Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Always stand tall

Heena Said:"I fear losing hope or more precisely being negative at one point of time in my life because i have often stood bold and positive in every crisis and many times journey of postivilty was really tough but i dont want to change my outlook come what may."

I think what you do is a very courageous stand: Not giving in to negativity and standing tall. I know it takes a lot of inner strength to support you in your position in times of crisis and negativity.

This fear of losing hope comes out of suppressed emotions. Maybe at the time you composed yourself or forced yourself to be positive and strong was also the time you failed to release your own emotions of anger or disagreement. So you are afraid that one day you may explode because all the feelings have collected and piled up.

A good exercise to release any negative emotion that you may be suffering is to maintain a gratitude journal daily
A gratitude journal is a journal or a diary where you write atleaset 5 things you are grateful for before you sleep. Its an amazing way to end your day, with REAL TIME positivity. So in this exercise you not only have to look at the positive side of things and people but also be genuinely grateful for that. Gratitude is the enemy of negativity. They cannot exist together.

When you do this exercise on a daily basis you will feel a sense of relief and as light as a feather and you will never have this gnawing feeling of losing hope of standing tall, in the honor that you are holding with your amazing attitude.
God Bless You always.


Hina said...

Dear Priya,

Thanks for your reply. You doing a great job i must admit this.

Suraj said...

I know its good to remove frustration sometime as there is always a fear that it will pile up & thn it will be difficult to handle. Thanks for sharing wonderful thoughts :o)

jayu said...

I do have a gratitude journal and i can say that with confidence that it has helped me in my journey towards success.

I feel, because of the gratitude journal i tend to focus on all the positive things that have happened in my day and disregard/overlook any negative experience which keeps me on the track

Thank you coach :o)

Nupur said...

I love the link brought about by you between suppressed/negative emotions and gratitude. Very beautifully put forward.

Amrita said...

Dear Priya,

The gratitude journal is one thing that I loved the most in this post. I maintain it and keeps me happy and suddenly for the past 10 odd days, more people have become considerate and more helpful. It really works wonders. Thanks