Saturday, May 26, 2007

WHO are you ?

One of my favourite quotes is, "There is no such thing as a self made person. We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success."
I absolutely believe that it is true. A lot of people have contributed to where i am today. My mentor, Dr. Patel, all the geniuses whose work i have read through books and articles, my staff whose dedication has helped me climb to where i am, my family whose encouragement has brought me so far, and all the endless stream of people who through their appreciation emails, letters, phone calls and smses have expressed their gartitude and respect, have contributed to the person i have become.
Alone i would not have achieved what i have today. It is sheerly the result of a thousand of others that have contributed in my success.
This got me thinking, if the positive of it is true.... That my being a success, is a contribution of a thousand of others, then is the reverse also true ? That someone being a failure, is also a contribution of a thousand of others ?
What do you think ?
Do share your thoughts with me and i would write up my answer in the next blog, and it sure would come as a surpise to you !! :O)


Anuj :) said...

What a brilliant quote!!
I dont think that someones failure is a contribution of thousand others. I believe if someone has been rude/unkind/discouraging with me, it shouldnt affect me, because as an individual i should have enough confident in myself. If i do not have confidence in my own self, how can i expect others to?
So i believe that if I am a failure, it would be because of me. If I have determination and faith in myself, i can and i will be successful!!!

jack said...

A thousand voices may try to bring u down, but the beautiful things is, one statemant from a stranger that was just passing you by,mumbling to himself, in some crowded street can change your life forever,someone you will always remmember, that lead u towards good and success , i
think everyone is born innocent and if they listen to their hearts they will find peace in their life
which to me is success. i had to think about this all day,difficult question,but then i caught
myself thinking in human terms, success and failure, good and evil , are just another name for
choas and order, both as important as other, they couldnt exist without each other! whos side
are you on? i will take order, i like my house clean. :)

nupur said...

Thank you priya for encouraging me and i would like to take this opportunity and use it as a platform to thank my family, colleagues and friends and whoeevr has said a word of encouragement to me and made me who i am today.

There are always voices in your head and around that will keep you discouraging you and stopping you to go where you Must go, but the true charachter of a person is seen when inspite of these negativity around him, one goes ahead and pursues what his heart tells him too. One is a cause of his own failure.

As bill Gates rightly said,"If one is born poor, its not your mistake but if you die poor, its your mistake."

Vishal said...

Wow. This is so true- I'm really made up of thousands of others who've contributed to me being 'who' and 'where' I am today. All the people i've met and things I've learnt have greatly shaped me as a person. Both, the positive and the negative have led to some conditioning.
At the same time, I don't think I can blame others' negativity and discouragemnt for my failures. One has a choice and is free to 'react'. I can use a criticism positively and work on it to change it..instead of merely subscribing to it. Infact, I am more grateful to all those who've criticised me and brought my shortcomings to my attention, as only then i've been able to overcome them and move ahead.

jayu said...

INFLUENCE: It is such a strong factor in one's make. I would like to say that in one's success there is contribution of others but not in the failure. It depends on a person that what is he/she influenced by - the positivity or the negativity?????? What i allow to enter in my life is what i will be influenced with.
I would like to thank everone who has influenced me towards success.

Priya Kumar said...

I love all your responses. It seems to me that so many of you have matured over the last few blogs :O) As though, you are now beginning to think, a little more deeply.
I love that.
Thank you.

Jitu said...

this is very true.
today i am were rich becz of so many peoples help.
i am so lucky that what ever i want i will get any how.and i have believe that one day i will be rich person.i am not thinking that i will be rich person one day
i know that i will be rich person one day.
thank you.