Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 6: Routine or Excitement

The 30 day countdown is a process where you will have to chuck your routine way of thinking and working and you will have to accept the new. After all for you to be a grand success, nothing outside of you will change, it is what is inside that will change.
The world doesnt need to change for you to be great, you need to. For that you need to change the way you look at the world, you will have to find new meanings for the same things and situations and most importantly you will have to try out new approaches and ways of doing things.
Here is your task for day 6: Do something different. Anything !! Anything at all.
It could be taking a new route to work. It could be writing with your left hand all day. It could be not spending a single rupee from your pocket. It could be skipping a meal. It just must be something you have never done before.
The idea is that you need to give yourself a "first time" experience at something, and notice how that makes you feel.
Research has shown that when people move out of their routine way of thinking and operating, they open doors to their creative genius. Genius after all is a mind that thinks out of the box, that dares to explore the new and that thrives in the thrill of adventure.
So go ahead and do something today that you have never done in your whole life !! Prepare your mind to embrace the new, your dreams sure will be a new experience and you better get used to that.
And do post your comment on it. I would love to be a part of your excitement.


Anuj :) said...

What a super thought..
Generally i don't enjoy driving in heavy traffic. But today, I was enjoying it so much. I thought, that even if I am gonna feel frustrated, the traffic is gonna be the same. SO why not enjoy it? So i was smiling all the way, listening to good music, was giving way/stopping so that people can cross(even they were grateful).. Dint feel any stress :) i guess that was something i did today, which i had never done before..

Suraj said...

Today i did a thing which i was not at all happy doing it but i did it atlast. I was in a workshop & the clients super boss requested me yesterday night at 11pm to arrange for a toothbrush & toothpaste for his family in the early morning. I got bit upset as i thought tht was not my job, still i tried to arrange for tht but it was too late & everyone said no. I went to sleep & was not able to inform him also as it was already 11:30pm. next day morning i got up at 7am & some how arranged for the things :o) Later in the evening i felt very nice about it as their super boss called me & asked me to stay in touch as he wants to do some adventure base workshops in future. I came to a conclusion tht everything gets paid & trust me doing small things are paid the most. Thanks :o)

Amrita said...

Thats a cool concept.
I usually find it very difficult to say "NO" to people. And then I end up doing things i dont feel good about.
But yesterday I took a step and said "NO" to a friend who was pestering to meet, and i dint want to, as I had some other important work,I dint hesitate to say a "NO". And thats huge for me.
Thanks Coach

s.uma said...

i wanted to share this priya, normally i eat lunch at 1'o clock sharp(office time),following it for years together i happen to take a class for a week,and fully satisfied when i went back to eat at 1.45, i am not feeling any appetite for eating at all. i am a person who love to eat. this is something new to me. As you said i will try new things, and see how it works. even reading this make me excited, i seem to like it a lot.