Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where's Your Team

When I talk about team work, people often expect to hear about team work in context of work or sport. Companies call me to do team building workshops for their employees, the objective being greater co-operation and respect at work to meet common targets. Sportsmen and sports organisations call me to do team building workshops towards the objective of uniting people to work in sync towards a common goal. And I believe that there is more to team work than just that. In fact team work is an attitude and way of life.
Your team was formed from the day you were born. In fact, from that day on everyone you meet or come in communication with, is a “your” team player in this game called life.

When you take the taxi to work, the taxi driver is a team player with you. When he does his work well and with dedication, you reach your workplace in time, safely. Your waiter at the restaurant is a team player with you for the duration of your lunch or dinner. Everyone you meet, in whatever context there may be, is a team player with you.

For them to make your interaction enjoyable and productive, all team dynamics of excellence apply. You need to treat all your team players with respect, acknowledgement, encouragement and support. It could be in small gestures such as a smile of acknowledgement, a polite tone in speaking, a verbal appreciation or even support in some cases.

I have had the privilege of meeting some great people from different industries. One thing that I have noted in common about them is that they are great team players, on and off work. I have seen them acknowledge the chef for his food at the restaurant. I have seen them speak to the book seller on the street with respect. I have even seen them direct traffic in a jam situation. Because a team player is a team player wherever he goes. It’s not a role; it’s a state of being.

I see great teams at play when a person offers his seat to an aged person in a bus. I see outstanding teamwork when a person acknowledges the work of a newspaper delivery boy. I see leadership in the person who initiates a conversation in an elevator with a complete stranger.

Your family is your greatest team. To keep your family involved in your mission, gathering their support, earning their respect, and also to encourage their active inputs, sets you up for excitement and love. Your family is the goal keeper, the score keeper of your success, real success. To ensure that success you have to make sure that your family is working towards a common goal.

If you see the entire world as your team mates, and treat them like players of a winning team, your professional success is an effortless achievement.

Treat every moment as a game and every next player as your team mate and watch the excitement take over your life.


Anuj :) said...

WOOOWW :) That is the most amazing concept i have ever heard. It makes so much sense!! Had it not been a sincere effort by the auto driver or the taxi driver, we could be so late. Everyone I interact with, is a part of my team, because the game is called LIFE.
I LOVE THE CONCEPT and from now, I will see to it, I interact more with my team members...:)
Thanks for the beautiful insight!!!

Ankita said...

Never thought of teamwork in such light..all of life's accomplishments are made up of contributions from so many sources! thanx for the insight!!

Suraj said...

Thats brilliant ... i am all set to play a game called life(as mentioned by anuj) with my team members with full sportsman spirit & will play to WIN!!!! A wonderful thought. Thanks for sharing :o)

Vishal said...

this is one of my favourite concepts :-)
i need to apply it more often..
(apologies again for my dsappearance acts..)

Amrita said...

Rightly as Anuj said, this is one amazing concept. If I see to it, that every one I deal with on a daily basis, I treat them as my team member in this Game of Life, life will be so much easier and beautiful. I shall do this with my family, because I want my family to be a part of my goal, in whatever big or small way would suit them, even if it means only to support and not be actively involved.

Thanks Coach, for sharing this concept with us.

Nupur said...

Beautifully shown the concept of Team work in the game of life.

jayu said...
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jayu said...

It is amazing to have the realization that everyone who we meet in our day to day life is our team mate and their doings will effect my work, and in the similar way even my deeds will effect others, i will see to it that i do my work so efficiently that others are at benefit including me. It completely changes the view or attitude towards others when i consider them as my team mate.

Thank You so much

RaNjIt PaTeL {} said...

excellent thought, we should should use it in our day to day life ...