Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Coach A Vs. Coach B

I am quite happy that so many people have put thought into whether they would want Coach A or Coach B.
A lot of us would prefer coach A. Coach A is sweet, chilled out, gives us our own space, and doesnt impose winning as a condition of survival.
On the other hand, Coach B is a lean, mean, success-oriented machine. Coach B, eats, drinks and breathes success. He has no tolerance for doubt and hestitation. He is strict on discipline and practice, and leaves no room for failure.
Now here are a few points to consider before making a choice between the two:
1. You are preparing to run for the Olymics. What is your goal ? To win the gold medal, or just run ?
2. Why do you need a coach ? To chill out with you ? Or to push you to discipline ?
3. What are your expectations from your coach ? When you hide and make excuses, do you want him to give in ? Or would you want him to push you ?

I consider everyday as a race run at the Olympics level. After all, whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you think, directly or indirectly impacts the entire world ! We are playing on a global level today. Winning is the ONLY thing ! Because to win, you have to have a vision, impeccable focus, incredible courage and self confidence, endless hours of preparation and strategy, burning desire to succeed, and unshakeable discipline. And the biggest glory of these attributes is, that a winner IS a winner wherever he goes.
So think again, which coach would you choose, Coach A or Coach B ?

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Anuj :) said...

Hello Ma'am,

Agreee :) I would choose coach B and may be (sometime) make him little chilled out and relaxed and show him the results too :)..hehe..
Thanks for all the inspiration :)