Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Corporate Politiks

"There are a lot of politics going on in my office," a friend said to me expressing her frustration. I usually dont pry into people's problems, it serves no good. But this one got me interested, for the use of the word "politics". "What do you mean by politics at office ?" I asked. "The usual," she answered, "Back biting, bad vibes and all."
Imagine what kind of negativity we associate the word politics with ? No wonder all politics is about back biting and bad vibes. And just like in real time politics, the country suffers as a result, so does an organisation.
The question is are you caught up in corporate politics ? If so, it is only a matter of time that you lose your job ! Check the political scenario. How often do the parties change as a results of the politics. So is your fate if you are a "party" to the politics.
The best solution that i could ever give my friend was an advice for any "party" political or corporate, "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS". Mind your business also means, stay focussed on your work, thats what you are getting paid for. If you give your focus to the politics, that becomes real for you. If you dont pay attention to something, it will fade away from your awareness.
Always remember one rule that will take you up to success, "If you dont have any thing good to say, shut up. Like the law says; You have the right to remain silent, whatever you say will be used against you."
And the best part is you can choose, whether to be a part of the politics or not. The choice is made by where you lay your attention and focus. No one can drag you into something against your will.
So next time my friend says, "Im stuck in corporate politics." My answer is, "You must have voted in favour of it."


Ankita said...

I'm sure this one's relevant to everyone in some way or another. However, I think that there must be a way to tackle an issue of so-called work 'politics', cos sometimes turning a blind eye may very well alienate one from his/her work team. In today's corporate scenario that will be quite a downfall.

Suraj said...

I feel Politics is something what i see & assume about others not what others think & assume for me. I totally agree to what you say priya that nobody can play game against me unless & untill i want to play with them. Thanks for such a wonderful thought :o)

Amrita said...

Ok, that makes sense. Where I focus will make my reality. But I guess its whether one is affected by whats happening around that will get him involved in the politics. What do you think?

Anuj :) said...

That is so true - Just mind your own business, and let others mind theirs. Thanks for the beautiful thought :)

Rob said...

i cant believe you said that: ( if you dont have anyting good to say , shut up) someone very dear to me said that to me once many years ago, and i try to live my life according to it! you are wonderful, :)

nupur said...

I think its an interesting view point u have put forward. But if every one minds their own business and communicates with their colleagues only because they want their work to be done, isnt it to fake and too unfreindly an envt?
In a long term i feel its not good to keep just to your business.
what do u have to say coach?

jayu said...

"Mind your own Business" - I feel when everyone minds their own business in an organisation the productivity will shoot up to a great extent.

Thank you so much for the wonderful blog. U are a Superb Coach !!

sona said...

Once a BIG BOSS turned up & every one except One were wagging their tails. I asked him why he was not trying to butter HIM.
He said he was 'Chakar' i e servant to servant. He did his duty well for organisation so did not need to impress anyone or backbite.
Everyone was impressed with him so he always got promotions before others could think of it.