Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Beginning of a New Beginning

The day you make the decision to be the creator of your own life and your own future, you have joined the league of the 5% of the world's population. These are the people who create the future for the balance 95%.
These are also the people who take absolute responsibility for their actions. They are as willing to take the credit as they are to taking the blame. These are problem solvers, they find themselves to be a part of the solution and never the problem. They look for remedies not blame.
For you to be an achiever and winner by default, you have to develop the attributes that i mentioned above. Because when you "become" a success minded person, a person who is a cause of events to happen, you will have anything you desire and more.
Change is a painful process, so the next 30 days are not going to be easy but they sure will be fun. And your greatest reward will be not what you achieve as a result of this change, but who you become as an outcome of it.
May success be ours !
I eagerly await meeting you on this side of the world :O)


Ankita said...

I am definitely taking this up as a challenge for myself!! Thank you so much!!

Suraj said...

I take complete responsibility for my actions as i dont want others to take the credit bcoz i know i am going to make it very BIG ;O)

Thanks priya for giving me one more reason to go ahead in life.Thanks

Amrita said...
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Amrita said...

Priya, i am eager to join the league of that 5 % of the population.

I want to improve on my mistakes so the time taken to be in that 5% be lesser. I want to make it big in life, prove to myself by being the person I dreamt of becoming, and I commit to myself of reaching there!

Thanks to you for taking an initiative of helping innumerable people reach their destination through your blog!!!

Thank You Coach!!!

ashok said...

Hye pyria, I’ve set my goals am ready for actions and change in next 30 days…….

Anuj :) said...

The countdown begins today - the next 30 days will change my life :) I wanna meet u on your side of the world :)

jayu said...

What i do is in my hands, i am ready to take this 30 day project and complete it with you.

Thank you so much

Nupur said...

I am eager to start with the project.

Vish said...

i am in..
all set to embark on this journey..
its a very warm and secure feeling having a coach like you to guide us through..
really..cant thank u enough..