Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am Sorry

I feel "I am Sorry" are the most powerful three words next to its immediate competitor "I love You". Only a person who has the courage to apologise has the courage to love. Saying I Love You is easy, and saying I am Sorry is one of the hardest things to do.
Saying I am sorry, means, I was wrong and i realise that i was wrong. That is true courage and humility.
Saying I am sorry, means, you were right and i was wrong. That requires power and strength of character.
Saying I am sorry, means, I am willing to change. That is an attitude of a success minded person.
Saying I am sorry, means, I have a conscience and i still listen to my inner guidance. This one attitude has the power to keep you connected to the Lord.
Saying I am sorry, means, I forgive myself, and i seek it from you too.

The word "I" is used as a term of EGO, but saying "I" AM SORRY is one of the most egoless statements ever formed with the letter I.

My grandfather once said to me, if you havent apologised atleast once in a day, it means that you have not been sensitive enough to notice where you need to change, where you need to get better, or where you need to love more.

I am sorry, i took so long to post this blog ! I know you all have been waiting :O)

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jayu said...

Yes, very true atleast I was waiting for this mail.

Even i want to Apologize to everyone in this world including you of course :o)for any wrong move (said, done, or heard and kept quite).

"I AM SORRY" and I am very HAPPY to say that.

Take Care :o)