Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Whats your logo ?

I was visiting a friends company and i was quite impressed with what he had built. He gave me his business card and asked me quite proudly, "What do you think of the logo". I looked at the logo, it was a nice design, but i didnt quite understand it. And then he went on to give me a 10 minute explanation on what each line and curve meant and how it reflected the entire value and mission and vision of the company. Its amazing, how a logo represents what a company stands for.
"What is your logo ?" My trainer side welling up, i asked him. And he stood there staring at me, totally blank. "You have put so much mind into what your company stands for, the value, the mission, the vision. What about you ? Where's your logo ?"
I guess the same question applies to all of us. To everyone who is committed to their own success.
When i came home that day, i designed out a personal logo for myself, infact three. It represents who i am and what i stand for. And it was such a delight to draw that. It brought so much clarity into my own life and work is only an extention of that clarity. My room door has my logo, and i am putting the same in my business cards as well.
I urge you to do the same.
Take a few moments out today, and design your logo.
YOU will be the biggest and most magical brand in the world :O)


Priya Kumar said...

The flowers are one of my logos: It stands for beauty for the sake of beauty. It stands for freshness and vibrance. It is also a symbol of joy and celebration. I also love that flowers find themselves at the feet of the Lord in prayer and that gives me the angle of humility and service. Flowers are symbols of love. They also symbolise peace. Flowers mean goodness in all its glory. That quite defines me. Whats your logo :O)

Anuj :) said...

WOW!! I love the concept - Having a logo for my own self!!!
A smiley is one of my logo. Its something that represents me. I believe that "a Smile is a CURVE that sets everything STRAIGHT".
I have an awsome idea. I am going to put my thoughts(about my logo) into design and upload it on the internet and post a link here. :)
Thank You soooo much for the coool concept. :)

nupur said...

its true that everything that yo possess must be a reflection of who you are and I will design a logo for my business card soon.

Priya Kumar said...

You dont have to design a logo for your business card NOW. Thats step two. First you need to draw out (and tell us) what is your logo ? What best represents you.
For instance the sun is also one of my logos. It mean that i must shine with my "own" light. It also means giving life and warmth. It also means being predictable and always rising. It also means life. Now i can design it, after i am clear on what my logo is :O)

Vishal said...

i'll have to put some thought into creating a logo which represents me..defines me..
I shall keep you posted :O)

Amrita said...

That is awesome!!! I have in my mind what would go into my personal logo.

I will put a little more thought into it and come up with a crisp logo.


Ankita said...

I think this will require some thought...i guess it will give me an idea about myself!!

jack said...

I would use my initials which is R.A, which is also a egyption sun god, draw a cirle around it and have rays of light casting outwards from it.

Priya Kumar said...

Wow ! Thats great Jack. I remember the Egyptian sun god RA. Very nice logo. I am sure that speaks a lot about you :O)

jayu said...

Great, I love Elephants, Dolphins, Flowers, Teddies, Stars, i will make signs and symbols which includes all of the above which will go into the make of my logo.
Thank You