Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Spiritual Family

When i walk into work every day, i feel that i have come home. Its not just a feeling that i have but a feeling that my entire staff shares. I love the company and presence of every member of my company, we connect, we share, we create and we conquer, together. We are so well aligned to our goals, our mission and our values. It seems like a blessing to have such an incredible team of dedicated and passionate people.
I feel success is a team effort. Any individual effort that saw success, ended with the individual, however a success bound team, keeps the mission alive even in absence of "an" individual, and i know that is our greatest strength.
There is trust, there is respect and there is love, between all of us.
Ours is one of the few offices where pets are welcome, where challenges are embraced and where goodness is the intention behind every sale.
I dedicate my first blog to my team, they bring out the best in me. They keep my fire lit, endlessly with their love, their committment and most of all their trust.
In sincere gratitude,


nupur said...

Hi Priya,

Thank you for that heartfelt note. I always tell people that working with Priya is Like working with my mentor, freind and family. I have been really blessed to be knowing you and working with you on your mission which i truly believe in.
You ignite the fire within us!!!

vishal said...

It's you who's created this amazing work culture. I don't know many people who wake up each morning and actually look forward to the day ahead..we all sure do!
While others wait for weekends, we wait for it to end so we can get back to more exciting time. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. You bring out the best in us! Looking forward to the blog which is going to take the web by storm :-)

sona said...

I m proud to announce that I am the humble mother of the creator of this wonderful blog.
I must have donated pearls in my last birth to have the most beautiful, intelligent & wonderful daughter like Priya.
She has been Guru to me since past few years & brought happiness in my life.
Looking forward for further guidance to achieve my dream