was mentally healing. Being a victim is the attitude of "running away" and "avoidance". Most of us are taught to be victims, and victims dont take responsibility, even for their own pain.
Whenever you are in pain, take responsibility, get in control of your own situation. Understand how YOU caused it, and you will be able to take pain so gracefully.
My wisdom (tooth) is intact and I find myself brushing my teeth with heightened awareness. And all is well.
This is physical pain. But emotional pain, is a lot more challenging to handle. Broke up with a boyfriend ? Had a financial loss ? Couldnt meet your targets ? How does one handle emotional pain ?
Your comments before my opinion ? Thats the game.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Pain:Pay Attention Inwards-Now

Pain is one experience no one wants to have and most run away from. Psychologists have this whole theory of "Pain Avoidance" where a human being will do anything to avoid pain.
Its so interesting how human beings make an emotional issue of everything, including our own bodies and its functioning. Let me give you an example.
You are driving your car. And you are low on fuel. How would you know ? The fuel meter would flash, right ? Is that a good sign or a bad sign ? You would say "Ofcourse thats a good sign !" Now imagine this. What would happen if you had no fuel meter in your car ? It would be a disaster. You would not only put your life at risk but also the lives of others.
The human body is a vehicle too. And we also have a "wellness meter". The wellness meter works on the principle of pain. Pain tells us, something needs attention. Or some part of the body is hurt. Now imagine this; If there is no "pain" ever. Some of you might dance with joy to even imagine a life without pain, but hold on. Imagine you stub your toe so bad that you cracked a bone and it bled. How would you know if there was no pain ? So if there is no pain, you would not know you are hurt. Your toe would continue to bleed and soon septic would set in, and the infection would spread to your leg and finally your whole body...and you dont want me to continue to where this ends :O)
Because there is pain, you pay attention until it heals.
Pain is a process in the system. Its a design. Acknowledge it. To avoid pain, is to rip off the fuel meter of your car.
Next time you are in pain, stop and pay attention inwards ! Respect that your body supports you in keeping you alive.

If pain by design, serves us, then why do people avoid pain ? Why does everyone run away from pain ? Your comments are welcome before i publish my opinion :O)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Set A Good Example

Today is Set A Good Example Day !
What that means is that today you will make a decision and do things that will set a good example for others to follow. You see we all wish the world were a better place. And wishes remain wishes, until we do something about it.
We all wish that our city would be clean, but unconsciously we chuck the empty gum packet on the road. We wish that our colleagues were more supportive, but unconsciously we also dont support them. We wish our parents were more understanding, but somehow we never made the time to listen to them and understand their greater concerns. We wish that we would be richer, but we didnt understand that wealth and money are a state of mind and that when we change the way we think and work, we change our income.
Its only a matter of time that wishes will turn into complaints, if we keep doing the opposite of what needs to be done.
You need to ACT upon what your ideal world is. You need to act in the correct direction. So how does one know whether the action is in the right direction or not ? Its simple ! Ask yourself, "Would I want others to do this to me or my world ?" If the answer is "Yes !" DO IT. And if the answer is "No". Dont do it !
So next time, when you get up from the dinner table, ask yourself, "Would a compliment on how delicious the food is, make my day ?" If the answer is "Yes" go ahead and compliment your mom.
Live your life by this principle, and if even a handful of us, vow to set a good example for the rest of our lives, the world WILL BE a beautiful place. Thats my promise.
So, today until next Friday I am celebrating "Set a Good Example Week". There would be an amazing JackPot to win by the most inspiring "Set a Good Example" story that would be submitted by you guys.
Who knows, you may on radio with me, sharing your story :O)
So go ahead, and set a good example. Thats what TRUE leadership is about.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Give Youself Away ....

The highest point of contribution is in giving of yourself. Giving yourself away, for free, because that is something that will never leave you less, it will only leave you with more, more of YOU.
Imagine, if you are a singer, and you give yourself away, by singing for people, do you become less ? or do you become more ? More ofcourse.
Today is the day when you give yourself away, for free. Give praise, give kind words, give your talent, sing for someone, cook for some one, dance for someone, take someone out for a your favourite movie, treat someone in your favourite restaurant, give away your favourite shirt, or just simply offer someone your time. No action is too small and nothing given away is too big.
Know this, only the wealthy can give away, for you need to have before you give. Here is your chance to feel and know you are wealthy beyond measure, in all that counts !!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Will To Succeed

