Thursday, August 2, 2007

Try an Experiment

It was way back in school that we did the interesting experiments in chemistry and some of us did our best to avoid even those. But what a process that is. Put a few things together and then watch what happens. Study the outcome and write out your consequence thesis.
That lesson in chemistry can be a life changing process. Imagine if everyday I were putting things together, living my life as a process and day as an experiment and then being observant of the result. Actually noting the consequence and writing down my thesis or analysis of it. What an adventure life would be if I were to live it in the light of awareness. Everyday is an experiment anyways, we don’t know how things and circumstances will unfold and many of us live daily in ignorance. The spirit of “experiment” adds awareness and adventure, the two most potent elements of shaping up a quality life.
Simple experiments like taking a different route to office, and then analysing which route is quicker or happier, had added to my drive being more aware, than a monotonous routine. I once tried a drastic experiment; I disconnected the cable for a week to see the impact in our family. And what an impact it had, we didn’t get it back for almost 2 months. I must say 2 days were full of arguments and after that e repaired our family bond, went out for dinners, visiting relatives, or just walking.
I am going to go a step further and urge you to try experiments in love, experiments in appreciation, in gratitude and kindness, and you will be amazed at how the consequence and results of it will show up in your life daily.
Be a student of consequences, if you want a peek at your future, don’t go to an astrologer, just put together what you have been doing and thinking in the past few years and you will be able to see the result of all of that manifest in your current reality and specks of that welling up in your future.

Try an experiment today; design the life of your dreams. Try an experiment and observe the result of it unfold in your life. Let the chemistry continue.


Ankita said...

this is like 'leaving your comfort zone'..which is so important at certain times in life..u have to be willing to experiment newer avenues and forsake the old to move ahead!!

Anuj :) said...

wow..that is so interesting!! I shall try 'experimenting' :) with the game of LIFE :)

Nitin Vazirani said...

Hmmm ... Agreed! Will try and let you know.

You mentioned chemistry lab, you remember the nitration or titration experiments, can't even remember what it was called. You have to fill a tube with some liquid and there's a clamp at the bottom of the tube. We're supposed to release the clamp just that much and allow just the right amount of liquid to flow through, collect that liquid in some glass container filled with another liquid, until both the liquids mix and change into some vivid colour. Now, that's chemistry, two colourless liquids mix and they turn colourful. The chemistry teacher always got a high out of watching the colour. No, that wasn't the most interesting part.

Me and my lab-partner somehow NEVER got the right amount of liquid to flow through into the container beneath and needless to say, the liquid mixture remained colourless. In frustration, we threw the waste in a sink. Surprisingly, the liquids changed colour. We simply scooped the liquid out of the sink and into the glass container and showed it to the chemistry teacher. She was overjoyed, since two of the most notorious guys actually finished an experiment before all the others and they had the perfect colour, too! Phew. And, we were the first ones outta the lab.

The rest followed, they used the waste we left behind in the sink to get that perfect colour.

So, yes, Experiments are fun. Got to be a little careful when dealing with people, though!

Nupur said...

I enjoy a life of adventure.
"Life is a risk or nothing at all."
Untill we really experiment and see what the consequence is going to be, how can we really say whether its going to work for ME or not.
Taking calculated risk is very important to live a life of fulfillment.

jayu said...

Experiments definitely gives us some result, and everything that we do is an experiment, cool i must try some experiments, thank u so much