Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Are You Stuck ?

We all want to do so many things. Upgrade our lifetstyle, earn more money, start a profitable business venture, find our soul mate, travel around the world and so many more things.
And sometimes looking at our current situation is very disheartening. It makes the future look kind of impossible and we keep stressing ourselves with the unshakeable statement: "I dont know what to do !"
Others appreciate your talent and even give you ideas but somehow you feel stuck with : "I dont know what to do !" "I dont know where to start !" "I dont know how to start !"
If you host such feelings, then i understand you, because i found myself in the same stuck place and trust me, i didnt move for years, until i asked someone for a fresh perspective on my issues.
You know sometimes we are so stuck in our own world that even though the solutions exist, either we cant see them, or we cant make sense out of them. At this point it takes someone out of your stuck world to see your problem and point out the solution to you. And its perfectly ok to ask for help. It doesnt make you small, it only makes you bigger.
I have had the fortunate priviledge of having so many people helping me to the position i have reached today. It wasnt a lonely ride, i had much company and help. As a paying forward to all those people who found the time and heart to encourage, guide and help me, I am offering my time to you.
If you have any area of your life that you are stuck in, write in, comment in or email me on I may not give you a solution, but i sure can give you a different perspective.
Committed to your success,


Anuj :) said...

I am so positive and always know I'll do what I want to do in life. But recently, what I thought, I dint get and I was rejected for something at work. My morale went really low. Although I am looking at it positively and trying to think all the good things it could do, something inside me is making me feel a little less confident. I am starting to doubt things now.. I know this is not right but somehow something inside me has changed.
How do I get rid of this small negative thinking?

Suraj said...

I am a very positive person but i do sometime limit myself to certain extent. I dont know how to overcome this. Your advice will be a push to success for me. Thanks

Nupur said...

Thank you so much for your help.
I really appreciate you offering your time from your busy busy schedule:)

jayu said...

i would really like to thank you for your inputs, i must say that your valuable feedback or a different perspective makes a visible difference, thank u for guiding me