I was doing a personality development session at Indo American Society several years ago and I can never forget this 11 year old boy who attended my class.
Here is his story...
This 11 year old boy came to Indo American Society to attend the workshop, only there was a slight problem. The receptionist told him that the workshop was for children who were 13 years onwards, and since he was 11, he couldnt attend. The boy took the brochure and sat down on the sofa, he didnt go away. After 15 minutes he came back to the receptionist and said, "The brochure doesnt mention that only 13 years onwards are allowed." The receptionist was speechless. "Could you speak to the facilitator and check if I can attend, because I dont want to go back as I can see that there is no mention of the age in the brochure ?" The receptionist did not want to accpet defeat and said,"The session cannot be disturbed, maybe you can call tomorrow and I will let you know." "It's ok, I will wait until tea break." he persisted, "I can always catch up with the session".
At tea break, a very sheepish looking receptionist walks into my class and points at the boy, "Why cant an eleven year old attend your class ?" he asked me without an introduction. "Who said you cant ?" I asked amused at his confidence and style. He pointed at the receptionist and said, "She didnt let me in".
Ofcourse, the boy stayed in my class, and he was such a delight to have. His passion towards learning, his enthusiasm and his courage to question the system made him different from the rest."
I dont know what I taught him, but I sure learnt a lot from him. I always remember him whenever someone tells me, "You can't......" and instinctively my answer is "Says who ? Can I have a word with that person ?" And more often than not, there is no person behind the opinion, its just an assumption.
I remember him as an eleven year old boy who attended my class to teach me a valuable lesson of life.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

How to get an Agreement

I was sitting with some friends at a social get together and there was one guy who was being Mr. Know It All. He seemed to have an answer for everything. And even if it seemed like he didnt know the answer, he would get into an argument and with a twist of words get away with it.
I found it rather annoying. How do you get a person who argues a lot, into agreement with you ? Thats an art and before you go out and try out the formula I am about to share with you, I suggest you practice :O)
Here is what you need to do, you need to get the person to agree with you six times, before you hit on the real agenda. For example, I wanted to get an agreement on "my" version of the theory of evolution. And I knew Mr. Know It All would butt in and argue on the subject, even if everyone else on the table agreed. So I asked him six questions to get his agreement.
1. "Would you agree that monkeys and apes evolved into human beings ?" "Yes," he said.
2. "Its the oldest theory of evolution, right ?" "Yes," he agreed matter of factly.
3. "This was almost several thousand years ago, maybe a million years ago, wasnt it ?" "Yes," he agreed.
4. "Did you say, you live in L.A ?" I asked totally out of context to the topic, "Yes," he said.
5. "Ah thats a five hour flight away from New York, right ?" "Yes", he said innocently, and unaware of my move.
6. "Oh Charles Darwin is the one who came up with this theory of evolution. Isnt it ?" I continued. "Yes," he agreed.

The answer to all the questions was a logical yes, and thats when I made the move for the kill, "Would you agree that the theory of evolution is incomplete and there are parts that dont make sense," "Yes," he said impulsively. Hurray, I had an agreement.
I then carried on discussing with my friends without him poking his argumentive nose.

This simple formula has many applications. You can get an agreement on professional and personal issues and avoid unnecessary arguments and resistance. All you need to do is get an agreement six times, any question is ok, as long the answer is "yes". I suggest you try it, and experience the magic.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Jackpot Day

Today is Jackpot Day !!Why ? Because I am not supposed to write a blog and you are not supposed to check it.
But as I had siad earlier, Success is a HABIT. And if you have developed some new habits over the past few weeks, you would have unconsciously hit on the blog today. And if you have, and you are the first one win a jackpot of Rs.1000/-Post your comment, and i will know.
Make success a habit.
Have an outstanding Sunday

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I want to be Number One

"I want to be the best Batsman in the world" this little fellow said to me, while I was conducting a session on personality development for teenagers years ago. I had given the class an exercise on "Who would you like to be 10 years from now ?" And what followed in that session was simply amazing. It was wonderful to know that dreams still live in people's hearts and they do aspire to greatness. Like this fellow who wanted to be the best batsman in the world.
Does he have the capability ? You would say "yes". Infact, not only him, but all of us have the capability to rise to greatness, to be number one in whatever field we choose to be. If this is true, then why dont we do it ?
You know why ?
Because being number one, takes focus, it takes commitment, it takes setting priorities and it takes the courage to be different.
So I told the young man. You will be granted your wish, but in the bargain:
1. You will have to wake up at 4am every morning and go for practice.
2. You will have to workout an hour every day.
3. You will have to eat healthy and no junk.
4. You will have to sleep early, so no late night television.
5. You may have to miss classes for practice and then work extra hard to make up for your grades.
6. You wont be able to hang out with your friends because you will be playing.
7. You may have to travel and stay away from home.
"Are you willing to do this process every day for the next ten years to be the best batsman in the world ?" and all I got was silence and then a faint reply, "I will think about it!"
Think about it ??? If you want to be the best, number one, there is a journey you must make. And it cannot be the same journey you are on today. Because the habits that you have, the things that you are currently doing are keeping you where you are.

