Thursday, June 14, 2007

I want to be Number One

"I want to be the best Batsman in the world" this little fellow said to me, while I was conducting a session on personality development for teenagers years ago. I had given the class an exercise on "Who would you like to be 10 years from now ?" And what followed in that session was simply amazing. It was wonderful to know that dreams still live in people's hearts and they do aspire to greatness. Like this fellow who wanted to be the best batsman in the world.
Does he have the capability ? You would say "yes". Infact, not only him, but all of us have the capability to rise to greatness, to be number one in whatever field we choose to be. If this is true, then why dont we do it ?
You know why ?
Because being number one, takes focus, it takes commitment, it takes setting priorities and it takes the courage to be different.
So I told the young man. You will be granted your wish, but in the bargain:
1. You will have to wake up at 4am every morning and go for practice.
2. You will have to workout an hour every day.
3. You will have to eat healthy and no junk.
4. You will have to sleep early, so no late night television.
5. You may have to miss classes for practice and then work extra hard to make up for your grades.
6. You wont be able to hang out with your friends because you will be playing.
7. You may have to travel and stay away from home.
"Are you willing to do this process every day for the next ten years to be the best batsman in the world ?" and all I got was silence and then a faint reply, "I will think about it!"
Think about it ??? If you want to be the best, number one, there is a journey you must make. And it cannot be the same journey you are on today. Because the habits that you have, the things that you are currently doing are keeping you where you are.

To be number one, is a test of "will" power.
Its not "can" you be number one ? Every one "can", but they "dont" ! The real question is "will" you ?


Priya Kumar said...

Hey, I wont have access to the net tmw and so my next blog will appear on Sunday.
Have an outstanding weekend.
Spend it in reflection, of the future you want to create.
To you success,

Anuj :) said...

That is so true coach. I will keep everything you said in my mind, and one day, I will be the greatest in whatever I do.
Thank you so much!!

Vishal said...

I "will"

Ankita said...

This is very true!! One of the biggest lessons in life! One has to give himself completely to realise his dreams..Thanxx a lot for this!!

Suraj said...

yes, i will keep this in mind!!!

nupur said...

I realize that i must do something different and get myself disciplined to achieve greatness.
Thank You for helping me to realize that.

jayu said...

I will do what it takes to be successful, because success is not a desire for me but a need.

Thank You so much for refreshing me with my goal and the path to success.

Jitu said...

I want to improve myself so i can also be number one. I know you always support me to do so, and that's the reason i have become somebody from a nobody. I have feeling inside my heart that i will be a great person one day, and everyone will look up to me. Thank you for your support and love

Chandresh said...

Hi Priya,

I am reading your blog on weekly basis as I am not able to access net from office due to busy schdule. The word "THINK" is such tht it doesn't take us any were.. your example of this small boy who want to be best bats men is very nice and can be related in each walk of life.

your example are like REFRESH button in life whenever i get confussed I use same to get myself charged.


Amrita said...

Hi Priya, that is so true. To become the person I aspire, there is so much that has to be worked upon and it would mean giving up on the comfort, and being disciplined like never before.
I will do what it takes, coz being successful is now an urgency.

OctoberFaith said...

it's a great post