Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Needed Leaders of Courage

Our country needs to see more leadership, more heads rising, more people stepping forward taking creative initiatives. We need more communities in leadership. We need young blood stepping forward to contribute. We are on a mission, a hunt for the leaders our country needs. I can see that millions of potential leaders exist, and are in waiting to stir up a cause. Here is your chance, to emerge, to claim your position, to make a difference that you have always dreamed of creating. If your personality fits the bill and if you have a mission up your sleeve, do something about it now.
India needs urgently, young, dynamic and enthusiastic leaders. You must have an incredibly positive outlook towards life and must be a believer in all that is good. You must have a vision for your life and also for your country. You must have clear intentions and sincerity at heart. You must have a burning dedication to serve and the courage to lead from the front, and by example. You must be passionate about building a better tomorrow by making concrete contributions today. You must be willing to embrace change and evolve through an attitude of learning and humility. You must be an ambassador of love and peace in thought word and action. If you are a person who has respect for all and would not hold judgement or resentment towards all that is not good, and have enough love in your heart to make the shift from what is not wanted to what is most desired, find a way to express it. In small ways, in big ways but express it.
Ours is a mission to lead our people, our country towards the glorified future it so well deserves. Our country stands for peace, for non violence and prosperity and spirituality. It is now time for us to do our country proud. It is now time for leadership.


Nupur said...

I am up for it!!!!
Thanks for providing me insight into being a leader and directing me once again on the right path.

jayu said...

I literally got goosebumps when i was reading the blog. I could hear my inner voice saying that the time has come to do what i have always wanted to. I am with you in this mission. I think it is amazing to be with people which are vibrating at the same energy level and working towards one goal which is betterment of society and our country.

Thank You so much for your contribution :o)

Ankita said...

Hey thanks so much for your ever-inspiring thoughts!!

Anuj :) said...

I AM IN!! I remember Vishal telling me about this, when it first struck you and I was soooo happy. I reallly want INDIA to be the best!! And I am absolutely ready for making it the way I want it to be.
Infact I have already started a small thing, like a basic step - I stop people from littering and spitting on the roads.
Everybody complaints that this aint right, and this is how it should be, and the government aint doing anything, and other stupid stuff. BUT the question is - WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?
I loved a dialoague from Rang de Basanti - it said - No country is perfect..It needs to be made perfect.
I am ready to build a super future for my nation - by doing something today and everyday...:)

Thanks for the inspirational post- I am soo charged up!!!

Suraj said...

hey tht is such a noble thought...i will like to become a cause & not an effect. sorry i am confused what to do..? but will see to it that i dont complain & blame others for anything goes wrong in my life. Thanks