Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I talk a lot about white water rafting in my workshops. Well, its an amazing sport to indulge in and to learn life lessons from.

You when you start upon a quest, whether it is to move your career to the next level, meet and marry the man of your dreams or to attain whatever your heart has taken a fancy of, there is one thing which is inevitable and that is : IT TAKES TIME. There is no fast track really, because the learning, the growing, the loving and the living lies in the journey, not in the destination.

You know when we went white water rafting, we drove up 5 km only to come down the river which covered a 20km distance. That 20 km distance was fully loaded with the calms, the rapids, the life threatening boulders and the falls. Now imagine when we went to the start point and put our raft in, and then because we were impatient to get to the finish point, put the raft back in our car and drove to the finish point in 15 minutes, and said, "Wow, we are there already". What would that experience be worth ? Nothing at all. Though we are there at the finish line, but the journey meant nothing. There was no adventure, there was no thrill, no fun, no falling, no excitement at all. So even though we were standing at the end point with our flag, what was missing was the purpose. The fulfilling of the purpose is in the journey.

Life is in the current. Don't mess it up with your impatience. All things worthwhile take time. Enjoy the ride.


sneha said...

its so very true ..we had an amazing time when we went river rafting ..its an experience worth narrating ..u;ve really brought out the true learning ..i think every experience good or bad has alot to teach ..some of the hardest lessons are learnt in times of crisis & grief..thats when we realise our true self & potential
Lots of love ...sneha

paul v said...

man cannot step into the same river twice.

active acceptance of the moment,is what life is all about..