Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who Won The Race ?

So who won the race ? Runner A or Runner B ?
I have interviewed many successful people and tried to find a common thread, a formula to their success. I have found, that ALL of them were under great pressure to achieve. They were not just doing their best, their life depending upon their success.
Design Human Engineering is a science that has proven time and again, that human beings are designed to work under pressure. This is an animal instict. According to DHE, when a human being is under pressure, that is the time when the human mind and body are at the peak of alertness and creativity. The greatest innovations have taken at place at the time of crisis or at the cost of personal tragedy.
Let me give you an example:
A man comes home after work, dead tired. He has not slept in days and has no stamina even to eat. The wife asks him if he would like to eat dinner, the man refuses and says "I dont even have the stamina to stand up," and slumps on the couch, planning to sleep there. As he is about to close his eyes, he sees his 3 year old baby girl, walking towards a boiling vessel of water, kept on the stove on the kitchen floor. What do you think he does ? Does he continue to close his eyes and goes to sleep, or does he jump off the couch like super man, runs at light speed and whisks away his daughter from touching the hot vessel ?
Ofcourse he does the latter. So now the question is, where did that sudden burst of energy come from ? Just 15 seconds ago, the man said he was "dead" tired, too tired to eat, and 15 seconds later he ran a 100 meter sprint for his little girl.
Runner B, when coached to use pressure to win, always does.
Think about it, we are all surrounded by pressure in all areas of our life. Get Coach B to teach you to use it as a spring board to soar you higher towards success.


Vishal said...

With the first post, i thought i wanted Coach A. When I read the second one, i wasn't sure anymore and had a lot of conflicting thoughts. But now, i guess you drove your point home. I wish I could perform the same even without the pressure, but it doesn't work. Any suggestions on finding Coach B ?

Amrita said...

This story does ring a bell. It served as a good reminder for me to puy myself under pressure, as i have been working below my potential.
Thanks, it was a much required push.