Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Countdown Begins: Day 1

Do you know that even the best sprint runner needs to warm up before the race ! A warm up is a small session of stretching and reaching out which flexes the muscles. It is very necessary for a runner or any sports person to do it before their race or event because other wise the muscles will spasm with the sudden speed when they run the race.
Similarly you need to warm up before you run the 30 day marathon towards the life of your dreams.
Your warm up is gentle preparation to put your mind and body to be receptive of peak performance and to deliver.
The warm up may take in a couple of days to make your mind and body flexible enough to accept and execute new principle so be patient with yourself.

Todays warm up exercise is to make a power album. This album is a list of songs that inspire and charge you up. They pump in you energy and get your mind ticking. These are songs or music that put you in a happy mood.

I know you have the collection scattered in your ipod and laptop or in half a dozen cds. Put it in one place; in one folder, one cd. So next when you do play it, all 12 or all 18 play without you having to add or forward or change the songs.
Get it ?

Music is the one of the most powerful tools for mental warm up and preparation. It is so powerful a tool that every army have their own war song to prepare them to win and to prepare them to die. A power song fills your mind and blocks out any other thought that may have engaged you. It leads you to new visualisation or thoughts.
When i listen to the song "You're the voice" no matter what my original mood was, once the song plays, i am in a different world. In 4 minutes i am in a bright mood and powerful state of mind. As the song plays i can actually visualise myself as an agent of change who is making a difference in world. I feel phenomenal !

Success is so simple, that some people feel that we must do complicated things to be successful. Just the opposite is true. You will be the beneficiary and evidence of it 30 days from now.

Please do write in your power songs ( every one could add and share a few ).
Success is ours !!


Suraj said...

Success is ours!!! Aaho :o)
I will collect all those songs which are like energy boosters for me & will list them but for that i will need some time. It will be done by tonight. Thanks.

Ankita said...

My list is already there!! jus as u diff it will be one power CD!! Success be ours!!

ashok said...

Hye priya I got some powerful songs in mind by which ill b charged up….
But some of them I don’t have,so soon ill be collecting all nd making my power album

Anuj :) said...

I shall make a folder and a cd of all the songs that charge me up :) and also put them in my mp3 player and my cellphone :)
Success WILL be ours :)
I will also post the songs that my playlist contains :)
Thank You sooo much for everything Coach...

Rob said...

Let the games begin! so many songs too chose from , oh my , even thinking about it makes me happy and smile, thanks, you are awsome.

jayu said...

Hey mam,
i have my power album ready, it is of 18 songs,
some of the songs are:
Jungle song
World hold on
Rigga Digga Ding Dong Song

Thank you again for the success formulas

Amrita said...

Thanks for this blog!!! I got a little late in reading this post, but one phenomenal thing happened!!! Even without me reading the blog, I have been listening to my power song list for the last 2 days in a workshop several times a day, and now when I think back, its these songs that have kept me in a super charged up state!!! I feel connected vibrationally to you. I know as a matter of fact and through personal experience how to pep myself up when I'm down :-) Thanks!!!

Nupur said...

I already have a list of power songs and i love music.

Vish said...

i have mine ready..
(finally caught up with the blog... so i'll be running faster)