Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Grandfather's Legacy

“We live in a dual reality,” my grandfather, used to say, “a world of opposites, but if you are clever and look carefully, there exists no contrast.” His words have remained in my personality and attitude. I owe my success for the legacy of wisdom he left for me. To share his wisdom with you is one of my greatest joys:
“Be always, strong enough to face the world everyday. But.. Be weak enough to know that you cannot do everything.
Be generous enough to those who need your help. But.. Be frugal enough with what you need yourself.
Be smart enough that you may not know everything. But… be trusting enough to know that you need not know everything.
Be wise enough to know that you cannot know everything. But.. Be foolish enough to believe that miracles do happen.
Be willing enough to share your joys with one and all. But.. Be willing just as much to receive the sorrows of every other.
Be willing enough to lead when you see a path others have missed. But.. Be equally willing to lead even when you are in the midst of uncertainty yourself.
Be willing enough to be the first to congratulate an opponent who succeeds. But.. Be unwilling enough to criticize another who fails.
Be sure of returning love and care when you find it. But…Be especially sure to love more those who do not love you, for they will change, slowly….even as you will.
Above all, be the best you can be. For this is the purpose of your being.
For it is HIS will.”


Ankita said...

wow! tat sure will be a hard but fruitful path to follow!

Amrita said...
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Amrita said...

Wow!!! This is one of the best reads ever!!! It puts so simply the most ideal way to live. I shall lead my life on these principles. the best part I feel too that duality is a part of one whole. Like the wise speak in the vedas, to complete the half austere part of Shiv, comes the mild and loving Parvati, and they are not essentially dual, but a part of the whole, Similar to the concept you explained.

Thanks for this beautiful insight!!!

Anuj :) said...

WOW!! I dont have words to describe how beautiful that was!!! I think its the best thing i have read in my life. Thank you soooo much for the extra-ordinary insight!! :)

Nupur said...

A beautiful thought to start my week with..Thank You

Suraj said...

its good if we can implement tht in our lives. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thought.