Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just @sk Priya: Create a stable source of income

Suraj Said: know i am very good at selling & negotiating, also i am aware that i can conduct a training (Which i have done in past) but i limit myself to selling. I hope now i am bit clear. Please advice.

I will explain this with a personal example. My core business is training and I am very good at it. I have been running my company and my business since the last 11 years. I am also a very creative person and I love to pursue so many areas that interest me. What i have come to understand is that to be rich ( that is why we all work in the first place ) there has to be focus on the area of work, and once money is not the issue, one can pursue other areas that fancy us.
So after moving my business to a level of stability I have now ventured into writing. This blog is such an outcome, my newspaper articles and my online features are my writing assignments. They dont put money in my bank right now, and i can afford to write for free because I have a stable source of income.
If i did not have a stable source of income and i would have started writing along with my work, then i would remain to struggle in both due to lack of focus on either.

If you are good at selling and negotiating, strengthen that skill. Sell your way to success and riches, and once you have done that, train other people to do too :O) That would be a trainer and teacher by example, and that is the fastest way to success.
May Success Be Yours.


knicksgrl0917 said...

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Suraj said...

Thanks so much priya, i understood your point which is so true. I will follow what you said. Thank you once again :o)

Chandresh said...

Dear Suraj,

I would like to learn more abt selling from you as now i will need this skill more...
Awaiting for tips for same.



jayu said...

i still have to understand how can i create stable income, do u have ideas for it, i am trying to sell contracts which is somehow not happening

Amrita said...

That makes a very valid point. Priya, i need some help on making my selling and negotiation skills stronger. I somehow get swayed by what the Client says, eg : Budget constraints, and I face a hard time getting the deal in my favour.
Please suggest. Thanks