Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 4: What If ?

I hope that everyday you are listening to your power album
in the morning. I also hope that you have written down all
that you desire and you have also made your vision board.

Today your task is to write down what will happen
IF YOU DONT ACHIEVE your dream ? You need to know WHY it is
important for you to achieve it ? WHAT have you got to
Human beings are motivated by two emotions. Emotions of
Pleasure and emotions Pain. By instinct we move towards
pleasure and away from pain.

By doing the first three steps of listening to your power
songs, writing down your dreams and making your vision
board, you created some pleasurable outcomes. By
writing down what would happen if you dont succeed at
winning, you are reminding yourself of the pain of staying
where you are
. When the realisation sinks in of the price you
will pay in terms of a mediocre life if you dont achieve your dreams,
that itself will push you and drive you to deliver your best.

Infact, you should be so fed up of where you are that you
are willing to give more than your 100% to get where you
want to go.

Lets harness this principle to create the life of our

God Bless


Priya Kumar said...

Vibhor asked whether making a mission statement also helps in become clear about our vision, the answer is YES. Infact, the next step is to make the mission statement.

Ankita said...

the moment i read todays blog i thought about the place i dread to be..i must tell u that it has propelled in me the need to get on the 30 day mission more than ever!

Nupur said...

You are so right abt people moving towards to avoid pain... I probably am one of those kinds that gets motivated by challenges and to avoid being in mediocrity.

ViƟhor said...

Yes, i agree. The 'What-if' or the consequentional analysis makes us think analytically which results in predicting what could go wrong.
This would make us mentally stronger & also prepare us to face testing/tough times.

Anuj :) said...

That is so true. I often fear of failing and i guess that is the reason i try and give my 200%..
Will definitely sit with myself and find out what i would lose, if i dont achieve what i want to... Thanks Coach :)

Amrita said...

Priya, The idea of moving away from pain, is what drives me to an extent to work.
The "What If" concept is something that will really be a propeller for me to give my best.

Vish said...

another area i need to work on..
this will be done..
will keep u updated...
sorry for my absence coach !!

Suraj said...

sorry for the delay in posting my comment.... trust me priya atleast for me it is high time & i am ready to give more thn 100%. Now i will achieve what i want, no more compromises. Thanks

jayu said...

Hi mam very sorry for being late with my comment.

To be honest:
My first reaction to this blog was - I am not even going to think of "What if", but then i thought more on it and said to myself that i will jot down the consequences so i speed up my activities towards achieving my goals.