Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day 7: Whats your vehicle

We all have set our dreams in place. Whatever it is that you want, I am sure that you are pretty clear about it now.
I want to own a Red BMW convertible. Thats the final destination, but there has to be a vehicle that will take me there.
The vehicle is a medium of income or opportunities that will transport you to your dreams. The vehicle can be your job, your business, your talent, your rich dad ;O) !
It is via your vehicle that you reach your dreams.
So when i become a celebrity trainer and one of the most sought after coaches ( by the end of 2007 ), when i become known as a super columnist and a best selling author, owning a red BMW convertible is a piece of cake. It's raising myself to that level of excellence that requires work ! Otherwise owning the car is effortless ! You get my point ? ;o)
Does your current vehicle have the potential to take you towards your dreams faster and easier ?
Identify what it is that you do, what is the potential of greatness in it and whether you are willing to explore it ?
I was doing a show with CNBC and the candidate who i was helping in a corporate makeover is an IT guy and can provide any level of IT solutions. I personally think that his line of business or vehicle has great potential for greatness. There are 19 year old millionaires in the IT field, the owner of Facebook is such an example. The real question is : Is he willing to explore the potential ? That will require a great deal of work and focus.
But before i talk about that, its identifying the possibilities and limitless potentials your vehicle holds. Only then you will be excited about acting on it.
So get to work with it, we have only 23 days left :O)


Amrita said...

Hi Priya!

You make concepts so relatable and easy to understand, and the examples that you give are awesome!

My vehicle can get me to reach my dreams,my destination. I have got to now raise myself to excellence, and I am gung-ho on working on it.

Anuj :) said...

That is so true. I really need to identify what vehicle I will take me to my destination.. I am sure there must be one which will make me fly to my destination.. I need to focus on my strengths, convert my weakness into my strength and Ill be set to fly.. I will defintely let you know what is the vehicle which drives me.. Thanks coach for providing fuel to my vehicle..

Suraj said...

I know what i am good at & i am going to explore myself completely to achieve what i want. I am absolutely sure that i will get what i want. Thanks a ton :o)

Nitin Vazirani said...

Numerology says that my rewards are not going to be financial! ... There goes my BMW M3 (Black).

It says a lot of other stuff, too, which is like chikcen soup for the soul, some good stuff, some bad stuff!

I've tried to ask myself what I'm good at and I get a reply from within "You're an all rounder, keep at it!" ;0) And, I'd like to belive that.

Oh! Yes ... the BMW M3, I shall still have it, where there's desire, there's always a way.