Friday, June 8, 2007

Share Your Success

I have been writing this blog for several weeks now, and it has become a daily habit for me. I know that this habit is going to go a long way in leading towards my ultimate goal of being the finest coach in India, in the area of personal and spiritual development.
I am just wondering whether my initiative has contributed in your life in anyway ?
Have you had any wins / successes as a result of reading my blog ? If yes, then please do share it.
It would be a joy to know your success story.


Priya Kumar said...

Writing the blog has been a great success for me. Its my way of contribution. It has helped me reflect and grow and that has become a habit now. I absoltely love it. And the interaction has been the best part. Its been very encouraging.

Cookie said...

Hey, let me just tell you your posts are simply amazing. & i think I've had more than one success story :)

My success story:
I love cleaning so much that my friends think I have an O.C.D.
So, I think I've been successful every time I've cleaned or organised. It gives me a certain sense of satisfaction.

But I guess the real story is something else. Since I've been helping my mom around the house, I've gained a certain sense of achievement. To know that I will be able to take care of myself and others when I grow up has been a major boost. Even though it might be a traditional role fulfillment, it is greatly exhilirating!!

Anuj :) said...

Hey Ma'am,
Your blog has been very inspiring for me. It has taught me so much about life, success, achievement, determination, LOVE :), and soooo many other really amazing things.
Its my daily routine to read this blog. I feel so 'fired' up after reading it. My whole day is so meaningful. And the best part is I can relate myself to all your posts!!
Your post about "I am sorry" with its egoless meaning has really changed my way of thinking.
Winning being the ONLY thing, means your goal is set, so half the work is done, now you just need to achieve it!!
One of your post spoke about the power of ONE, and it made me realise that "I" have the power to impact the world!!
Choosing your LOVE partner - loved that one. Now getting the perfect girl for me is very much possible :) hehe.. :) The whole concept of being the way you want your partner to be, really made so much sense.
And now I am realising that I've learnt so much from your blog, and its one thing that i follow up everyday,so this is making me feel so successful!!
A sincere heartfelt thanks for having such an amazing blog and sharing such meaningful knowledge with the world!! Thank You :)

Priya Kumar said...

Ow this is so nice. I love your success. Sometimes i guess we all need a check and feedback on whether what we are doing is even making a difference.
Thanks so much.

nupur said...

Well i truly am loving the blog. Its a reflection time for me.
The logo, Power of one, Coach A and B, Check mate, how far will you go, all got me to sit back to think and reflect.

My major success was with the power of one where the confidence was reinforced and reinstilled in me that I can Be that ONE.

The check mate got me on my toes to be all those traits to be able to attract my soul mate.

Thank You so much and your truly a One Minute Successful Coach. :)

Jitu said...

Hi ma'am,
i think i dont have to say any thing about my success becz today where i am standing is only and only becz of you.
after reading your inspirational and knowledgeful blogs is making me better and better in my life.
i think you are a genius and the blog is making people's life better including me of course.

thank you so much

some stars for you

jayu said...

Hello mam, to tell you from the bottom of my heart the Blog is absolutely (100%) a ONE MINUTE COACH.
There has been learnings with each of your blog, it has added knowledge which helps me perform better or execute tasks better (in whatever i do). I have decided to dedicate 10 mins of my day to help mom at home which makes me feel that i am contributing, the blog has taught me to be a good person ALWAYS as what i am, i will get in likeness to that, i am the one who can create the ONE in myself and can change everything around me as i want it to be.
i have the capacity to build my success on success.

Thank You so much for starting this movement which i am sure will bring light to many lives, because it has to mine:o)

Amrita said...

Priya reading the blog has now become a way of life. Its one of the best things available on the world wide web.
Its like a petrol station, where I fill my half empty tank with motivation, positivity that lasts whole day long.
For the past 2 - 3 weeks I have been having a very different outlook, and i feel I am on the path to improvement.
I simply loved your blog on "Success is built on Success", "When youre in a messs, clean up", "The Power of One"- This one really pumped me up, and one of the best ones was "Whats your worth".
YOur blogs puts me to thinking and gets me in synch with my goal, my purpose, whenever I tend to drift away.
And as Anuj rightly said, your blog is so relatable and it seems tailor made for me.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being committed to getting us on our track to success!!!

Vishal said...

Your blog is my daily source of nourishment. I am sure I have learnt more than I can even realize, and it's all these 'little' things which make the big difference.
Your work gives us a lot of food for thought. Instead of just drifting way with my routine and habits, I am now more self-aware, conscious about who I am, the things I do/say/feel...
The power of ONE, check mate, clean up, success built on success and all the others really do contribute to my growth, learning and attitude.
The best part is that it truly feels like I have a coach. I wake up and look forward to learning something new today..and i've never been disappointed.
Thank you Coach. You rock ;o)

Priya Kumar said...

Ow. Im so touched. I guess your compliments really has inspired me to do more.
Thank you so much

Suraj said...

sorry for the delay :o( ... without reading your blog i feel my day is incomplete & thats a big achievement for me, as reading never used to intrests me. I know one thing that reading is very necessary to enhance knowledge so for me i am already on my way to success with the help of your wonderful, motivational & meaningful blog. Thanks a lot :o)

sona said...

hi Priya, God Bless U for erasing all the rubbish that was written in the past on the black board of my life which made me grumble about everything. I saw glass as half empty. Your blogs make me realise that it is not only half full but it is being filled up with all positive thoughts in my life.Thanks