Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Secret Of Himesh Reshammiya's Success

When people talk about the mass popularity of the singer icon Himesh Reshamimiya, they attribute it to his nasal singing, that when you probe a little further in to how his career took a magical turn to success, nothing can be far from the truth.
Himesh is a live example of the word “opportunist”. He was showcased in the show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.”as a mentor and Guru to the fascinating voice of Vineet. In moments of intense emotions, appreciation, encouragement, motivation and upliftment Himesh not only dished out the star in Vineet, but also won the hearts of millions who watched the show. Himesh through his presence really added all the emotional bonding that there was needed to form a connection with the audience. So at the end of the show two names gained mass popularity, the master and the student. From there on the world was waiting with open arms. Himesh wasted no time in launching his album and announcing his movie, and made all possible public appearances. He had already built a home in people’s hearts and they followed wherever he went.
A lot of stars are launched, but they do not capitalise on their popularity after the show so we have seen people become popular and the disappear.
When you are riding high, that is not the time to bask in glory, but to tighten your seat belts, play your cards right and work harder, like Hamish is doing. Hamish is a true example of not taking success for granted but working harder in the face of success.
And of course the cap brings in the additional charm and the nasal pitch makes the difference.


Anuj :) said...

Hmmm.. Interesting.. will defintely keep this in mind :) thanks for the insight :)

Suraj said...

So now its time for us to work harder ... right? I am all set to go :o)

Ankita said...

true! what goes up too fast comes down faster..thats what people say.. i guess that happens due to the fact that people do not capitalise on their consolidate one's position is to ensure future successes!!

Amrita said...

Interesting perspective. This teaches that raising to fame is not what counts the most, but what does, is to sustain and capitalise on it to get bigger and better.


Nupur said...

After watching Koffee with Karan, he has made his every success another step towards creating another which is his strongest point.
One also needs to work harder to maintain that success.
There surely is a lot to learn from Himesh Bhai.

jayu said...

He has really achieved a lot and that shows up that he is doing he is working hard.
Thank You for the blog