Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 3: To The Life Of Your Dreams

The Vision Board
Several years ago, I made a vision board. This was when i had just started out with trainings. I had stuck on it my picture and words such as "Miss Popularity" "Youngest Millionaire" and several pictures of my dream car, travelling the world over, flying across countries, holidaying in exotic locations, my book being a best seller.... and so much more.
As i sit today and look at my vision board, years later, i have achieved almost everything that i stuck on it, with shocking ease.

Every great structure has a blue print, whether it is an architectural monument or the layout of an organisation or the design of a new car. They all have a blue print, or a sketch of how it would look when it manifests. No great empire or building was built with the picture in the mind. It was always drawn and sketched.

What i would like you to do today is to make a vision board. A vision board, simply put is a collage of pictures of your dreams.

Go ahead and buy a bunch of used magazines and as your browse through them you will find the exact pictures of all your hearts desire. Pick them out and stick them out on a nice poster paper. Once you have this collage ready, hang it on the wall of your room.
Visualisation is a powerful process. The process of laying your eyes on your dreams everyday, helps in creating certainty and belief in it. The more certain you are about your goal, the faster you would move towards it.


Ankita said...

Wow! i love the parallel drawn to the blueprint of an architectural marvel!! my dream chart is well on its way!

Suraj said...

Hi priya i will make a new dream chart & will put that in my room. I am so excited about the 30 days project.... to succeed. Thanks

jayu said...

hi mam i have made my dream chart but i think i can add a lot in that.
I also want to put one dream chart at my home. i will do it today, i was visualizing yesterday about the cricket meeting and it was excellent, thank you so much for it.

thank you again for everything that u have done for me, thank you is not the word that expresses my feeling it is to greater extent than just the words

Nupur said...

I will do it!!!!
I like the analogy drawn between the blue print and the vision board :)

Vernon said...
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Anuj :) said...

i love the idea!! and i have seen it come true so many times with vishal.. :) thanks for the super amazingly amazing 30 day workshop :)

Vißhor said...
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Vißhor said...

I'm not too clear between vision & mission.
I agree that having a vision makes it easy to achieve your goals, but does mission also help to achieve the same?

Amrita said...

Hi Priya,

My task for tonite is to make a dream chart and stick it in front of my bed.
You make the blog really really interesting and captivating with the examples you give.

Thanks Coach

Vish said...

yayyyyyyyyy..i have mine..
honestly, i had made it in bombay before i left..
and when i got to belgium, the first thing i unpacked was my vision board/dream chart and its on my wall !!
so..not bad haa..quite in the race already..

s.uma said...

GREAT... GREAT ... GREAT...!!!...:)