To be number one, is a test of "will" power.
Its not "can" you be number one ? Every one "can", but they "dont" ! The real question is "will" you ?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Make Someone's Day

I always have this dream. A dream that the world would be a beautiful place, where everyone would be happy and in love. Where there are smiles and celebration and peace in peoples hearts. Where hands strecth out to help and fold up in gratitude. Where eye's lift up in hope and sparkle in achievement. Where when people talk, flowers bloom. What a wonderful world that would be !
And when I wake up, I ask myself, how can I contribute today. I have found great sense of achievement and joy in "Making Someone's Day ! Everyday !" Its so simple to do it. A smile, a compliment, an unexpected gift, a hand written letter, a wink, a pat on the back, a word of encouragement, a hug, a helping hand, a kiss, anything that is backed by the intention of love and gratitude, qualifies. No act of kindness or encouragement is too small, infact it goes a long.
I will never forget the comment my fifth grade teacher wrote on my report card, "Very Bright Child". I remember it 22 years later too. I remember losing a race and my mother gave me a hug and said, "You looked so pretty when you were running, your hair bounced like a doll". Losing the race suddenly didnt matter, my mothers words lifted my spirit.
I encourage you today to make some ones day. It costs nothing.
If you have a vision of a better world : Here is your chance to contribute. Love to you,

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Make Success a Habit

So many times i have found myself surrounded with people who just dont understand that success is within their reach. It is so easy to be successful. That you will be surprised to know that failing is difficult. But people have developed the habit of doing those things that get them to fail or to make mistakes or just to be negligent. Its a habit, like any other. And its difficult to break, like any other habit.
Success is not built on tips, or more knowledge. You need to be in the habit of doing the things that make you successful. This sometimes is a long and painful process. And sometimes you may need help. A coach or a mentor is ideal who is willing to take responsibility in kicking your butt and making sure you form habits of success.
Will power or burning desire to succeed sometimes takes over the role of a coach. If you have found that in yourself, use it.
The bottom line is, time and hard work being equal, Anil Ambani has different habits than yours. And that is the difference between excellence and mediocrity. That is also the difference between success and failure.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Power Album

Did you know that music affects our emotions ? Out of all the senses that we have, the sense of hearing or auditory sense is highly susceptible to external influence. So many times i see people emotionally upset, and the culprit is the sense of sound. "Its not what he said, Priya, it's how he said it, that hurt me !" my friend complained, truly hurt by her colleague. Is that not true in so many cases ? Its not what was said, its how it was said that evokes an emotion.
So if sound must influence me, i must USE sound to influence me to a position of power. That would be a smart thing to do right ?
Here is what i suggest: Make a power album. This album would contain 18 songs that uplift you, that compel you to tap your feet, or make you spin, or hum, or cheer you up or fill you up with electricity and excitement. And make sure that you play this album for yourself every single day.
I have my power album loaded in my car, and i have it in my car since two years. Each time i get into my car, i come alive with energy, enthusiasm and a zest that peps me up for the day. "I love to drive" I tell people and it shocks them. "How can someone love to drive in Bombay ?" is a curious question I always get back. What I actually mean is, that sitting in my car and listening to my music is what puts me in a peak state and I love it.
I have noticed that whenever I drive, I arrive cheerful wherever I go, whether it is going to work or coming back home, Im inspired and energized.
What a gift to yourself that would make ! To consciously set yourself up for a good day.
Go ahead, make your power album, and hey... do comment on what your power songs are. It would be lovely to have some more in my collection ;o)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Visualisation - Jim Carrey

I have done many workshops on Visualisation. Its a process that i absolutely believe in. For those of you who are not aware, let me introduce it to you. Visualisation is a process in which you "Imagine a result you want to create, as if it were real and has already happened !"
Jim Carrey took this process to another level. He was on Oprah once and said that he wanted to make a million dollar cheque. At that time when he set this goal he was hardly making 20,000$ a year. So he wrote himself a million dollar cheque and he kept it in his wallet. He would see the cheque every single day and visualised "owning" the money. It was 2 years later that he signed the movie Dumb and Dumber and got paid a million dollar cheque. Jim Carrey even showed the tattered cheque that he had kept with him for 2 years.
Sometimes reality is far from our ideal world, and sometimes it may take 2 years for things to fall into place. But the process of visualisation keeps our focus on track, it helps in keeping disappointment, dejection and depression at bay. A person who is a believer, is always an achiever. Even if it takes 2 years to shape up.
"It's not about the million dollars," Jim Carrey said in conclusion, "Its who i became as a result of my pursuit that counts, a bigger and better person."

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Jack Pot Day

Jack Pot Day is a day when you win something that is dear to me.
"Why do you write the blog," my niece asked me. "Because it makes me feel good", i said. And that got me thinking. And the truth is i feel good about writing the blog, because you are at the other end reading it.
And because you are reading it, i feel great that my thoughts were worth your time.
So indirectly, you contribute towards making me feel good about myself and my work.
To show my appreciation towards you, i would like to give you a special gift.
How would i know you read my blog today and you are on Jack Pot Day, simply leave me a comment and you will recieve a special something from me :O)
I love Jack Pot Days too :O) Because i love to give !