Monday, June 4, 2007

Check Mate : 2

I can see so many of you have replied. And I love the clarity and thought that you have put into actually designing your loved one. Its amazing to see, how we all want the ideal person in our lives. Some of you have described physical attributes in great detail and some of you have spent more thought on the attitude of the person. It's great effort, and some of you have even mentioned, that it is the first time that you put so much thought into attracting a life partner of your dreams. I am impressed.
So here is the Part 2. And its a secret that will blow your mind... To attract the person of your dreams, you have to become one yourself. We only attract in our likeness. So if you want a person who is emotionally stable and spiritually inclined, curious and energetic, youthful and ambitious, you have to become one yourself !! People such as your dream man and dream woman exist. They are there, looking for you. But you need to be worthy of that person too.
You need to be the persons dream man or woman too. Are you ?
The real work is within. The efforts you need to put in designing, is in your own attitude. When YOU become that dream person, in terms of attitude and character, TRUST me, you will attract one in your likeness. This is the only truth that is.
So read through what kind of dream man or woman you would like to attract in your life, and know that it will turn into a reality, when those qualities exist in you first.


Vishal said...

A lotta work needs to be done now..i went overboard with the adjectives ;O)

but really, on a more serious note-i really love the idea and it really makes complete sense..
it would be a good feeling to work on myself first..and i know- the rest will fall in it's place..

Thanks a ton!

Priya Kumar said...

Of course it will fall in place. I have to be a dream woman for another. And thats when my dream man will find me :O) Its called reverse psychology !!

Anuj :) said...

That is so cool and so right!!! Thank you sooo much for that beautiful insight. It totally makes sense. The person i m lookin for, is also looking for someone with those qualities. So if i have those qualities, i am her ideal person!! Simple.. Life has so many simple solutions, but because of all the complexities around us, we tend to overlook these, and think that everything in life is complex.. (Hehe.. I know this is a very complex comment.) Thank you sooooo much once again for the amazing blog. The title of the blog is so apt - THE ONE MINUTE COACH :)

jack said...

Sounds pretty clever to me, i will difinitly think about this , :)
lol at vishal's and priya kumars comments. very nice.

nupur said...


Well now i feel the amount of work i have to do now on myself :)
As you had rightly mentioned its always inside-out.

Thank You

Ankita said...

Amazing!! seems so complex yet is so simple! jus as Vishal said, it makes complete sense!

jayu said...

Excellent!! I think this is just so true about anything and everything in life. Whatever i want in life, i should be worthy of it. I have to be it, to get it and what i am i will get things in likeness to that. I completely agree with it. Thank you so much for the invaluable information

Priya Kumar said...

Hey Anuj,Thank you so much for your comments.

Priya Kumar said...

Hey Jack,
I owe you a gift from the blog of "Jackpot day". How do i get it to you ?

Cookie said...

Hey!! I actually followed up on your blog to check part 2. & I have to agree with everyone else - it's actually that simple!!

Well, I hope we all work on this and find our "mates". :)