Saturday, June 9, 2007

Jack Pot Day

Jack Pot Day is a day when you win something that is dear to me.
"Why do you write the blog," my niece asked me. "Because it makes me feel good", i said. And that got me thinking. And the truth is i feel good about writing the blog, because you are at the other end reading it.
And because you are reading it, i feel great that my thoughts were worth your time.
So indirectly, you contribute towards making me feel good about myself and my work.
To show my appreciation towards you, i would like to give you a special gift.
How would i know you read my blog today and you are on Jack Pot Day, simply leave me a comment and you will recieve a special something from me :O)
I love Jack Pot Days too :O) Because i love to give !


Amrita said...

Hi Priya, reading the blog has become a habit now! Hmm your blog has inspired me to do something i have always been putting off. Exercise. I am gonna start doing that starting today. It makes me feel great about myself, but i've been putting it off because it needs me to first get uncomfortable with my convenient ways. But the feeling after i do exercise, i know would be great, and that is what i shall focus on.

Thanks for your blog! Eager to know what gift are you talking about.Each one of your gifts is so special!!!

jack said...

Reading your blog is in itself a gift , thank you.

nupur said...

well now every morning i come online, its become a habit,a ritual, unconsciously i come to this website.
I love jackpot days as well.. the gifts u give are truly amazing.

Thank you for empowering me every day

Ankita said...

Your blog is such a source of positivity and i wait eagerly for new topics that you come up for the others, it's makiing a difference in my life too..
thanxx a million!

Vishal said...

I'd like to second what Jack said-- your blog truly is a gift in itself.
Also, thank you for teaching me 'the art of giving'.
And this is so cool-- i have never seen another interactive blog..and on which blog do you actually win gifts!!

Cookie said...

Hey, it really is amazing that someone would spend time reading your thoughts and share their thoughts with you too. Blogs are such incredulous ways of communication. Please keep this going, 'cuz now we want it as much as you. :)

Anuj :) said...

Hi Ma'am,
Reading your blog is a daily ritual. Its a very important part of my day and it gives me such a high!! I feel High on Life. :) Thank You for the super blog.

Priya Kumar said...

Oh i feel so good.
Its almost like the blog brings us together :O)
Thanks for all your comments :O)
And how do i get the gifts to "cookie and jack" ??

Suraj said...

Hey priya, by reading your blog everyday, i feel i am becoming more disciplined towards my reading habbit. Thanks so much :-)

sona said...

Dear Priya, God Bless U, I am grateful to you for compelling me to read your blogs everyday.Your blogs teach me real value of life, which I could not learn for past 61 years. Now i feel 61 years young. Thanks once again

Priya Kumar said...

I love Jackpot days.
Be ready for a surprise :O)

jayu said...

The blog makes me feel good too. The most important and good thing about the Blog is that i get to learn things which i can apply in my life which in turn makes me a better human being.

Thank You so much for your time and effort.

Jitu said...

well reading your mail to help me to know my self that who i am.
thank you