Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 5: Mission Statement

I have seen a lot of corporates invest fortunes in building a mission statement for their organisation. A mission statement is special asssignment that a person or a group of persons takes up.
Everyone does work in their own respective fields. Working on an everyday routine or task is very different from working on a mission.
Making a mission statement is like setting your lifes purpose. This lifes purpose then becomes a driving force in your life.
For example, my work is delivering workshops to people in the areas of Firewalk Seminars, Team Building and Science of Achievement. My work is to conduct workshops. My Mission is to "Make People's Lives Better". The mission drives the direction of the work and adds value to my efforts. So i am not just doing workshops, i am also taking up the responsibility of making people's lives better.
If i had no mission, i would just go do my work and come back home. But having a mission brings me greater satisfaction and joy.

Whatever it is that you have chosen to achieve in the next 30 days, if you can do it with passion and are satisfied and joyous at the end of each day of work, it would certainly make your life and your sacrifice worth the effort.
So go ahead and lay the foundation of love and joy in your work.
Make a mission statement today.
And i would love to know from you what it is !!
God Bless


ViƟhor said...

We all put in a lot of efforts in establishing ourselves,but just a few think of making other people's life better.

My mission statement is 'Energize, empower myself and my country'

Gaurang said...

Hi Priya,

I came across your web site a week before. Luckily, I've got a coach in you, who is inspiring her disciples/readers by thoughtful and passionate write up. I'm feeling, if taken seriously, your words have the power to improve quality of life for people. I'm based at Surat in Gujarat. Where can I get audio/video of your speech during a workshop?
My mission is "Making people LOVE & ENJOY life-God's Gift"
Thanks once again.
Gaurang Sheth

Anuj :) said...

HI Ma'am,
I love this concept and i will sit and think, what my mission statement is. I will definitely let you know what i thought :)

Vish said...

i did a cool exercise with my team today..
we discussed what our personal values are.. and also spent the day choosing the team values and how we'll act on them..
will work out my mission statement too :o)

Suraj said...

My mission statement is "Earn that much to have enough & should be able to give more thn enough." Thanks :o)

Amrita said...
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Amrita said...

Hi Priya, My mission statement is "Grow to scaling heights, so much so that money, good will, fame, appreciation only follow in abundance"
I shall work to make this mission statement true.


jayu said...

Sorry for the delay in posting the comment, i had actually read this blog some days before and that time could not think of a mission statement, but now i am happy to say that i have one which is:

"LIVE LIFE IN ABUNDANCE" - as God has made us in likeness with him.