Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lounge Up Your Home

I love hotel lounges, the ambience is great and it always puts me in a relaxed and creative mood. I would often catch myself visiting five star lounges under the pretext of writing my book. And one day, my mother asked me after taking a look at the massive coffee and sandwich bills, “What is it about the hotel lounge that invites you?” “The ambience mom, the subtle instrumental music, the flowers, the lighting and the service,” I said. Three days later when I came back home from work, I saw the centre table clear of all the clutter, and in the centre lay a vase with beautiful red daisies, Enya played subtly in the back ground, and puffed up cushions lay on the couch. “Let me know when you want some coffee and sandwich,” smiled my mother. That day, I sat home and wrote another fascinating chapter of my book, and I must add, I felt creative and relaxed.It’s so easy to create a change and make a difference in your home. What a gift and joy that would be if you could find creativity and relaxation at home. It is appalling how young professionals seek that comfort anywhere but home. It is evident with the busy lounges and coffee bars that offer just that right ambience to set you in the mood to unwind. You can unwind at home. That’s what a home is supposed to do right? And it’s cheaper.

Here are simple tips that can make all the difference and you would love coming home, just like I do.

1. Add some flowers, and make them colourful. Even a small vase with a solitary rose makes a life of a difference.
2. A scented candle goes all the way in creating the mood. The sight of the flickering flame, as in meditation is a great de-stressor.
3. And some nice instrumental music in the back ground sets the evening up. The sound of the waves and piano are known to have an unwinding effect on the human body.
4. If you can influence the lighting to be dim yellow instead of the energy saving tube lights, you will save much more in coffee shop and lounge bills.

Just these simple elements have such multi fold effects. It encourages family bonding, by reducing the television time. The soft music, and the soft ambience that the candle creates allows for conversations that are so missing in homes today.

So get going, pick a handful of flowers a couple of candles and dish up the music cd, dim down the lights and set up the evening.


Anuj :) said...

This is sooo interesting. Even though it is 1:30 in the night, I am so charged up to clean the mess around me, so that when I wake up in the morning, the work i do, will be smooth!! :) Thanks for the super thought - which I am sure wouldnt have struck me ever!! haha :)

Ankita said...

Hey coach! you've already painted a picture in front of my eyes..i sure want the same in my home!

jayu said...

Aha, i can visualize my room it, looks so beautiful.

I will do all of the mentioned things in the blog and will set up my home. i am sure i will be able to do much more work at home than i do now.

And i would love to do because of the ambience i am going to create.

Thank you so much for making my life better with your valuable information.

Thank you :o)

Nupur said...

I completetly agree that the home should be as inviting as a louunge...
I already have avision of what my room will look like... and when i own a house what it looks like.

The 13th or the 7th floor of NCPA is mine:O)

Amrita said...

I could clearly visualise every word you mentioned, and it's such a relaxing feeling!
I shall do these things, and sure enough that would make my home a more worthwhile place to be in, get creative and bond with my family!!!

Nitin Vazirani said...

My mind is racing all the time with thoughts from ... never mind!

I loved Abhishek Bachchan's living room in the movie BLUFFMASTER. Basic, Functional, yet sophisticated and very very inviting!

Anybody remember that one!?

Suraj said...

A perfect place to live with your loved ones!!! Cheaper, Superb & comfortable .... 3 in 1. Thanks