Monday, July 2, 2007

The Life of Your Dreams

This is the best time to ever be alive as compared to the entire history of mankind. We can have anything we want. Really anything.
We live in the era of possibilities. Today you can have all that you have ever dreamt of and more. And its not only fast its also easy. You dont have to slog for 10 years to see results of your efforts, you can see it in 10 months, 10 weeks and sometimes even 10 days.
The question is that do you know what you want ?
If the answer is yes, then the next question is, are you committed enough to learning and growing personally to be able to achieve that what you want ?

Desire and committement are two necessary elements for success. You must have the desire and also the commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Often it takes for you to learn, to grow and to develop the attitude of an achiever.

If you know what you want and are willing to settle for nothing less, then the next 30 days are just for you.
Everyday i will post a tip that comes from my course, The Science of Achievement, which will help you in reaching closer to your goals, at a pace so fast you will be amazed.

So log on everyday to the One Minute Coach and help yourself design and live the life of your dreams.


Ankita said...

yes, life's reached a faster pace than ever before and the biggest challenge is to stay ahead of oneself, to stay on the path of one's desired success...thanx for the thought...the Coach was missed for the past days! :-)

Amrita said...

I have penned down what I really really want and I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow's post. I shall also update my list, so that I don't miss out on the things that I desire. Thanks, Super Coach.

Suraj said...

Thats something i would love to read & do. My ultimate short term desire is to have "COUNTRY MANAGER - SALES" on my visiting card. And trust me from last few days it keeps on going in my mind through out the day. Something i want to have, my aim, my ultimate desire. Waiting for tomorrows blog, as my target was to have this in next 3 months but now it has come down to 30 days. I am so excited. Thanks a ton :0)

Chandresh said...

Hi Priya,
As you are aware that last 20 days I been confussed and frusted bcoz of my new job due to many reasons is no job satisfaction , no time to do my investment biz and long hours at office. this made me think of leaving the current job and get into what i actually want to do . but its like every time desire comes fear takes over it and my mind keeps on going yes and no like stock mkt. But today two things made me + ve abt my decession is that i was sitting in one of my directors cabin and i ready one nice incident of gandhji and it was like when gandhji was getting into train one of his sandal just fall and he immeditely droped other sandal on the track and said that it will make fortune of the person will find the pair and reading this fear from mind just went away and after coming home i read your blog "The Life of Your Dream" which i read and it had two words which can take you to succes and wat you want and they are Desire and committement and it made me think when i have both the things i can get wat i want and i shd remove the fear of leaving the job and get into wat i love and achive wat i want. thanks alot priya for guiding.

jayu said...

i think the blog will make all of the readers reach our success, thank you so much for your sharing

Nupur said...

i love the title..LIFE of your dreams.. It is amazing to live a life of your dreams where these are no compromises. I am grateful to you for giving me various opportunities for allowing me to realize my life of dreams and also for sharing the Science of Achievement.

kanika said...

hello everyone,
I happened to visit the website and then Priya's Blog and came across two of my favourite words- Desire (I read it as Passion) and Commitment...I am sure it will be a highly learning experience being here. Thanks:)