Monday, July 9, 2007

Day 2: To the Life of Your Dreams

The Warm Up: The power of warm up is never to be underestimated. Every morning, before you start off with whatever you do, you must listen to your power songs. Music influences our physiology. It affects our emotions and it also directs our actions. Music influences our thoughts and the images that we hold in our minds. So every morning for the next 30 days listen to your power songs. Your success will depend upon the extent that you are able to keep your thoughts and emotions in peak state.
Today having done that, whenever you find some quiet time, reflect upon this: "What do i want to achieve in the next 30 days ? What do i really want ?" And write this down. Just knowing it or reflecting upon it is not enough. Write it down. And when you write it down, write only the outcome as you see it in your mind. For example, if i want to own a red BMW Z4, I will write: "I am so happy that i finally own my dream car. When i drive it on the roads of Mumbai, i feel a joy in my heart that matches my achievement and i feel extremely proud....."
Just writing that i want a red bmw is not enough. It will remain a want forever. You need to take that want and create it as a reality in your mind. Take that car and drive it and write down exactly what you see, and how that makes you feel.
The more clear you get about it, the faster it will manifest in your life.
Your task for today:
1. Listen to your power songs
2. Write down what you want, as the final outcome of it happening.
Committed to your success,


jayu said...

Hi mam,

I am so happy to be the first one to post a comment on the blog as i always wanted to do so.

Ok so i will listen to my power album on my way back to home and will also write down what i exactly want and see it happening.

Thank you so much for guiding me to success.

May Success be ours!!


Suraj said...

Thanks priya, i will start my day with power songs. Secondly i have written down what i want on the board in front of my bed so whenever i get up or go to sleep i can see that. That reminds me all the time what i want. Actually otherwise also i just cant forget what i want as its always there in my mind. Now i am 200% sure that i will achieve what i want as i am on the right track. Thanks a ton :o)

Ankita said...

2nd big step..yes, i will write the one thing that i really want to come alive. with all my heart it has to come truee.
Thanks Priya, its wonderful to be a part of this process!

Anuj :) said...

Done!! I will do all the homework in the coming 30 days. I shall write everything that i want at the end of this super process :)
Thank you coach :)

Nupur said...

You wont believe but on my way back from Delhi i wrote what i want at the end of the 30days and what happens once i achieve that and how i feel!!!

Thanks for guiding me and letting me know that im on the right path.:)

Amrita said...

Thanks Priya for this post, I have written down what is it that I exactly want happening in the next 30 days, and I feel the happiness already.


Vish said...

this continues to be a challenge for me..
but i am gonna spend a lotta energy getting clarity on this..
thank u once again for the refresher..